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The New kid on the CT block

May 16, 2004


Greetings from our new residence China Town (CT), we’ve now been here for just over 2 wks now 🙂

Before I forget, we must thank our dear friends who helped shift our stuff from Circuit Rd to Chinatown!!! Thank you Sue Ann, Es, Gab, Daren, Samuel, Tini, Adrian and Ols! 

Anyways, it has been a tiring but adventuresome fortnight 🙂 Whilst Nav plays the role of the ‘carpenter’ mantling the do-it-yourself Ikea furniture, I’ve been sorting out the boxes and placing them into their respective rooms. Nothing beats having a ‘virgin’ canvas to play with – the initial smell of freshly varnished floors, doors & cabinets & shiny metal fixtures – ahhhhh – it’s so so nice having everything brand new!!

An update on the rooms:
So far, I would say that the kitchen is the most completed room – most of the kitchen appliances, crockery etc has been neatly placed in the cabinet – only the stove has been tested yet 😛 Soon I hope!!

The bathroom & toilet are pretty much up with the kitchen – the tiles & glass screen just need a bit of a scrub.

At the moment the Living space/bar is rather messy, there are lotsa boxes scattered in all four corners – on a positive note our computers are now setup – and we have internet connection. And before I forget, do say hello to my new ibook 😛 hee hee…

The master bedroom is fine, the denim curtains covering our closet space need to be re-hung & the mirror needs to be hung – we’re trying not to clutter this room to much.

Lastly but not leastly – the spare room cum office needs a shelf put up before all the books & stationery can be organised nicely 🙂

We’re aiming to have all the fixtures up and the place to be completetly ready by end of May, so expect an invite to our place soon – although we’ve already had lots of visitors already! hee hee

Anyways it’s brekkie time so I’m gng to stroll down to my fave strip Keong Saik rd for Kaya Toast – yummo!
Till then!