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Salang Beach Resort 18-21 June 2004

June 25, 2004


School starts on Monday 😦 But I can’t complain – I’ve had a great break and on reflection we’ve accomplished a lot. We’ve had a few housewarmings, Sue & I participated in the Sonic Edge Electro Art, I went to Changmai for 5 days with my colleagues, there was Church Camp and of course the finale – our lil’ escape to Salang.

I’ve got a few blogs to do – but I’ll do the Salang Entry first…..

This was my 2nd time to Salang, but this time round we stayed at Salang Beach Resort which is on the left side of the jetty and is about 10min from the beach. If you do venture to Salang, I’d recommend Salang Sayang (the resort on the right of the jetty) it’s right smack on the beach – so it’s more convenient and conducive. Nevertheless we were content with the small chalet – it was relatively clean and we didn’t get eaten by mozzies!

The weather during the 3 days we were there was just superb – clear blue skies, clear turquoise waters – and a hot Tioman sun – absolutely perfect! We snorkelled on the 2nd day opting for the ‘Coral Island package.’ For 40rm each (abt $20 sg/$15 Aus) you get a return boat ride to ‘hot’ snorkelling spots, with snorkelling gear provided as well as lunch & water.

The snorkelling wasn’t nearly as good as last year when I went with Tini – yea I did catch the colourful Angel fish, and the other common tropical fish – but I only saw 1 Nemo & a turtle but no purple anemone, no shark and no sting ray this time 😦 I’m not sure if this is because we were taken to slightly different parts of Coral Island or whether the marine life is depleting rapidly….

For eats, we really indulged in cheap and good seafood – fresh king-sized prawns, calamari, stingray & crabs. For breakfast, I enjoyed banana pancake, whilst Navin preferred bacon & eggs + prata.

As for my sketching I managed to a do a few of the red chalets, but Nav impressed me with his debut entry into the sketch book world. Check out his A3 size watercolour pencil sketch of the boat – not bad eh?


As I’ve said year after year, Tioman is a quick and cheap escape out of Singapore – it has never ceased to fail me with its charm & simplicities – Go check it out!


Cocktail Frenzy

June 3, 2004


Ask me what my latest fad is and I’ll tell you it’s shaking up some new cocktail concotions!

With the many visitors dropping by Chinatown in the evening, I’ve had the pleasure of mixing up drinks with what little liquour I have (Gin & Kahlua – which is almost down to its last drop).

Here are some tried & tested concotions fresh from the bar:

My modified version of Long Island-Tea aka Green-tea & Lime Spritzer
1) Place a sachet of green-tea & 2 teaspoons of sugar into a glass, add 3cm of hot water & stir, then squeeze a fresh lime (juice & pulp) & stir
2) Add 3 ice-cubes into cocktail shaker, 1 cap of gin, add green-tea/lime juice mixture & SHAKE!!!!

Walla – a very zingy & refreshing drink! 

For those who prefer something more milky, I’ve added a twist to the traditional Kahlua mix….

1) Add 3 ice-cubes into cocktail shaker, 2 caps of Kahlua, 1/4 cup of milk, 2 teaspoons of vanilla ice cream & SHAKE!!!!
2) For an extra kick – I placed some choc-chip cookies in the oven for 5 minutes – crumbled it, then place it on top of the kahlua mix – the choc chips tastes soo good!!

Lastly, if you prefer mock-tails to cocktails, try my punch which has been well received by primary 6 kids and adults alike 🙂

Killer Punch
Sprite ICE (it really gives this extra ‘kick’
Bitter Lemon
Ginger Ale
Slices of Lime/Calamansi
Fruit Juice – Pineapple, Orange or combinations – e.g. Guava & Pineapple, Orang & Mango etc etc
Can of Cocktail fruit

Basically you just mix all of the above & dump in lots of ice to keep it cool – it’s really refreshing!!!