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Redang 7-9th August 2004

August 12, 2004


Tini & I spent the recent National Day break in Redang @ Laguna Redang Island Resort. The trip was o.k, but I must say I thought Redang was overrated, I think it will be a loooong time before I return.

Tioman vs Redang
Having been to Tioman thrice, Rawa twice and Redang once – I reckon Tioman wins hands down and Rawa comes 2nd.

Let me give you the low down on the three Islands, should you wanna venture:

Tioman Island (Salang):
Johor Bahru (Malaysia) to Mersing (Sea Port) 3.5hrs + Ferry ride to Salang (2hrs)
Total travel time: 5.5hrs (excluding wait time)

Rawa Island:
Johor Bahru (Malaysia) to Mersing (Sea Port) 3.5hrs + Speedboat ride to Rawa (1/2 hr)

Redang Island:
Johor Bahru (Malaysia) to Terengganu (Sea Port) 8.5-9hrs + Ferry ride to Redang (1 hr)
Total travel time: 9.5 – 10hrs (excluding wait time)

Tioman is actually pretty big, so theres a myriad of choices beach & resort wise. If you’re thinking of indulging Berjaya Resort is supposively good – but if you wanna travel cheap like me – I strongly recommend Salang Sayang Resort. There’s no ‘stars’ attached but hey you’ll certainly see a lot of stars at night – hee hee. It’s basically a string of chalets smack on the beach, with hammocks and deck chairs infront. The contents of the chalets are the very basics – bed, ceiling fan, toilet, bucket & tap.

Cost: about 100rm/night/room (A$40/S$50).

Rawa Island is a very exclusive beach, the last time I went with Tini in 2002, there was only 1 resort, but I think there’s now 2. We stayed at Rawa Safaris Island Resort – a very clean, simple yet chic/upmarket chalet – with aircon & wooden floors & proper bathroom amenities but no TV/Radio. I believe they also have the basic chalets – which are a bit rundown – but cheaper and on the beach itself.

Cost: about 155rm/night/room (A$65/S$75).

Redang Island Laguna Redang Island Resort is definitely more plush than the rundown chalets I’m familiar with in Tioman. The rooms are airconditioned with a proper toilet & bathroom attached, t.v & kettle, there was also a huge reception lobby, a few restaurants, karaoke lounge, recreation centre with pool tables & even a massage parlour.

Cost: They normally go by package so we paid S$375/A$300 – for 3days 2nights – inclusive of travel to/from Singapore, meals & accomodation

I’ll add a checklist soon of the things you may wanna pack if you visit these islands.

Btw can someone tell me how to ‘easily’ add a hyperlink to my web entries – can’t seem to find the function to that or bold or italicise – it’s too tedious to key in the HTML.