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Swadeeka – Bangkok Research

April 25, 2005

Some resesarch I’ve done:

Shopping in Bangkok (1)
Shopping in Bangkok (2)
Shopping in Bangkok (3)
The Emporium
Chatuchak Markets
Nancy Chandler’s Guide to Bangkok
Bangkok Markets

Sareerarom Spa
Celadon Home Spa
Devarana Spa

General Tips/Facts
Things to do in Bangkok
Bangkok Factfile 
Bangkok Tips
Bangkok Photos

5 more sleeps – yippeeee!!

ps. Feel free to add more tips/recommendations!


Cows grazing in Chinatown

April 9, 2005


Dun ask me why, but this morning on my way back from the gym, I came across these funky cows grazing on the open fields near Sago Lane. There must have been about 20 or 30 of them – they so look surreal esp. so with the shophouses in the background.

But did you know that Kreter Ayer actually translates to bullock carts? Back in the early 19th century it seems that these bulls were a means of transporting goods around the Chinatown area. Interesting eh.

Hmmmm… but I still dun understand why the cows are there – can someone please enlighten me?? 

Book Cafe

April 9, 2005


Nav & I chilled out at The Book Cafe last night. We ordered calamari, caesar salmon salad and medium rare steak with fries & 2 eggs – very palatifying!!! For dessert we ordered orange sorbet crepes.

True to its namesake, the cafe is a great place for bookworms or magworms (like myself). I think I flipped through 15-20 magazines ranging from Vogue – Wallpaper to Whats In Singapore. Nah I’m no speed reader – I just look at the photos 🙂

I give the place 7/10 for good food and its many books/mags which you can browse. Great place to hang Fri nights,weekends,public hols.

The Book Cafe
20 Martin Road
Seng Kee Building

8.30am – 10.30pm (Sun – Thurs)
8.30am – 12midnight (Fri & Sat)

Yum cha & Yummy shoes

April 2, 2005


Today has been a great lazy Saturday so far…

This morning Nav and I had Dim Sum at the Yum Cha Restaurant (20 Trengganu St #02-01 Chinatown) for the 2nd consecutive weekend. It’s rather yummy especially their Loy Mai Kai with salted egg yolk, Char Siew baos and their egg tarts & mango pomelo pudding. As it’s located in an old shop house within Chinatown it makes for a cosy dimsum house.

Speaking of food – if you know me well, you’ll know that I lurve Japanese food and MUST eat it at least once a week or fortnight. Must!! We always frequent Sakae Sushi at Funan Centre and order the standard: salmon sashimi, unagi rice, soft shell crab (SSC) and SSC temaki. My colleagues recently raved about Sushi Tei’s sashimi salad – so we visited the one at China Square and my gawd.. it really is as heavenly as they describe it! Fresh, generous and tangy! We also ordered unagi rice & SSC and green tea & lime icecream (YUM) and mochi. Sushi Tei is a little more expensive that Sakae Sushi but quality wise I guess it is better.


On another note… Two Friday evenings ago I was meeting Nav at Sakae Sushi (Wheelock) & just happened to pop into Substance & walked away with 3 pairs of shoes!!! I really like the magenta suede ones with the 2 feline designs – it’s so pretty & has received many raves 😛