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Happy 30th for the 3 of Us

May 26, 2005


Sue, Nav & I celebrated our 30th together at Andrea’s. Many thanks to Ands our dear hostess who did a fine job with the co-ordination of close friends, food & cake!


Thanks too for the pressies!! I lurv my ‘Designer’s Eye for Scrap Booking‘ book Anne brought me, the pretty ring Hazel brought from Bangkok, the Robinsons voucher (thanks Dinah), the Botero Magnets (thanks Nick + Pearl), the girly hair clip and wrist band from Ands and of course the Apple wireless mouse from Ands, Sue, Melf, MelP, Ols, Sylvia, Daren, Hazel & Janie & Rog(which took me a painful 2.5 hrs to function :P)

(updated) Thanks also too Mum for the ipod ear plugs, Girly for
all the funky stuff (ipod pouch, shoelaces, muji lip balm) from Japan & for the Miso Pretty takeaway
container, Tini, Eunice & Za for the Borders voucher & teddy
bear, Jen for the gorgeous green necklace, Nat for the green vintage brooch, Vina
for the chunky bracelet and Choo Lian for the beaded bracelet &
rings 🙂

(updated again!) Thanks too Boo for the devotional bible, Mil for the Stila-like make up bag, Lyns for the iridescent aqua bag – I lurv it!, Elmery for the pretty earrings, Nelly for the raffia placemats & coasters & bags from Madagscar, the Mauritius Sketch book & the S’pore City Scoops & China Products book (u spoilt me rotten!), Judy for the choker & earrings,Tren for e funky voodoo like brooch & Gina for e Jordi Labanda pen & notebook 😛 and Bal for the ethnic bag from INDIA! Sharon for the izone camera & Adrian for my dino designs bracelet!


A reflective countdown….

May 15, 2005


It’s officially a month before I enter the 3rd decade…..

Infact since last Sunday afternoon I’ve already become very reflective on what I need to do, eliminate & work on in many areas of my life….

  1. I seriously need to clean up that fridge of mine – all the junk food & replace it with fruit & veges & food that can be cooked! Hence I need to start making sandwiches, soba & pasta again!
  2. I need to cut down on fried food – with the exception of the occasional Soft Shell Crab 😛
  3. I really need to clean up my house & clean up under my bed & the metal cabinet!
  4. I need to cut down on shopping & just wear what I currently have!
  5. I seriously need to start saving money & cut down on my travelling – but not cold turkey!
  6. I need to frequent the gym again & meet my target weight before I turn 30!
  7. I need to start reading again & that includes quiet time!


On another note, went to the NAFA exhibition @ the Bencoolen Campus yesterday. Was very inspired!!! The Visual Communication Exhibits demonstrated good Adobe & Illustrator skills. The exhibition will be held till the 22nd of May 05 so do check it out if you can.

Another place to check out include the Bugis Village Markets. They have additional rows of clothing & accessories – stocks mainly from Thailand. Certainly worth peeping at – prices are reasonable & the fashion is similar to Far East Plaza.

Foodwise – I walked along Liang Seah St & Purvis St (in between Bugis & City Hall) they have such an array of food stalls ranging from Thai, Italian, coffeeshop to high end eateries. I’m craving the Pad Thai noodles & mango salad @ First Thai so I’ll probably return to Purvis St. real soon.


Travelwise I’m looking forward to my visit to Hainan Island with my mum & sister mid-June. We’re going to visit my grandma & hopefully check out the beaches there!


Bangkok 30/4 – 2/5/05

May 3, 2005

Arrived back last night from Bangkok, sadly my check-in luggage was a mere 7.5kgs. I guess I expected to depart with loads of funky tops & skirts for work and some bras but no such luck.

Still can’t complain – did manage to buy some funky t-shirts & shorts; some brooches; earrings; bracelet; a bag; some make-up & dvds.

Places to shop
Chatuchak is still the best place to shop – there is HEAPS of clothes, homewares & gifts to choose from & pricewise its definitely cheaper than the department/boutique shops.

MBK is good for buying – DVDS, cheap branded make up – I bought some Clinique & MAC (authentic stuff); snacks (pork-floss love letters & durian flavoured chips) AND cheap foot-reflexology (the highlight of my trip!!!! fell asleep from the soothing massage).

In the evening, make-shift sellers crowd the connecting bridge from MBK to the Skytrain and outside  Siam square. I picked up many accessories and t-shirts from these stalls. Apparently, many of the sellers are tertiary students, hence the t-shirts are often uniquely designed by them.

Lastly Siam Square (which connects to MBK) is meant to be the ‘Shibuya’/’Far East Plaza’ of Bangkok. I bought 3 of my funky shorts from here & also got my nails painted there. I chose a butterfly design & was very pleased with the result – they are so quick & skilled taking only 20mins & costing just over $10 sg.

Foodwise, we didn’t each much Thai 😦 Too busy shopping…

I’ll probably skip Bangkok for another 3yrs or so, I think that the novelty of shopping there, has kind of worn off – hmph…

Still an escape is an escape and I did have a good breather there with Carol.