Bangkok 30/4 – 2/5/05

Arrived back last night from Bangkok, sadly my check-in luggage was a mere 7.5kgs. I guess I expected to depart with loads of funky tops & skirts for work and some bras but no such luck.

Still can’t complain – did manage to buy some funky t-shirts & shorts; some brooches; earrings; bracelet; a bag; some make-up & dvds.

Places to shop
Chatuchak is still the best place to shop – there is HEAPS of clothes, homewares & gifts to choose from & pricewise its definitely cheaper than the department/boutique shops.

MBK is good for buying – DVDS, cheap branded make up – I bought some Clinique & MAC (authentic stuff); snacks (pork-floss love letters & durian flavoured chips) AND cheap foot-reflexology (the highlight of my trip!!!! fell asleep from the soothing massage).

In the evening, make-shift sellers crowd the connecting bridge from MBK to the Skytrain and outside  Siam square. I picked up many accessories and t-shirts from these stalls. Apparently, many of the sellers are tertiary students, hence the t-shirts are often uniquely designed by them.

Lastly Siam Square (which connects to MBK) is meant to be the ‘Shibuya’/’Far East Plaza’ of Bangkok. I bought 3 of my funky shorts from here & also got my nails painted there. I chose a butterfly design & was very pleased with the result – they are so quick & skilled taking only 20mins & costing just over $10 sg.

Foodwise, we didn’t each much Thai 😦 Too busy shopping…

I’ll probably skip Bangkok for another 3yrs or so, I think that the novelty of shopping there, has kind of worn off – hmph…

Still an escape is an escape and I did have a good breather there with Carol.


8 Responses to “Bangkok 30/4 – 2/5/05”

  1. Jill Says:

    pictures pictures! you should have checked out the night market, suan lom(spell?) the retro things there are uber cool. 😀 im going to BKK in about 2 weeks.

  2. hazel Says:

    check out the stuff i bought on my blog 🙂

  3. (O_o) Says:

    Agnes, you are an amazing traveller! really gotta learn from you for my next trip.

  4. me Says:

    Help me buy some stuff can? I’ll pass you my leftover money 😛
    as for pictures I didnt really take many…

  5. Jill Says:

    sure. i’ll be spending only two days there so i’ll try my best. see you around school! and, post up some of ur pics! 😀

  6. Andrea Says:

    hey hey its me! Arrived in Sin 14 hrs ago, and will be flying to Korea in another 5 hrs. I’m zonked out fr all the flying & travelling man. Anyways, love the sketch!! beau-ti-foo!!! Will blog bout my travels next week. Ta ta!

  7. wenhui Says:

    hello, i just realised you’re a teacher @ my old school! : ) am planning to go to bangkok too in about a week’s time! it doesn’t beat hongkong but budget’s abit tight so.. ; P

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