Happy 30th for the 3 of Us


Sue, Nav & I celebrated our 30th together at Andrea’s. Many thanks to Ands our dear hostess who did a fine job with the co-ordination of close friends, food & cake!


Thanks too for the pressies!! I lurv my ‘Designer’s Eye for Scrap Booking‘ book Anne brought me, the pretty ring Hazel brought from Bangkok, the Robinsons voucher (thanks Dinah), the Botero Magnets (thanks Nick + Pearl), the girly hair clip and wrist band from Ands and of course the Apple wireless mouse from Ands, Sue, Melf, MelP, Ols, Sylvia, Daren, Hazel & Janie & Rog(which took me a painful 2.5 hrs to function :P)

(updated) Thanks also too Mum for the ipod ear plugs, Girly for
all the funky stuff (ipod pouch, shoelaces, muji lip balm) from Japan & for the Miso Pretty takeaway
container, Tini, Eunice & Za for the Borders voucher & teddy
bear, Jen for the gorgeous green necklace, Nat for the green vintage brooch, Vina
for the chunky bracelet and Choo Lian for the beaded bracelet &
rings πŸ™‚

(updated again!) Thanks too Boo for the devotional bible, Mil for the Stila-like make up bag, Lyns for the iridescent aqua bag – I lurv it!, Elmery for the pretty earrings, Nelly for the raffia placemats & coasters & bags from Madagscar, the Mauritius Sketch book & the S’pore City Scoops & China Products book (u spoilt me rotten!), Judy for the choker & earrings,Tren for e funky voodoo like brooch & Gina for e Jordi Labanda pen & notebook πŸ˜› and Bal for the ethnic bag from INDIA! Sharon for the izone camera & Adrian for my dino designs bracelet!


2 Responses to “Happy 30th for the 3 of Us”

  1. andrea Says:

    its worth the effort man-i can’t get get used to normal mouse after using my wireless mouse now

  2. michelle Says:


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