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A Happy Teachers’ Day

August 31, 2005


I came home with a stash of teachers’ day gifts today 🙂

I was so elated to receive such nice pressies from my form class 2A1, my enthusiastic English class 1A2, my Photography club & from my various Sec 2-4 art classes. I was touched too, by some ex students who dropped by to say hi, including Trina & Francine my first batch of PL art students from 2000.

I received lots of endearing cards & smses, my favourite chocolates, mugs, some brooches, a cushion, pens & even some toiletries!

Thanks so much girls for your thoughtfulness!


Special thanks to Felicia too! I was soo touched by the gerbera she gave me on Sunday. It was no ordinary flower she actually planted it and nutured it in her own pot, before offering it to me as a gift. WOW!


I have been in teaching for around 6-7yrs now! Amazing – to think it was the one job that would stabilise me after a string of design/marketing stints. To think I would learn so much about life – the importance of love in child rearing, interacting with all kinds – colleagues & students alike, public speaking, speed marking, multi-tasking to the extreme  & that  I could actually impart something to the younger generations – wow!


Mural Painting at Serangoon Community Centre

August 14, 2005

Yesterday morning, some of my 2A1 girls, 2D1 & 2E1 as well as Mil, Mrs
Wong & Cindy assembled at Serangoon CC to transform the naked
avocado walls for CIP (Community Involvement Programme).

With 50+ girls and only 5 walls – it was potentially a messy nightmare – but thankfully it worked out ok 🙂

The initial stage – chalk sketches & some leaf painting

The girls getting the hang of it; lamps & birds of paradise appear

Tired, but pleased with outcome 🙂