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Shanghai 2-10 Sept ’05

September 12, 2005


Came back last Saturday night from a school trip to China. It’s been less than a year that I just travelled to Shanghai with Navin & his colleagues. Who’s complaining though? China seems to be my second home these days 🙂

The school trip was a collobaration between the Chinese, Maths & Art Department and in total there were 8 teachers, 80 students (a mix of Sec 1-3) & a handful of my colleagues’ family members.


The itinerary was really similar to my previous trip, with the exception of a few places/activities:


  • Maglev Train (a magnet – run bullet train, which travels at the speed of 430km/hr)
  • Cruise along Huang Po river past the ‘Bund’ (the old Shanghai cityscape) & the Oriental Pearl Tower


  • Song Dynasty Cultural Performance (a world-class musical
    performance – which showcases flamboyant costumes, light show, dance,
    acrobats, there was even a scene where it started raining literally!)


  • Various classes: Wei Qi (Chinese chess), Chinese calligraphy, Maths Olympiad, Chinese Painting, Wushu, Chinese carving



  • Pedal-boat ride along East Lake



  • Yiwu wholesale market (supposively the largest of it’s kind in the world)


Highlights for me would definitely be the cultural show – I was wowed by the laser lights during the butterfly performance – it was amaziiiiiing!!!!! Just visually mind-blowing. I also really enjoyed the cruise in Shanghai – it was a perfect way of ending the trip – reflecting & reminscing on what a memorable time spent with the kids. On that note, I truly enjoyed the company of the students & colleagues – it was really refreshing spending time with them ‘out’ of the classroom and of Singapore 🙂



P.s I’ll post some of my students sketches – some amazing work!!!


Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going!

September 1, 2005


Brenda asked me on Sunday, what’s your latest craft fad/hobby? I replied saying none… I admit I’m a fadist, I’ve been into nail art, brooch-making among other short-lived hobbies. But thanks to Navin, Andrea, MelF, Terence & my personal trainer Tini – I’m proud to say I’ve been occupied with lots of exercise of late 🙂 And I’m really loving it!

Even though Nav & I have been Fitness First gym members for over a year, we use to just do the occasional swim or treadmill, visiting maybe once or twice a week. However, the 2nd quarter of this yr when Nav resigned from teaching, he’s had more time to gym & has been running up to 6km on the treadmill & has lost his paunch from his extra-regular exercise. His increased efforts, have somewhat inspired to me to be a bit more serious about the gym.

I must credit Ands too, after she joined the gym in July – we soon started going for ‘Body Combat’ on Wednesdays for about 3 wks straight. And despite my terrible co-ordination, I always come out on a ‘high’ from the cardio workout. I think I really love the punching & kicking its so so destressing. I finally could understand how Tini could be so addicted to it! I’m currently hoping to keep up my track record of 3 doses of Body Combat a week 😛


Aside from kicking & punching, I’m trying to also master rollerblading, and I know have a looong way to go! I’m aiming for once or twice a month. I bladed with MelF last Sunday afternoon. The new blades are painful, but her company was worth the pain 🙂


Here are some pics fresh from the oven. Went to East Coast this morning with my  Sec 1/2 cell girls. Cynthia bladed with me, whilst the rest cycled. It was a beautiful day, the pictures speak for themselves!


Bedok Jetty


The Bike Chics!


One Legged Jolina