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Disco & Derek

October 21, 2005


Today we had a ‘Safari’ day in school, and the kids and teachers were allowed to bring their pets in – ranging from dogs, cats, hamsters, terepins and even a frog!

I immediately connected with these 2 adorable puppies – Disco & Derek. Disco’s a labrador and is almost a clone of my baby Dino back in Perth. He’s 2 yrs old and a bit overweight just like Dino – but he’s incredibly friendly and loveable!! Derek is my pupil’s dalmation puppy – he’s very unique with his blue & brown eyes. He’s such a charming lil puppy!!!

I can’t wait to see baby Dino soon!!


Kickin’ butt this Saturday!

October 6, 2005


The Body Combat (BC) nut has signed up for a Nike Tribes Challenge and the Grandfinals are this Saturday 8th Oct @ Fitness First (Paragon)!!!

Tini, Mil, Eunice & myself thought we’d give it a shot – what have we to lose eh?


For about 2 weeks, we’ve been training hard at the gym. Last week we tried to get a hang of the moves, then this week we’ve been trying to add our own choreography 🙂 Poor Nav and even Chris & Tracy have had to tolerate the loud thumps & cries as we practise at my place.

It’s been a fun experience all in all, we’ve had plenty of laughs & we even bought Adidas martial arts bandage gloves (recommended by Faye), some fake flower tatoos & red & blue bandanas to match the
gloves. Crikey we’re really nuts – but it’s all in good fun 🙂


Whilst we know 1st and 2nd place are definitely out for us (we’re competing against some Amore kickboxing instructors!!!!!!!!) – we’re secretly eyeing 3rd place – praying that they’ll give it us the under-dogs. Wish us luck!!!!