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I Miss you FREO

November 19, 2005


It’s 3 wks before I head back to the land of cheese, hot chips & gravy, lamingtons, creamy cakes, meat pies & lemon lime bitters…..

Whilst I’m salivating at the food I terribly miss, I am terribly weary of the weight I may just put back on!!! Argggh……

With things slowing down at work & with Eunice & Sandra joining FF, I have added some variation to my ex. routine (which was previously just Body Combat)- I now go for Body Pump (weights) once a week (carrying the smallest donuts – ha ha about 2-4kgs in total) and I’m totally loving Body Balance (a mixture of yoga, tai-chi & pilates) which I do about 2-3 times a week. Body Balance is the perfect remedy for ridding tension & fatigue – I swear by it! Also, this week I finally mastered the Body Jam (dance) 34 routine after 5 sessions, it was very gratifying being able to string the steps together.

Anyways when we head to Perth we will visit the FF gym at Cannington AND guess who recently joined?? Ha ha, my mummy. I spoke to her on Monday and it seems she’s a bit of a gym nut too – according to dad she spends most of her non-working days there & gyms for up to 3 hrs a time. Like mother, like daughter eh. Hee… I told her I’d accompany her for Body Combat when I come down.

Do checkout the Puma web. I recently
went on a Puma splurge – their clothes totally rock especially the
Mahanuala range. Pretty affordable and definitely funkier then its

Also… go read Mil’s entry about the different type of gymmers – its soooooo funny and accurate 😛


Back to Perth….. As usual I’m looking forward to catching up with the family & friends and really just unwinding – I still have sooooo much work to clear before I hit the airport! Nav & I are hoping to do a road trip either to Kalbarri or Margaret River or maybe even Ningaloo for some amazing snorkelling.


22 more sleeps
Perth Dates: 12-28 December ’05

Ps. Checkout Google Earth I had fun locating my home in Perth, my school then our crib in Singas.


Full, empty or half-filled?

November 6, 2005


Just came back from visiting Uncle J & Aunty E. And I must say I’m really inspired by them, despite the challenge they’re facing currently they’re so optimistic and faith-filled 🙂   

Nav shared with them Rom 8:18-28

Just wanted to share a word of encouragement, despite whatever challenges any of you might be facing right now, know that God is in control and that He is there for us. He is our source of hope and strength.

As Aunty E said we should indeed live each day with optimism & fullness 🙂 Indeed we should be grateful for what each of us have been blessed with!