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My Tribute to Dino

January 28, 2006


Thought I’d pay special tribute to my dear doggy since it’s the eve of CNY and this year is the year of the dog.

So it was a toss between a pool and a puppy and you won 2:1
You were barely 15cm long when you arrived, so cute and kissable
I remember when you longed for your birth mum and cried the first night
We’d wake up as early as 5.30am just to carry you, to play with you, to stroke you
You were so adorable when you ran around the garden, you bopped like a bunny
You’re ears were like ‘Dumbo’s’ so huge you could fly
Nina was so proud of you when you won achievements during doggy training school
You were physically an adult within 3 months!
You drove me nuts on your first doggy walk – running off like a maniac
You never fail to drop the ball till we get exasperated *sigh*
You respond to Dino, baby, boo boo, bubba, weeno
You get excited at the sound of ball or the clink of your food bowl
I remember when I angered you and you refused to enter the house 😦
I remember when you were more agile and were able to go for walks near the golf course with mum, nina & I
I loved cuddling up to you when you were fast asleep
You’re a baby trapped in an adults body, you forget you’re no longer a puppy
You always know when when I’m going off 🙂

Most of all I love it when we gaze into the starry sky at night and how you persistently poke your nose through my arms vying for my undivided attention 🙂

You’re such a faithful friend, baby.


Double Happiness :P

January 26, 2006


Yup – for those who can read Chinese – that’s what the decoration on the left supposively reads & that’s what I have been hanging on our door (during CNY) for the 2nd year consecutively…

I bought it last year along with some other CNY decorations & I really thought it was a CNY decorative item!!!! So it was only a few days ago that Dinah commented to Navin – "Why do you have "double happiness" on your door? You guys aren’t newly weds?!" Maaannnnnnn, so embarassing – I wonder what the neighbours have been thinking!!! 😛

Suffice to say – I’ve quickly replaced it with what resembles a CNY decoration!


Anyways, today’s Australia Day, so G’day to all my fellow Aussie comrades! I actually forgot! It’s been too long since I’ve celebrated Aussie Day 😛

And to all my fellow Chinese comrades "Xin-Nian-Quai-Le!" Happy feasting!!!!!


January 24, 2006


My left knee is down-and-out thanks to a bad landing during the jump-kick track in BC last night 😦 It’s tragic….. I sulked this morning knowing that I’d have to abstain from BC, Jam & Pump for a while 😦

Fortunately, I have my trusty accupressure friends to turn to.  Mdm Yeo said it’ll probably take a few days to heal & said it’s not too serious. I do hope to be in action asap!!!!!


Aside from my knee injury, I’ve also been suffering bouts of insomnia – it’s horrid not being able to sleep especially when I’m sooooooooo tired – mentally & physically. Nat suggested drinking tea, whilst Nav suggested hot milk or even some Baileys/Kahlua – I’m going to give warm milk a shot tonight. Wish me luck!


Self pities aside… Watched Memoirs of A Geisha last Saturday night with Nav. Despite being seated on the first row with our necks strained – I actually survived/enjoyed it! I read the book 3 years ago after visiting Japan and found the book a bit of a bore – but the movie is definitely worthwhile watching. The acting and cinemaphotography is pretty top notch. I was allured by the acting talents of the young girl who played Chiyo – she was enchanting and so too were her blue eyes. The Chairman (played by Ken Wantanabe) is so so charismatic & charming!!!

Random thoughts

January 10, 2006


Attempted ‘Hip-Hop’ class today – twas disastrous!!!!! I was lost from the very first sequence!!! The only workout I got was from ’embarassment’ sweat :p *sigh* After class, I told the instructor it was ‘murder on the dance floor’ to which he replied – hmmmm – I should try using that for one of my classes. Count me out! Me thinks Body Jam will suffice – the class is definitely more novice-friendly.

Anyways I did a little bit of housecleaning today & went through my shoes & bags – trying very hard to cull some stuff. I threw out 3 pairs of shoes including my doc-marten boots & put-aside about 4 bags & 2 skirts which I think I’ll give away to some friends. It can be rather traumatising parting with things which represent a season of time….. But I guess you can’t be hoarding so much crap for the sake of nostalgia.

On the otherhand…

Us females are such greedy-unsatisfied beings – I mean why do we need so many bags, shoes, accessories, make-up, clothes etc etc and why do we face the epidemic that we never have enough?? And why do we continue to buy these items if we already have more than enough? Why oh why? I ask this but am guilty of recently acquiring a pair silver flats on the weekend – I’m hopeless 😛

But… I’m proud of myself for restraining from this beauty. I was very tempted to buy the phone as my mobile was screwed – but somehow $500 plus seems rather costly for a phone – and considering I drop my current phone on a daily basis – it may only last a yr or 2 most. Should I purchase it??? I guess I’ll think about it for now….

Lastly… Chinese New Year fever is so here!!!! Man it’s so crowded in my hood – so difficult to get around.. it’s bumper to bumper especially with all the Pasar malams (bazaars) selling all the snacks & decorations and not forgetting the queues for bah-kwah (sweet-flat sheets of barbequed pork). Only 3 more weeks before another round of Feasting!!!


P.s In line with the ‘healthy/fitness’ campaign in my school, we’ve all been issued pedometers (a dandy gadget – which resembles a pager) to track the number of steps made daily. On average I clock in about 12,000 steps (approximately 9.6km). Now for most of us, we really are clueless as to how far we walk each day – so it’s a rather handy device yea? Costwise it’s a steal – $5.75sg, my school has  extra stock, so if you’d like one – let me know asap!

2005 Rewind

January 1, 2006


It’s exactly a week that we ushered in ’06 at the Esplanade. It was a memorable night, watching our dear friends VR perform (before & after the impressive light show cum fireworks display). And 24hrs later… watching Kat Ong & Ols perform with some other talented home-grown gals.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that I did the 2004 rewind entry. As much as 2004 was a good year, me thinks 2005 was greater.

Here are the highlights of 2005:

1. The gym addiction… which of course started off with my keeness for Body Combat, fuelled by the participation in the Nikes tribe competition & then the weight-loss/toning up of muscles.

2. Entering the 30-something club... As much as I was really sad about not being 20 anymore, being 30 really ain’t that bad 🙂 I guess like Carrie Bradshaw (SIC) & her gal pals – being 30 is about empowerment & confidence! And I guess I feel more sure of what I want in life & what I don’t need :p

3. Travels… Mt Kinabalu (Borneo), Bangkok, Hainan, Shanghai & Perth. Whilst I didn’t travel as much as ’04, the experiences where nevertheless thrilling & meaningful. Mt Kinabalu wins hands down as destination of the year.  It was such a gruelling challenge up-hill but a life-lesson not to be forgotten. Being above the clouds, the awesome view – was absolutely priceless! Whilst Hainan wasn’t as scenic as I’d anticipated, the re-connecting of the Hainanese roots with my grandma, the relatives & the soil was an experience also not to be forgotten.


Resolutions for 2006.

1. Discipline in time-management per se

2. Discipline in food-intake/cutting down of fast-foods

3. Discipline in reading

4. Discipline in house-management

5. Discipline in money-management

Tentative Travel Plans for 2006.

1. Phi Phi Island

2. Hongkong

3. England

4. Nepal