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This Journey… Part II

February 26, 2006


I normally count down just before I go on holidays – infact this time last year – Tini & I were preparing ourselves for Mt Kinabalu…In a strange way… I find myself counting down to this Thursday – ‘my little journey.’

I think I’m ready for it, of course I’m a little scared but I have to keep reminding myself that HE is in control of all things – and I will see the bigger picture of things in time to come 🙂

Mental preparation aside….. I visited Borders last weekend & bought 3 girly books to read, Gail lent me some dvds – including Alfie (yipeee) and I just bought myself a 160gb ext. hardisk – (my ibook’s down to 1gb :P) – thanks to Leo for the idea 🙂 I’ll be backing up all my photos & archived data from my CD-roms & hopefully scans of my old photos 🙂

I’ve been spoilt rotten too – Ps Helen gave me a lovely bouquet of roses, Ma bought me Chicken essence, Ols bought me chocolate & rum n rasin gelato, Chow Yi made durian ice cream, Gail brought her mum’s delectable pineapple tarts to work and dear Terence treated me to French last weekend @ the FRENCH STALL (little India). We ate foie gras, escargot, pasta, venison, tiramisu and this giant profiterole!


Gym-wise – I’ve managed to squeeze in some BC,BP & BJ 🙂 Whilst I’m a little sad that I may have to
sacrifice BC & BP for a looooooooooooooooooong time – I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made at FF, namely Lize, JW & gang. Jia You for e upcoming BC exams – u guys will clear no probs!!!!


Going back to the ‘little journey’ as I was walking towards Orchard hotel this morning, I reminded myself of the morning devotion last year – where I talked about climbing Mt K. I told the school population they must DREAM, DARE, have DISCIPLINE & they will reach their DESTINATION… I need to apply that!!!!!

Anyways – 4 more sleeps to go – arggggggghhh!!!


Bye Baby

February 18, 2006


Our dear Dino was put down yesterday afternoon. He lived a good 12 years… Imoto told me that mum & dad called the vet and planned to put him asleep as he’d been rather ill recently – no appetite, glucoma in the eye, his arthritis (which prevented him from moving about) and no barking 😦

We kinda anticipated this day, as he was really ill this time, last year – but fortunately his health improved and my siblings & I were given extended time to visit him in December.

This puppy has been a family member since 1994 a large chunk of our lives. We’ll miss him soooo much…. 😦

Bye baby, hope doggy heaven has all the balls you desire 😉 Love you…

This Journey…

February 18, 2006


It’s been a challenging week to put it ‘nicely.’ It’s funny cos I was telling SH & N seperately last Sunday, that God is sovereign and He allows ‘challenges’ to happen in our life for a reason – to make us stronger in character and that we’re all on a journey, but each of us may take different vehicles, routes & loads…..

Close friends have told me to slow my pace – in all areas, but stubborn, hyper-active me keeps going like an Energizer bunny (well I was born in year of the rabbit :P). So God has decided that I shall rest for about a month!!! And that may sound like heaven, but it’s almost like a death sentence (i’ll be home bound) 😦

On the flip-side, I guess my ‘break’ is a blessing which I should embrace – a time to rest, reflect, recuperate, recharge, refresh aaaaaand a time to watch lots of dvds, read lots of books/magazines, sketch?, blog and sort out those old photos & scan em in 🙂

But seriously, after much thought and bouts of tears here and there, I’ve realised that it’s kind of a ‘rehearsal’ that I need to go through… He’s actually given me signs & He wants me to take these ‘necessary’ steps… Imoto agrees 🙂

With His strength, I will be brave!!! And I know I have an army of supporters behind me so I know I’ll be fine 😉 Thanks for all the encouragement, prayers and love guys!

In the mean time, I’ll up the punches in BC & give my 200% 😛


"Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen" (Heb. 11:1)

"By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to set out for a place that he was to receive as an inheritance; and he set out, not knowing where he was going." (Hebrews 11:8)

Like my new look?

February 7, 2006


Watcha think of me with cropped permed hair?

Hahahaaaaaaaaa… I was chatting to MIL via MSN and playing around with different pics and came across this old pic taken 2 yrs ago in Perth wearing my mum’s wig (don’t ask me why she bought it?!).

So I tricked a few friends who were online…. Hee hee

MiLdreD says: (11:34:23 PM)

MiLdreD says: (11:34:31 PM)
that looks rather….ermmm…

MiLdreD says: (11:34:40 PM)
female version of Phua Chu Kang (rofl)


agnes says: (11:35:29 PM)
u like my new hairstyle?

TC-Namaste says: (11:35:41 PM)

TC-Namaste says: (11:35:50 PM)

TC-Namaste says: (11:36:20 PM)
I tot you gonna leave it longer…

agnes says: (11:36:56 PM)
u dun like?

TC-Namaste says: (11:37:40 PM)
Like your CNY look..

TC-Namaste says: (11:37:52 PM)
More femine…

TC-Namaste says: (11:38:00 PM)
Anyway, not impt…

TC-Namaste says: (11:38:14 PM)
Its not the look, the heart is more impt..

agnes says: (11:39:01 PM)
so sweet

agnes says: (11:39:12 PM)
but i thought it was something new/fresh

TC-Namaste says: (11:39:30 PM)
Ok.. Too fresh..


JW says: (11:47:34 PM)

JW says: (11:47:39 PM)

agnes says: (11:47:46 PM)
yea – new hair cut u likE?

agnes says: (11:47:49 PM)

JW says: (11:48:07 PM)

JW says: (11:48:07 PM)
SO NOT U!!!!

JW says: (11:48:16 PM)
i guess u look more teacher now

JW  says: (11:48:29 PM)

JW says: (11:48:40 PM)
i think the photo is not doing your new hair style justice

JW says: (11:48:46 PM)
need to see u real life den i can comment

agnes says: (11:49:06 PM)

JW says: (11:49:12 PM)
lol dun cry


agnes says: (11:41:05 PM)
u like my new look?

always hungry says: (11:41:48 PM)

always hungry says: (11:42:04 PM)
u permed ur hair?!

agnes says: (11:42:16 PM)
and cut it short

agnes says: (11:42:28 PM)
too hot so i thought id go short

always hungry says: (11:42:37 PM)
looks like my hair last time!

agnes says: (11:45:36 PM)
does it suit me?

always hungry says: (11:48:09 PM)
its different

always hungry says: (11:48:13 PM)
and i cant judge frm just a photo

always hungry says: (11:48:20 PM)
but it def makes u look older in this pic!

always hungry says: (11:48:35 PM)
think have to style…

So I’m a bit of a pathetic prankster 😛 What to do – when I’m down-n-out again!!!! It’s funny though reading their responses – some are more blatant, others diplomatic, hmmmmmm. 😛 hee hee