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Dun-cha-jus-luv loooong wk-ends?

April 29, 2006

Had a date with Nav, well in a way 2. We had North Indian (naan &
side dishes) Friday evening @ some place in Lil India and on Saturday
night – Italian @ Riciotti-RiverWalk (parma ham pizza, carbonara &
choc-chip mint gelato). I’ve frequented both eateries a few times
already, guess the food must be good for me to keep coming back 😛

Indianitalian_2It’s a real treat spending time with my bz-boo, it’s dandy being able
to pig out, have extended chit-chats, walk along the quay and shop with
him (he bought some funky-geeky shoes from Pedro).

TRiple date


We also met up with Gail, Bal and their other halves at Prince Of Wales. The chaps got along fine 😉

StinKin & starVing

Sunday morning walked from Chinatown to Orchard Hotel with Tini. We cut through Clark Quay, River Valley and finally reached the Orchard area (takes about an hr plus – casual stroll).

Aside from walking for guilt-sake (piggin-out on Sat nites) it’s nice chatting about stuff, taking photos for art inspiration and discovering nooks & crannies of Singapore.

Wearing the same Nike top – I went for Jam & BC too later in the afternoon – stinkin of sweat and absolutely starving!

Buys SPlurge
Even though I’m not entitled to the progress package 😦 (PR status) I still felt the urge to splurge! Bought some cute geeky shorts and Puma slippers from the newly renovated Marina Square (which might I add is totally unrecognisable with it’s amazing face-lift and exciting array of boutiques & food delights!!!!!).Mil_jap_1 Milly bought some gorgeous wedges & a plaid-leather belt and we celebrated with yummy Jap food @ Azabu Sabo! The matcha milkshake was DIVINE!!!! They specialise in desserts – you must CHECK IT OUT!!!!


Beauty in the cracks

April 28, 2006


Took my art class out of the art room to take pictures of the most neglected, obscure and most ordinary of objects. And they actually found it refreshing!

I shared with them my recent fascination with cement crack-lines and leaves and how beautiful and deeply moving they can be. We strolled past caged staircases, drains, water coolers, the old store rooms and even stumbled upon some abandoned chairs. We took photos, we sympathised with the orphaned/paraplegic chairs, we connected with the cracks.

In a nutshell it was gratifying seeing my girls seeing the world in a different light. I can’t wait to see them translate this new set of lens in their art 🙂

I love Saturdays

April 23, 2006

for BP+BC yesterday afternoon, was great returning for my fave combi!!!
I carried the lightest donuts pretty much through-out pump, nevertheless it was
good flexing the muscles after the long break. As for BC it was fun
working out with the regulars (JW, Viv, Irah, Elaine) as well as Sandy,
Tini & Nav – much to Leonard’s amusement (teachers & da husband/wife team). Oh yea and my hamstrings are now aching –  due to the lunges from BP (the pain is rather common for  BP newbies or in my case cos of my hiatus).

Amirahs_grillAnyways after BC, Tini treated me to Wan Yang Foot Reflexology at the Concourse. It’s been ages since I’ve had foot reflexology so it was excruciating but good! After that we strolled to Amirah’s Grill for hummus dip which Tini was craving, washing it down with some refreshing but sweet mint tea. Since we were in the Arab st area, I took the opportunity to check out the little boutiques again – Tini said the Haji Lane strip reminded her of Chapel St, Melbourne.

Cypatches_1In the evening Nav & I had the priviledge of Chow Yi &
Francis’ company at their cosy condo. Francis impressed us with his
culinary talents – mussel soup, mushroom rice & dory fillet and CY
made brownies from scratch! I met Patches too – probably the largest cat I’ve ever met – but incredibly adorable!

If AQ=H20 and BC=02, what is H20+02?

April 20, 2006

Bcsideimage_1Saw the doc this week and she said all is good 🙂 Before leaving the room I cunningly asked, "When can I start carrying my normal load to work? She smiled back and said "You can start carrying your normal load annnnnd you can return to your kick-boxing, in fact it’s good for your recovery!!" You should have seen my face – the BC nut was grinning from ear to ear!

So you can imagine how glorious it felt standing in the One George Street (OGS) shrine (studio), despite JW almost barring me from entering I was a happy gal indeed. Despite being a tad rusty at the BC moves, Faye was ever-encouraging and I felt the ‘energy’ rushing back as I did the uppercuts – it felt soooooooooo shiok (Singlish for a thrill as it’s soooo fantastic!!!) (Thanks EL for defining it for me :P)

As for AF I’ve not snubbed it 😛 Infact dear Ands (shock horror!) and Jan joined me for seperate classes. I think they enjoyed it – but I know that Jan definitely got a good work out – yea babe?


Anyways, one of my dear CCA gals innocently asked me this afternoon – "Mrs Ong how did the plastic surgery go?" "What????????????" I replied… "Didn’t you go for plastic surgery?" "Noooooooooooo!!!!! I’m not sure if I should take it as in insult or compliment!!! Do I look like I underwent p/s????" Slightly embarassed she replied "But Mdm Z said you went for plastic surgery, but…oh I must have heard wrongly…. I thought you didn’t look different.." Gawd@#$!!!!!

A materialistic question

April 16, 2006

A fun question for all of you:
List 5 or more brands that sum you up?

For me (in no particular order of preference):

  1. Nike
  2. Anna sui
  3. Dinosaur designs
  4. Bonds
  5. Apple
  6. Puma
  7. Nokia
  8. Birkenstocks

An Arabian night

April 15, 2006


Ag_ja_te_1Had a fantastic night out with Terence & Jason… The plan was Blu Jaz Cafe (Bali Lane) – but we ended up venturing Arab and Bussorah Street first…. I really felt like a tourist in Arabia – enchanted by the beautifully lit shophouses with the mosque in the background, the buzz from the people, I was snappy happy too!

Looking for a place to makan (eat), we chanced upon this cosy Turkish restaurant called Alaturka (16 Bussorah St, T:6294-0304). Service was prompt and friendly, the ambience is quite authentically Turkish (ornate tiles, bricked walls, sheeshas, copper serving plates, the waiters!) and so too was the food – we ordered a mixed plate of kebabs (karisik kebabs), a few lamb dishes, apple tea & baklava for dessert. Price wise – a little steep & servings rather small – but worth visiting nevertheless! Oh yea – and I bumped into Hel & her date who were seated infront 😛

Accessories_2After dinner we continued strolling around the area – walking past lots of colourful, cosy and hip cafes/restuarants & a few boutiques – (all housed in beautifully restored shophouses). Along one of the narrow lanes, was this cute boutique Hoity Toity (53A Haji Lane T:6396-6902) which sold vintage looking clothes & accessories at reasonable prices. I couldn’t resist buying some cute vintage earrings & a copperish pendant chain!


Blujaz_1Eventually we did arrive at Blu Jaz Cafe (11 Bali Lane, T:6292-3800) and it was as bohemian & inspiring as when I walked past it over a week ago! Brightly coloured and incredibly arty – with felt ornated lamp shades, wirey chandeliers with an ecclectic array of materials (coloured plastics, shells & even pink boas!), quirky Miroish llustrations on the tables, mannequin, canvas & even the facade – it’s truly a visual feast! With live music, spacious area inside & alfresco dining – this place totally rawks! A great place to come alone or with friends.

The Arab St area has certainly expanded in the last year or so – it’s a great place to show off to friends/rellies from overseas – or if you can’t afford a holiday & you wanna feel like a tourist! Seriously – it’s a great place to chill on a Fri/Sat night and a great place to photograph/sketch (I took over 100 pics!!!). Anyways Arab St. is truly a Singapore gem!!

BarbiefountainP.s for more pics check out my flickr.
P.p.s. you gotta check out the surreal, deranged, mardi-gras like arrangements beside the Blu Jaz cafe – like the naked Barbie dolls in the fountain!
P.p.p.s apparently there’s another branch in Little India (Dunlop St) – will probably try to locate it soon – and yea Lil Indias back lanes have lotsa interesting little cafes & pubs too!
P.p.p.p.s check out the Popular store at Bra Basah – they underwent MAJOR rennovations in November – huge selection of books (reading & assessment) and lotsa ART supplies too!!

The amazing noodle!

April 12, 2006


I just love the endorphin-ic rush I get especially when trying out a new class. I was thrilled to bits when I saw Rodney at the gym, no-one teaches AF like this man does, no-one!

This evening’s class was better than the first AF lesson – we did a triathalon. We ran holding the noodle in a ‘u-shape’ bopping up & down in the pool (I felt silly & ridiculous! :P), then we placed the noodle ‘beneath’ our legs and cycled (doggy paddled) and then we swam with the noodle infront of us.

2 rounds of this, then bicep training with the pretzel-twisted noodle under the water and finally the torturing-tricep training (rotating of the arms).

What a workout!!!! We all squealed at the very end – our arms were aching big time! I felt as worked out as I do after Pump!!!!

Twas on cloud nine at the end of the class – a fantastic work out + a highly comedic instructor – what more could a participant ask for! 🙂

P.s counting down Rodney style: 20-19-18-17-16-15-12-11-10-9-8 – nah only 2 days more for more AF!!!! Yee-har!

Move Over Kylie Kwong!

April 11, 2006


Mum & dad will be soo proud of Nav & I! We’ve been cooking dinner once/twice a week – which is a track record for us 😛 My specialty is herbal chicken soup and stir-fried straw mushrooms & spinach.

I have been making ham & cheese salad sandwiches for work too! I must say I feel much healthier eating home-cooked stuff!

I do hope to test out the steam boat wok (is dat wat it’s called?!) soon too! Move over Kylie Kwong – Agnes Ong’s in da kitchen!!!! Oh but – I seriously hate e post-cooking – ie. washing up 😦

P.s. Eunice took me for threading at Rupinis, Little India yesterday afternoon- very cosy & nice ambience. Me likey my neatly trimmed eyebrows – I’m definitely returning!

A: Rupini’s 24/26 Buffalo Rd
T: 6291-6789


April 9, 2006

                                                                      Chinese herbs

Went for Aqua Fit this afternoon – it was much better than the previous Tues class – I was able to execute more of the moves. According to the doc & online research – I should be able to the other GX (group exercise) classes in May. In the meantime – AF & swimming has to suffice…… Saw Faye before class and she warned me that I’d be personally escorted out of the studio should I attempt to set forth in her BC class 😛 Sigh…. it’s just so crappy not being able to do BC, BJ & BP and it’s awfully difficult walking past the studio and not being a participant but a mere observer *sulks* Yes patience is a true virtue and Agnes it’s only temporal….(screws the face, yes, yes, yes… I know)


So as my fitness levels plunges to its all-time low of some swimming & 2 classes of AF per week the tummy is quickly filling up the shorts and pants that were once proudly loose. Sigh… And since returning to work last week my appetite has INCREASED and the kilo that I lost during my 1 mth recovery has returned!!! And why does my appetite crave everything but veges, fish and all things healthy??? Y????


I guess it’s back to muesli for breakfast, home-made sandwiches for lunch & Chinese herbal chicken & veges for dinner!!!

Calling for bread-tags!!!

April 4, 2006

Breadtag_new_1This is the new-improved bread-tag earring with the earring hook.

I wore version 1 to church on Sunday and got some positive feedback, however my brother thinks I’ve gone MAD and suggested I try hanging plastic bags off my ear! Hmmmmph – what does he know about art??? But generally the feedback has been rather positive I would say.

Anyways calling out for all bread-tags out there – any colour or expiry date will do!!!

And if you’re interested in buying any bread-tag earrings or tape-measure brooches (they’ll make great UNIQUE gifts) – do drop me a comment.