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Losing it

May 27, 2006

Yesterday morning had panic attack, jus as I was about to exit the Serangoon MRT control station I couldn’t find my wallet – I emptied the backpack inside out, searched the pockets then approached the staff. Trembling, I gave him the necessary info, only to find the darn wallet in the top pocket of the backpack!

Dunno if it’s age catching up, or disorganisation – I keep losing my keys and have a tendency to leave it in the door overnight, my diary keeps wandering and even my ipod. I think I’m losing it!!!!!!!!! I’m becoming like Nav – arggggggggggghhhhhhh….


Current state….

May 25, 2006


  1. overwhelmed/numb (at the sight of work desk & state of house, list of things to do – sigh! – still got meetings and extra classes during the first and last wk of the hols)
  2. starry eyed and tired (understatement) its been an EXTREMELY insane fortnight
  3. fickle (not sure if I want to travel to HK anymore! Thinking of Bangkok, Cambodia, any suggestions where to travel to for a short trip 5 days?)
  4. can’t wait to reach the airport to who knows where in 11 days (officially counting now)

Mum makes it into the news!!!

May 14, 2006


Called mum up to wish her a ‘Happy Mothers’ Day.’ Did the usual updates about myself, Nav, grandma etc etc, and now of course gym stuff – hehe. She truly puts me to shame – as you would have read in the mock-newspaper article 😛 Got the idea from Loobylu. You can generate your own here.

Mum_1Anyways back to mummy – she’s a real hero – she’s a tough nut, multi-tasker to the max, highly skilled at cooking & sewing, speaks almost all dialects, is a great nurse, travelled 10 times more of the world than me, fit as hell!!, highly sociable and a truly dedicated wife and a great mum to Adrian, Nina & I *hugs*

Happy Mothers’ Day mum – thanks for all your love & guidance your a true inspiration to me!!!!!!

Vesak Day weekend

May 14, 2006


Had Vietnamese at Le Viet, Siglap for dinner – yummo, we had beef pho noodles, fried spring rolls and the rice paper rolls. Prior to that we visited grandma and dropped by Hsueh-Lien & Daniel’s spankin’ brand new abode.

Yesterday I met Sheryl for dinner at Arab St (again!) haha – it seems to be my new fave hangout. We shared a mixed kebab dish which was yummy and then proceeded to Blu Jaz – this time round I ordered lime smoothie – which is delightfully good!!! Tini joined us soon after and we all chilled to the pleasant live jazz.

It’s time to escape…

May 13, 2006

                                                            Dunlop St. Little India

Have been very very overwhelmed, stressed and irritable of late, but after finally getting down to some quiet time this morning – I’m reminded to reach out for his bear hug. Read Is 40:26-31 and Is 41:10.


Anyways it’s a fortnight to go before the holidays ‘officially’ begin. Am having the travel itch and rightfully so – I didn’t travel out in March due to the op, so dying to escape. I’ve yet to book any tickets yet (what’s new :P) but… planning to visit Truong, Darius & Claudia and Carol in Hong Kong and swim and hike in Krabi, Thailand.

Nav will join me in HK, and is eager to take me on a detour to Shen Zhen, China to some funky hair salon – which gives A-star customer service for a steal. I’m just excited to visit HK – cos it’ll be my first time!!! I remember Truong use to rave about HK during the uni days – the ‘buzz’, the food, the shopping – I guess I always had the impression that it was a faster, hipper version of Singapore and wasn’t terribly enticed – but with 4 friends now residing there – it seems like no better time than now to visit!

As for Krabi – Tini and I are craving some beach adventure so Krabi seems perfect – looking forward to the snorkelling, rock climbing, relaxing and a tan – sheesh I’m so fair!

Till then, back to the grind!