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Lovin’ BC all over again

June 25, 2006

This week I managed to do 10 GX classes – 6xBC, 2xBP, 1xAF, 1xBB 🙂 I tried to maximise what I could  being the last week of the school hols.

Anyways, for a while there I was starting to get a bit ‘sian’ (bored) with the whole gym routine (shock horror) and was wondering whether my longest-runnin fad had finally come to a fizzle. Thankfully not!

After going for Julian’s 1pm BC class @ Capital on Weds – I was suddenly reminded of why I love combat soo much!!! Cos it really alleviates my stress. Oh yea and that SO WHAT song is perfect for punching out the stress – heheh 😛


Tioman Bliss…

June 23, 2006


This time last week Sheryl, Yaya and myself were strolling along Salang
beach, Tioman (Malaysia). I guess you can never get sick of perfect
sunsets, irridescent, balmy waters and cheap, delish seafood 🙂

This time round we stayed at the Salang Indah Resort which I booked via phone the night before 😛 We got the aircon room with 3 beds, spartan toilet and basin – real simple but cheap at 70rm a night.

Getting there
We met at Queens street bus terminal and caught the Singapore JB Express bus ($2.40sg) which takes us straight to Woodlands checkpoint – JB checkpoint – then to Larkin terminal, journey <hr. From there we bought coach tickets to Mersing (8.80rm), journey – 2.5hrs. When we reached Mersing I bought the ferry tickets (35rm one way) from a little shop, but I discovered its only 30rm if you buy it direct from the ferry point itself. A 2hr+ ferry ride later, we arrived at gorgeous Salang a bit before 3pm making the journey around 9 hrs.


Itenary: Snorkel, swim, suntan, sleep, sketch, seafood
For the 3 days we basically just did that. Whilst Yaya was rather content with the occasional snorkel and dip, I found myself a snorkel buddy in Sheryl who was just as keen as I was in dipping into the wide open sea. Sadly, the coral and my fave ‘clown’ fish are disappearing 😦 but we did see lots of colourful fish.

The weather was really perfect during the 3 days and the sunsets were a perfect closure to the day – as you can see in the collages – I seized the opportunity to snap away.

On the last night we had a sumptuous seafood dinner – crabs, mackrel fish, prawns and squid for a cheap 90rm – about $15sg each. It was damn good especially since we were famished from all the swimming and snorkelling. Earlier in the day we took a boat out and snorkelled at 3 different sites – (cost 50rm p/p inc. of snorkel gear).

Total damage for accomodation, transport, food, snorkelling trip and Secret recipe lunch @ City Square on the way back – less than $150sg for 3D2N. Of course you can go cheaper if you want.

I was grateful for the short escape with my galfrens. There’s nothing like swimming in the big blue sea 🙂 I really wanna explore Krabi, Thailand and Ningaloo W.Australia end of the year. And I think I’m going to go for my divers license – yup – it’s time!!!!!!

P.s for more tips on travelling to Tioman click here.

Retail Therapy…

June 23, 2006


Being the last week of the school hols, I’ve been doing a little (a very relative term) retail therapy.

The goods:

  1. Skinfood cosmetics (available at Raffles City & Marina Sq) it’s affordable stuff from Korea rather similar to Body shop. I bought the peppermint peel-off mask, banana yoghurt mask & an eyeshadow stick. I’ve tried the masks and they smell and feel soooooooo good!
  2. A new pair of silver Birkenstock slippers (sponsored by Nav)
  3. Assorted gourmet white chocolates which totalled $17 for about 6! Ouch – but YuMMo!
  4. And…….. the new MacBook Pro laptop – which I saved a whopping $850 – thanks to the trusty UOB creditcard and thanks to Chow Yi for informing me about the great deal! I’m using it already and it’s so slick & smooth – I’m loving it already. As for the ibook – I’ll use it for storage for something, it’s not worth selling 2nd hand as I’d probably only fetch a few hundred dollars, plus me love me ibook still!!!

31 now…

June 19, 2006


My dear church gurlfrens Andrea & Annemarie organised a little cupcake party for me yesterday afternoon. Along with Opie & Marlon cupcakes there was yummy cheese fondue and Ikea Swedish meatballs.

I received the best gifts – a purple top, a massage gift voucher, Yoshitomo Nara postcards, Nike bag, a lovely scrapbook-designed plaque made by Ands and a mosaic candle lamp.

We played ‘Apples for Apples’ and ‘Beanz.’

Thanks for a lovely gurly time gals – I really enjoyed myself! *hugs*

P.s. Nav surprised me with a basket of gerbera flowers on my return from Tioman (shock-horror!!!) and I had a lovely journey out to Salang beach, Tioman with Yaya & Sheryl on my birthday – will post pics soon!

P.p.s Thanks too for all the birthday smses I received – so sweet of you all! *smiles*

Bkk part 2

June 18, 2006


Aside from eating in Bangkok we of course did lots of other things!

Day 1:

  • Checked into Asia hotel (very centrally located – I highly recommend this place!)
  • Spent 3 hours at MBK + Siam Square (SS) (the part connected to MBK) – bought some accessories, Seinfeld DVDs, Thai savory snacks, a 1GB SD card for only $50+ sg! Got pedi nail-art @ SS for about $12sg
  • Took a tuk-tuk to Khao San rd (K.S) to get Nav’s measurements for his suit, walked along the Khao San strip – bought a few accessories & gifts, had pad-thai from the road-side

*K.S’s actually not as seedy as I’d expected – I had seen glimpses of it from the movie ‘The Beach’. Crowded with ‘Farangs’ (Thai slang for ‘foreignors’) it’s actually a great place to buy clothes, accessories, fake CDs + even fake IDS, you can even get your hair braided or if you like dreadlocks!!! You must add it to your to-do-list for BKK!

Day 2:

  • Walked to Pratunam markets (wholesale market for clothes & accessories) – bought a few accessories, didn’t buy ANY clothes – cos sizes way to small for me & you have to buy minimum of 2-5 or even 100 pieces
  • Checked out the rest of Siam Square (SS) ie. the small shops beyond the MBK connection to SS
  • Visited Siam Paragon (the newest shopping centre in BKK) – it’s rather similar to KL’s KLCC, Singapore’s Paragon – high-end boutiques/fancy interiors
  • Had foot reflexology, Nav had Thai massage for only 200B p/p for an hr which is less than $10sg p/p!!!
  • Ate Tom Yam-Yam (Thai style instant noodles) from the roadside
  • Nav’s friend treated us to Thai food at a reputable Thai restuarant
  • Visited Suan Laam Night markets – bought some gifts and a funky accessory holder made from wire

Day 3:

  • Visited Playground – was rather disappointed, we felt the place was rather overated – prices too steep and the buzz was amiss
  • Visited H1 – which was more like ‘deads-ville’ most shops vacated/under going rennovation
  • Checked into Davis Bangkok Boutique Hotel – had problems with checking in as our booking wasn’t processed properly. Hotel swanky – but not as convinently located as Asia hotel
  • Nav went to pick up suit, I caught cab to Healthland Spa and 3/4’s of the way transferred to a motorcyclist taxi who eventually took me to the spa (twas an adventure – thrilling and exciting manouvering through the polluted, crazy traffic of BKK on a motorcycle!) Spa was good – about $70+ sg for 2hrs of scrub then oil massage

Day 4:

  • Headed for the greatly anticipated Chatuchak Markets, Nav decides to head back to hotel to sleep upon arrival, whilst I psyche myself for a good sprint of bargain hunting – clothed in singlet, Nike bra & short-shorts (for ease of trying on clothes) and Evian spray to keep myself cool from heat exhaustion 😛 4+ hrs later, armed with 2 pretty dresses, a dotty top, t-shirts, an array of belts + accessories + plenty of gifts. I make my way back to hotel – totally exhausted but very content!!!
  • Pack, check out of Davis Bangkok hotel & grab a bite before heading to airport

In conclusion, Nav & I thorougly enjoyed our short trip to Bkk, duration was just right, we spent about 2K in total on accomodation, food, shopping, transport + pampering.

Although one might say the conversion of the Singapore dollar to BAHT is really good, I’ve an acronym for the BAHT.

B-be prepared to bargain
A-be prepared for bad air (pollution is a serious problem in BKK!)
H-be prepared for the humidity – it can get really unbearable especially at the markets
T-be prepared for traffic jams – were were stuck in traffic for up to 2hrs!!! Be prepared to also TIP constantly, have the correct change for taxi/tuk-tuk drivers as by default they’ll keep change.

Backk from Bkk off to Tioman..

June 14, 2006

Arrived back from Bangkok (BKK) late Sat night, Nav & I were mega-tired and sick with the flu bug but satisfied with our trip to the ‘land of smiles.’

As you can see from the pics we ate well……..from the street-side stalls (pad-thai noodles and tom yam-yam) to Donut King to even Greyhound cafe.

I have the sweetest memories however, of the brownie donuts and the 3baht ice stick from Chatuchak markets. What’s sweeter is that despite the indulging of Thai food and donuts I lost a kilo (from all the shopping me thinks) – especially from doing 3 laps of Chatuchak on the last day 😉

Will update more on the trip soon. Off to Tioman tomorrow morning with Siya and Sheryl what a great way to celebrate me birthday and to drown my recent self pities!!! Cheerios!

Wk 2 of the school Hols :)

June 6, 2006

fried rice @ Central, Takashimaya

A much better week, Nav and I hit the gym big time the last 2 days. We visited George St thrice yesterday – we did Sharah’s BC @ 7am, then Leonard’s BC @ 12.30pm, then I returned @ 5.45pm for Amy’s BB, Andrew’s BP then JW’s BC, whilst Nav did BP & BC.

Today we did 3 in a row @ Paragon – Angie’s BJ then Leonards BP & BC.


Anyways it’s all the new launches for the GX classes. BB is reallllllly challenging!! BC & BP is ok, nothing spectacular – but very 90’s music e.g. B52’s Love shack!!! BJ is rather challenging too – lots of cardio!!!

Tini and I were sooooooo amazed by Angie – this 40-something instructor who’s got incredible energy and charisma! Gabby joined us too today for BP & BC, the poor dude was so exhausted by the end of pump!

Although we hardly frequent Paragon, as it’s not within walking distance from our house, it’s really a novelty working out with the tai-tais! Aged between 40 to 50-60-something with coloured-sprayed-permed-nest-like-hair, with some wearing strange leotards – they really know their moves!!! And I actually aspire to be like them haha!!!


After the workout, I met up with Linda and we ate at the new ‘Hongkee’ eatery Central @ Taka. The food is so-so, cost a lil pricey. We then proceeded to visit baby John and darling Darlene and grandma.

Tommorrow Nav and I fly off to the ‘Land of Smiles.’ Yipppppppppppppppppppppppeeeee!!!

Doctor’s orders: No karaOKE!

June 3, 2006

Hahaha…. Just came back from the nearby clinic. I figured that I needed some antibiotics to fix the voice loss.

Aside from ‘no karaoke’ the doc advised no fried/spicy foods, no junk food and no nuts – (that irradicates my diet of late :P) instead more water and sleep.

It totally sucks being mute – very frustrating communicating face to face and even worse via the phone. But like I mentioned in the previous entry – Nav loves the peace and quiet – and I think my colleagues were lapping it up too yesterday (right Gail?). hehehee.

So agenda today, rest, rest, rest. So if I don’t pick up the phone or if I seem rather reserved – you’ll know why.

Wk 1 of the school hols…

June 2, 2006

Tamarind seasoned fish (Ewa Lim’s farewell@Mrs Angullia’s)

For one, I lost my voice! Yup much to the pleasure of Navin 😛 I hope it clears before Weds!!! I’ve Been in school from Mon-Fri – classes, meetings, did some design errands, got my hair trimmed, went for Ewa’s farewell cum gourmet bbq @ Mrs Angullia’s and managed to squeeze in BP, AF, BB &  BC 🙂

Aside from that nothing else, no splurging at the Great Singapore Sale and no real dining out – saving that for Bangkok (BKK).

Yup – decided to postpone trip to HK – Mr Le will be in Shanghai and for some strange reason – I’m seriously craving BKK!

Even though I was kinda disappointed with BKK last year, I’m determined to have a blast this time round with Nav – I’m going to seriously eat, shop, pamper and be inspired!!!

Thanks to Desmond and my hours of research – this is the plan:

– a budget airline that has pre-allocated seats & allows for 20kg checkin luggage & 5kg cabin luggage – (handy for all the shopping)

2 nights in the convenient-access-to-BTS 3 star Asia Hotel
1 night in the plush 5 star boutique hotel – The Davis Bangkok

Pad thai noodles
Glutinous mango rice
mango/papaya salad
road side snacks – plus I want to try the fried grasshoppers sold during the night markets!!!!

Chatuchak Markets – the mother of all markets – selling everything under the sun – particularly good for cheap funky clothes, accessories and gifts
Pratunam Markets – cheap T’s
MBK – cheap makeup, lingerie, CDs/DVDs, Thai snacks
Banglamphu markets
@ Khao San Rd – ‘hippy’villeTailoring
Saphan Phut Night Market – supposively a smaller scale/cheaper version of Chatuchak Markets where a lot of Thai youths hang out

Healthlandspa – cheaaaaaaap spa services strongly recommended by friends

Design Inspiration:
The Playground
The Bed Supper Club
and Muay Thai @ Lumphini Park!

Cannnnt wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 more sleeps!

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