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RPM – enjoying the ride!!!

July 31, 2006


Inspired by the new RPM fans – Lise and JW and of course my MUM! ~ I’ve decided to give RPM another shot! I have been attending Rod’s Monday evening classes at Capital Tower two weeks consecutively now and I’m enjoying the vigorous cardio workout.

Compared to the other GX classes I’d rate this as being the toughest and sweatiest. I realised this class requires a lot of mental determination and imagination too. Basically you’re to imagine that you’re in the tour-de-france, other times peddling up hill, downhill, flat ground – it’s pretty fun. Though it’s really tiring for the legs – and often you feel like your about to fly off the seat or about to collapse from exhaustion!!!

Music wise – the tracks are really upbeat and funky 🙂

So here’s to a new addition to the gym routine – hoping that it will help me shed the holiday fats!!!! 🙂


Stars, sand and silence…..

July 23, 2006


After last night’s youth service we decided on an ad-hoc date – and since we had the van we both agreed on visiting Zaki perform at Eastcoast. So we called the girl and met her at Eastcoast Maccas and bumped into good ol’ Nick and family.

As always, Zaki belted out all the rock songs from Journey, Bon Jovi, Scorpions and he did an excellent rendition of Nickel Back’s Faraway too! Of course Tini was smitten and Nav was swaying side to side eager to get me on the dance floor 😛

After a good session of Zaki and band, he and Tini went off and we headed to the beach to check out the stars…

We manage to spot a few but they were rather faint. Despite being after midnight, we decided to just chill on the shore – it was a nice breezy night and it was still buzzing with people.

It was nice just laying there with the ipod playing and the sound of the waves crashing, very pleasant!

A centenarian lurking…

July 20, 2006

Lost my voice AGAIN, woke up with no voice again, doc diagnosed it as laryngitis – he asked if I’d been talking a lot more or if I’d taken any thing extra spicy – answer NO & NO. Anyways he’s a friendly doc, it’s my 2nd visit to this lil clinic – I really don’t mind paying as oppose to waiting 1-2hrs at SGH for free – I only had to wait 10mins for this doc, chop chop. So $39 poorer, I left with a whole bundle of tablets, lozengers and gargle.


Aside from the medication the doc of course recommended plenty of rest, H20, no fried foods & no talking for the next 2 days. Think it’s a wake up call – I need to start cooking and drinking a LOT more and avoid fried/take out foods!!!


Anyways Nav joined me for breakfast at Tanjong Pagar hawker stall – he had really good n cheap Nasi Lemak @ B2-23 (I think) and I had century egg porridge with fish slices.

Speaking of century, Nav was telling me about this centenarian he encountered recently on a bus ride to Sengkang. This centenarian was chatting away in British English to this 70yr old dude. Apparently they were talking about how rickshaws were a common mode of transport, and then he was sharing about how he was punished by his dad when he was young and was tied up to a tree…

He also boasted of his age, mentioning that he was born 1894 – can you imagine 112? That’s amazing yet surreal – he’s had a taste of 3 centuries!!!!! SheeeeeeeeeSH – to imagine that someone of that age is mobile enough to catch public transport, lug around bags of possesions, and still speaks so eloquently (not sure if he had dentures) but WOW WOW WOW!!!! I told Nav he should have got his contact – cos he’d be great news material for Yaya. So look out for this small old man who commutes around the Pungol/Sengkang area.

Beyond it all…

July 3, 2006


I absolutely love this scene @ Tioman, it was taken on our last day around 6ish in the afternoon. Looking out at the big wide open sea, perfect horizon line – it’s so east to forget all worries and fears and to dream of new possiblilites and fresh hope.