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Red-bow duct-tape shoes

August 23, 2006


Murphy’s law – everything that can go wrong – will go wrong! Yup, it was jus one of those days – argghhh……

And my shoes were no exception – the left side of my ‘pharoah’ shoes from Substance gave way. Initially I used an elastic band to support it, that didn’t work, then I found some trusty double sided tape but after a while that too gave way. So I finally managed to get a hold of some duct tape from the office.

Bright chilli-red, it actually looked ok as a simple band across the toes, but then I had a creative-brain wave – I decided to make a red bow and then added some dot stickers. Well I was pretty impressed with the whole look – but the silly dots started falling off so I decided to use the liquid paper directly onto the duct tape.

So viola! MY red-bow duct-tape shoes, I’ll probably do the bow for the left side tomorrow, but I was quite satisfied with the assymetrical look – which seems to be the trend this season anyways 😛 Hmmmm… me thinks me going to match my clothes to my brand-new looking shoes!!!! Yay!

P.s I think I may just experiment a little more with the duct-tape and create some brooches – so look out!!!


Girly, 10yrs in Sg and a new chapter awaits…

August 21, 2006

West MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory Australia

My dear sis is back in Perth, after completing her honours at Australian National University in Canberra. Just before her graduation, the adventurous gurl trekked 15 days along West MacDonnell Ranges in NT with some of her pals.


10 yrs in Singas
Yes!! This is my 10th year in Singapore – I can’t believe I’ve survived all these years in the lil red dot!!! But obviously I must like it here to have survived a decade 😛 In brief – the cheap hawker food, late night shopping 24-7, close proximity to BKK, M’sia and other SEA countries etc, and of course Nav & my friends have all contributed to me overstaying in Singas for just over 9 yrs. So when are we heading back to Oz – who knows? But we do love Chinatown and of course the conveniently close proximity to town and OGS FF & CT 🙂


The dawn of a new chapter
So 10 yrs have passed and here’s looking forward to the next 10yrs…. Who know’s what God has in store??? But I just can’t wait till 2007! 🙂

ESSUE’s big day!!!

August 12, 2006


Our dear Es and Sue finally hitched today @ Church of Singapore, Marine Parade. Lots of smiles, and tears shed by dear Es 😉 Sue looked gorgeous as always!

The setting up of the wedding decor went smoothly – kudos to Joycie, Anne Marie, Ols, MelP, MelF and of course Brenda for helping out! Being a carnival theme – Bren and I decided on lotsa ribbons & pinwheels for lots of fun and vibrancy. And of course with Bren & Anne helping out, there was lotsa ‘scrapbooking’ techniques and ideas used! 😛

National day 06

August 10, 2006

It was a super packed National day, kicked off with RPM and AF @ Capital, followed by the decor preparation for Sue’s big day with the CNL gurls and finally, a sumptious seafood dinner with Terence, Jason & Fei at the lovely Greenwood area. 

Battle of the mind

August 7, 2006

Did RPM with Eu, and it was really tough, especially after a long day at work and we did BP before RPM. Like I mentioned in the previous entry, RPM is seriously mentally challenging!!! Yes it’s physically very gruelling but, your mind keeps playing up – telling you to give up – you’re tired and then Rodney’s screaming c’mon team! C’mon Agnes 15 seconds to go!!!!  Again the mind says give up, you’re exhausted, you’re going to blank out… Thank god RPM’s only 50 minutes 😛

Anyways, Eu and I have decided to sign up for a few marathons – The Great Eastern Women 10k and The Standard Chartered Marathon. We both decided we needed mini-fitness projects… Last year was the Nike Tribes Combat competition as well as the hike up Mt K, so this yr it shall be marathons. But you can be sure we’ll be running/walking/running/walking 😛

Craving Peanut butter!!!!

August 6, 2006


After a 12yr hiatus from eating peanut butter almost weekly – it’s slowly crept into one of my favourite cravings of late. I can’t stop thinking about peanut butter and yes I know how sinful it is, but it just taste sooo good when its goeey and smooth on hot crusty bread!!! I had it twice today – for brekkie @ Far East Square and for supper @ Tong Shui 😛

Ya know I remember when I was young, I use to tippy-toe into the kitchen when the lights were out and raid the pantry for peanut butter, and slowly scoop a tablespoons worth and lick it up like ice-cream…. Hee hee..

Anyways, after chatting to Mil about marathons and coming across this inspiring article about this 35 yr old chic who wakes up at 5am to swim before setting out to work – I decided I’d make it a point to jog this morning despite the looooooong work day ahead.

As planned, I left the house at 7.38am and jogged towards the Esplanade, cutting through Ann Siang Hill, Far East Square and Boat Quay, finally reaching the breezy Esplanade stretch. It’s such a pleasant route jogging past old shophouses, little nooks of cafes, discovering sculptures by Masters like Salvador Dali and Botero and reading plaques about Singapore’s historical landmarks like the Cavenagh bridge. Hoping to head out to the Esplanade again for a jog later on 😉