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VaVa Voom/Blu Jaz

September 24, 2006


We had Vietnamese @ VaVa Voom along Seah St (near Raffles Hotel). As soon as we entered the cafe, we bumped into dear Suelynn 🙂

We then proceeded to Arab St, and following protocol – we checked out the funky boutiques along Haji Lane before proceeding to Blu Jaz which now has a 2nd level worth checking out – it’s really a nice place to chill!!!

P.s – Iike my squares with chainloop earrings? heee hee – it’s my way of de-stressing 😉


Inner Peace

September 20, 2006

I’m feelin ultra cranky for several reasons….. coupled with the fact I busted my knee agaIN after a pivot turn less than 10 minutes into Netball practice @ school. Me thinks me had a stroke of ‘karma’ after boasting to K that my biceps n triceps were bigger than his, after he changed into his Standard Chartered singlet 😛 Just kidding, but I attribute the sprain to the absence of a warm-up -argggggghh!!! So I’m currently hobbling around with the trusty knee guard and generous slathers of tigerbalm and salonpas gel and sadly refraining from the gym 😦

Anyways, thank God for dailyword which always seems to minister to me when I especially need it….
Inner Peace

God is my refuge and my strength. Always in God’s care, I am serene.

No matter what is taking place in my life or in the world around me, I know that God is the source of peace that soothes my soul.

Knowing that God is my refuge in any challenge of the mind or heart, I don’t let doubt or fear get in the way of me making wise and beneficial decisions.

The peace of God within me is more powerful than any situation in life. I can and do experience true serenity as I retreat to the sanctuary of peace within. Here in this sacred retreat is where I gather my thoughts and am renewed in mind and body.

God is my strength, a very real help in times of challenge and opportunity. Knowing that I am always in God’s care, I am relaxed and at peace. I am serene.

         "God is our refuge and strength,

         a very present help in trouble."

–Psalm 46:1

For Milly

September 18, 2006


Thanks to much inspiration from B and A I can see how cool it is to apply SB principles to basic card design – yup the stickers, brads, the ribbons & tags. Even Za’s on the bandwagon & has designed layouts of Honey which I’ve not seen yet, Jen too sees the value in SB in her webdesign.

Above is a b’day gift I made for Milly – it’s a teapot/cup n saucer earring set for the English wannabe.  I got so carried away with the SB embellishing, that I was almost tempted to miss Rodneys RPM WOH!!!!! Oh no!!!!!!!!!!

Me & Jen :)

September 17, 2006

Jen swung by Singapore Friday night and spent the weekend with us. We had an amazingly productive Saturday…. 

  1. Peanut butter & floss toast @ Toast Box (Far East SQ)
  2. Mani & Pedi @ Jo’s Sanctuary (Tanjong Pagar Plaza)
  3. Yummy dessert @ Mei Heong Yuan Desserts (67 Temple St, Chinatown)
  4. Art supplies @ Art Friend & Basheer Bookshop (Bras Basah Complex)
  5. Did neoprints & bought identical polkadot wedges from Pazzion (Bugis Junction)
  6. Bought identical polkadot dresses from an Icon stall (Opp Bugis Junction)
  7. Ate Jap @ Sushi Tei (Raffles City)
  8. Made earrings with paper, tapemeasure & breadtags @ home

This morning we even mustered up the energy to take some photos after Kaya toast along one of the small lanes off Keong Saik Rd 😛

It’s just like old times, shopping, chatting & dressing up. Even after meeting each other 13yrs ago – we still have such a great chemistry going, so much so that when she arrived at my doorstep Friday night – she had the same Birkenstocks, Macbook Pro & mobile and she left purchasing the same SB magazine, wedges & dress, heee heee. Love ya JEN!!!! xoxo

Seafood, Step & Scrapbook weekend

September 11, 2006


Was a crazy-packed weekend again, seems to be the trend of the 2nd half of 2006!!!

Nav & I tried crab (salted egg style) at the coffee shop beside Outram Mrt it was DIVINE was just soo flavoursome!!!! We also ordered sweet and sour pork, and spinach with three types of eggs (century, salted egg and omelette) – YUM YUM YUM!!!!!! This afternoon I indulged in Salmon & Prawn Mentai sushi as well as Crab Roe (creamy pasta style) @ Sushi Tei, Paragon, YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!!

After having dinner with Alice and Lise on Weds night and them ranting on about Step – I decided I’d give it a shot 🙂 So on Saturday morning I turned up at Paragon for the beginners class, led by Vivi. The class requires a LOT of co-ordination, but fortunately I had 2 experienced steppers infront of me and I realised some moves were similar to Body Jam. After the 1.5hr session, I was proud I survived my first class and was able to manouvere 60-70% of the steps. So today, I tried Rod’s Step class and survived that too – YAY!!!

About $100 poorer, I visited Laine’s, Art Friend, Popular and Creative Hands buying up just SB accessories. It’s SOOOO expensive all these scrap booking accessories but I kinda figured they’ll come in handy for embellishing cards, gift wrapping and making gifts like Brenda, Anne & Ands. Above is a gift for Vivian on behalf of my cell group – took me soooo long to do!!!!! 😛 It’s not yet complete – as I plan to paste some photos of her/us on the top right hand side.

Here’s to more Stepping and Scrappin!

Red umbrella earrings

September 3, 2006


The red-duct-tape-craze continues….. in the form of earrings 🙂 Inspired by my newly purchased umbrella ‘print’ dress and tank top that I bought from JB yesterday with Tini.

If you’re keen on purchasing any of these unique-one-of-a-kind designs, drop me a comment. In the mean time I hope to come up with other designs soon!

Warm Fuzzies

September 1, 2006

Warm fuzzies – basically notes of encouragement and affirmation, aren’t we all open to such forms of edification?

Whilst I’m very thankful for the roses, the baked cookies & cakes & assorted gifts I received today, it’s the stuff the girls wrote on the various teacher award nomination forms which really ‘fuzzed’ me up. So so touching. What moved me even more so, were the kids who bothered to pen their thanks. You see its the kids whom you scold or whom are so quiet and almost unnoticeable that appreciate you the most…

To all my dear colleagues, Happy teachers day!!! For all your hardwork, your dedication to the kids – you guys are amazing!!!

P.S. I watched the Devil Wears Prada with Mily – twas a really good chic flick peppered with lots of quotable quotes (the ugly skirt convention). In addition, it’s a reminder that there is no perfect job out there, each job comes with its pros and cons, but how far are we willing to be driven by our careers? That is the question…