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What’s your dream Job?

November 15, 2006

Came back from the EL Dept farewell dinner for HC, Parames, Eu & myself. One of my colleagues asked me if I’ve figured out what I am going to do career-wise… to which I replied I’ve no idea… (really!). Then she asked, what if you could have any job, what would it be?

My dream job – I answered, "A lonely planet TJ!" I totally envy Ian Wright and Meghan Mc Cormick the lonely planet travel journalists – they get to venture the world, have loads of fun and get paid for it. Yep, Lonely PLanet – are you reading this??!!! 🙂

So seriously, what am I going to do?

Well I’m going to take a few holidays here and there:-

  • HK/Shenzhen 24-19 Nov (gonna crash @ Carol’s & finally visit this shopping/food mecca that so many ppl rave on abt)
  • Church leaders retreat @ JB Hyatt 4-6 Dec
  • North India – New Dehli, Agra & Jaiprul 18-19 Dec with Sheryl
  • Perth/Melb in Jan for a few weeks with Nav

Plenty of time to relax and think about my new chapter!!!


In the meantime here’s a list of dream jobs that have crossed my mind since I was in Primary school… (somewhat in chronological order):

  1. cartoonist
  2. air-stewardess (didn’t meet the height requirement boo-hoo!!!)
  3. business woman
  4. fine artist
  5. curator
  6. customs officer (figured that if I couldn’t fly for a living, stamping others’ passports was the next best thing)
  7. army personnel (after watching the movie Platoon)
  8. interior designer (but terrible at perspective/technical drawings)
  9. magazine editor (the perks of receiving all the freebie cosmetics, accessories)
  10. fashion designer
  11. graphic designer (came to pass – hated it after a year)
  12. marketing executive (was employed as one, but ended up being a graphic designer)
  13. zoo-keeper
  14. cook on an Antartica base camp (inspired by my NZ uncle)
  15. Soap/cheese maker (inspired by my trip to NZ)
  16. public relations executive
  17. librarian (seems like a cruisy job)
  18. art teacher (lured by the ‘supposive’ half-day work load)
  19. forensic scientist (after watchin too much Miami CSI)
  20. Ben n Jerry’s executive
  21. Gym instructor (inspired by Faye’s passion – but neh – too clumsy n unco-ordinated, happy being a member, altho I must thank Rod for making me sit beside him for RPM yest nite (it was FULL house) – haha, despite the stress of facing the class – it was kinda nice having a ‘feel’ from the instructor’s perspective)
  22. Gym tai-tai (figured this more realistic, haha so whilst I’m unemployed this what I shall be – thanks Nav!!!!)
  23. 7 gypsies designer (after being mesmorised by scrapbooking accessories)
  24. Polytechnic tutor (flexible hours)

Wish me luck as I embark on the unknown…..