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Dinner with the food artist

January 31, 2007

beetroot, carrot & bean sprout salad – ripe art style!

Nav & I were treated to a visual food feast @ the local Brayden cafe, Attadale, kiddin! Bridge the famous WA food artist cooked/prepared Thai patties, 2 brightly coloured salads, teryaki chicken and to-die-for white peach & nectarine meringues for us. It was as delish as it was presented – she was so meticulous arranging her food onto her signature coloured rice and ensuring that all her dishes were visually attractive – in a non-conventional way of course! Am so proud of Bridge, have known her since Uni days she’s a really a jack of all trades – studying design, fine arts, worked in a pizza kitchen, florist, catering company and now she’s a well-known artist specialising in food has her own flourishing catering business. Totally inspiring gal!

the chef cum artist!

cheers to a fabulous feast!!!


This afternoon we caught up with Gina the curator of the lovely Heathcote Gallery in Applecross. Coincedentally Bridge’s work will be featured at the Heathcote this Nov/Dec 🙂 Gina’s doing well looking after this little nook of a gallery with GORGEOUS views of the Perth skyline.

Gina the soho-chic in her element

Stunning views near the Heathcote gallery


Change of plans btw…. Spoke to the sis this morning who’s in Buenos Aires, Sth Amercia right now – she’s on a 6-7wk trek of SA (she’s more of an adventurous traveller than I!!!). Anyways she asked whether I’d consider extending my stay so that we can spend a bit of time together – so without any hestitation I changed my flight details and am staying on till 14th Feb 😛 Am looking forward to seeing girly and exchanging pics and travel stories.


Australia day long-weekend

January 28, 2007



Our visit to Melbourne coincidently coincided with Australia Day – a big day for Aussies – almost equivalent to CNY. Most Aussies celebrate the day with a sizzling BBQ, beers or simpling gazing at the fireworks which each state will launch. My bro kindly sugguested that we go out to the city and watch it since I hadn’t been home to celebrate this National day in a decade. We were lucky to get a spot along the Princes bridge and view the pretty awesome fireworks.

The little bro and his fiancee Jo, have been helping us fufil our check list of eats in Melbourne. On the second night we went to Lygon st for Italian, 3rd night Footscray for Vietnamese, yesterday we had yum cha with Derrick and today we sampled some lamb at St Kilda. Whilst Nav’s in sheer denial my face and tummys getting bigger in my piccies 😦 Will be gymmin once I return to Perth and stalking Mr W, that’s for sure!!!

Aside from feasting, we visited my fave bath boxes at Brighton beach, St Kilda & Brunswick street. Adrian also took me to a few Art/Craft markets – Rose St Artist Market – which is a small arty market – a tiny version of Sydney’s Paddington markets, Camberwell Market – a swap meet mainly, selling interesting 2nd hand goods – clothes, toys, you name it! We also checked out the St Kilda market which was ok, but I think Sydney wins hands down market wise – both Paddington & the Glebe markets.

So tomorrow we return back to Perth for 3 1/2 days. Catching up with Bridget, Gina & Jen & Nat again. Then back to Singapore – the gym routine & job hunting —- bleah…….

Till then pics from Melb:

Adrian & Jo

Yummy Vietnamese @ Footscray

Nav & Derrick

Me & my bro @ Brighton beach

Catching up with Aunty Lee Dee

Adrian & Jo’s Monster!!

Arty farty Melbourne :)

January 28, 2007

Victoria is dubbed the ‘Arts’ state of Australia and there’s seriously no denying it – the city and urban landscape is tastefully accented with quirky sculptures, mosaics and colour. I fell in love with Melbourne since my first arrival in 1994 – I swore I’d one day live here – and I still feel the draw to do so, even Nav 🙂

funky recycled plastics strung together

the friendly ‘Rose-st-artist-market’ advert

the quirky, funky suburb of Fitzroy – Brunswick st

graffiti murals add to the artsy vibe of Fitzroy

my fave bath boxes @ Brighton Beach

the colourful Luna Park facade

Arty/Must visit places in Melbourne

  1. Queen Victoria Markets – gourmet paradise
  2. Walk through city – shops, sculptures & cafes to delight
  3. Arts centre – National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) – free viewing of most exhibits
  4. South bank – walk along the Yarra river
  5. Richmond area – factory outlets
  6. Lygon Street – Italian food
  7. Footscray – Vietnamese suburb – fantastic, cheap Vietnamese food
  8. Brighton Beach for the unique and colourful bath boxes
  9. St Kilda – for the Sunday Markets, beach, cafe culture & cake shops
  10. Brunswick St, Fitzroy – Rose St Artist Market, funky shops, cafes

Perth part 2…

January 27, 2007

Here’s pics from the rest of Perth before we headed of to Melbourne….

crystal clear waters @ Rockingham

Dad & Mum

Nav & Brendan cookin up satay

Hilary’s Boat Harbour

Look Skye! See the helicopter!

Elvis – Nina’s new pet

Left Bank & Freo

January 23, 2007

Summer in Perth has been gorgeous, has been clear blue skies all the way 🙂 We’ve been indulging in mum’s really good cooking, catching up with friends, romancing Elvis and lapping up the blue skies and sea….. Here’s the first slew of pics…..

the view from the Left Bank

Nav’s big BREKKIE – which did NOT disappoint!

Jen’s eggs ben & spinach toast

Jen & I at our fave place in Perth – FREO!!!!

Mr Woh magnets

January 16, 2007

Have been up to a few arty pursuits this past week, have applied my expenssssssssive scrapbook accessories in making Eu’s farewell gift – Mr Woh paperdoll magnets & embellishing the free 07 diary Sandy gave me.



Hullo 2007!

January 7, 2007


Nav & I went to Bal’s & Dup’s for dinner last nite. They rennovated their place nicely, accenting with splashes of ethnic colour and Indian prints. Met up with Raj and Bal’s other NIE pal (can’t remember her name :P) Was real impressed with Bal’s culinary skills – she cooked pandan flavoured rice, steamed veges and cashew chicken.


Well, we’re heading into wk 2 of 2007, and this weeks definitely gonna be better then my miserable debut in to the new yr, have been stricken with the flu virus since returning from India – had a horrid sore throat, followed by a running nose, thick-lumimous-yellow phlegm and now a nasty spontaneous cough. Got plans for a massage @ Wayang Spa Retreat (thank-u Audrey), going to catch up with Tach & family, Grace & Dee, gonna STEP, RPM, AF & BP, do some job hunting and in between do some refurbishing to the abode – yep finally replacing the semi-torn curtains and wanna hang up some prints/photos in time for CNY (yea watever :P).

Oh yea, Nav n I are also lookin forward to our 2wk break to Perth & Melb. Gonna catch up with the folks and see my bro & his fiancee – yep he jus proposed to her in a helicopter above the glaciers in NZ (how romantic!!!!).

Here’s to the more comprehensive to-do list Perth/Melb:

  1. see mum & dad, adrian & jo, nat & skye, jenmie, bel, tren & bridge, gina, conan
  2. Sizzler – diane steak & the salad bar!!!!!!!!!
  3. Fish n Chips
  4. Freo
  5. Melb bath houses
  6. Vietnamese food in Melb
  7. Greek/Italian in  Melb
  8. St Kilda beach/luna park

Can’t wait for the feasting – bring it oN!!!!!!!!!! 🙂