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Food Glorious Food

March 30, 2007





So the truth is out, whilst I’ve been diligent with the gymming – foodwise I’ve not been so disciplined of late – how to?? With so many visitors/friends to meet – sigh tis really tuff being a tai-tai :p

Top 3 pics are of the lovely, delectably cheap Highlander Coffee along Kampong Bahru Road. Nav and I had our date there this morning. I ordered cafe mocha, Nav – cappachino – both around $3 – tastefully good, thick foam & lovingly served. For eats we ordered club sandwiches – which thick, generous and fresh!!!!!!!!! I’m DEFINITELY coming back cos:

  1. The coffee & food is GOOD n CHEAP!
  2. Their service is soooo from the heart!!!
  3. It’s 10min walking distance from my house
  4. There’s wireless internet access

Highlander Coffee Pte. Ltd.
49 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169362
Office Hours: 9am to 6.00pm (Mon – Fri)


Also I’ve frequented Clark Quay like 4-5 times since last Friday. Had dinner with Yaya @ the foodcourt on the top floor of Central. I ordered a Saba fish set which was alright – but I must say the views from Central are pretty awesome. Aside from the fabulous views of Clark Quay, theres a concentration of Japanese cusine and lotsa boutiques.


Before I go…
Do check out these GORGEOUS brooches by Sue Ann, go order!!!!!!!!


Taking Flight

March 28, 2007

Was chatting to JW about Body Attack (BA)- this intensely tuff cardio class which entails lots of running on the spot, jumps & lunges. Despite the fact that I gym a lot – I find myself gasping for breathe during the BA class.. Anyways JW said that it gives him the ‘ "high feeling", when ur heart rate going way too fast for u to handle and u thought u’re gonna puke……..’

Well for me BA doesnt quite make me feel that endorphic but Step & RPM does. And of late Mr W has reverted back to mixing the tracks, resulting in an even faster, more challenging pace… Last Friday night @ Paragon I really felt like I was flying when we were doing ‘across the top.’ Tis such a great feeling one cannot really describe.

As for RPM – Monday evening I thought I was going to pass out – Mr W tortured us with the hill climb at track 3 and from thereafter it was totally unmanageable. I sweat 10xs more than I normally do and was looking at Ms E thinking why oh why do we subject ourselves to this? 😛 I swore I wanted to give up half way through class, and wasnt even sure if I was sweating or crying towards the end!!!

Anyways despite the torturous ride – we survived – and I’m reminded that in many ways life is like an RPM ride – it’s about hanging in there and overcoming the obstacles 🙂

Blair Street discovery

March 28, 2007




Jen left this morning, but I think she had an eventful visit to Sg. Monday we crawled Little India, Arab St, Purvis St, Beach Rd, Boat Quay and the Esplanade – I think we walked about 3-4hrs in total.

Tuesday I took Jen to my latest discovery in the CT neighbourhood – Blair Rd & Kampong Bahru Rd, further up Cantonment Rd. There’s quite a few food joints that I wanna sample including Nonya, freshly brewed coffee and Western food.

Blair Rd – is quite an architects feast – with historic terrace houses – tastefully restored. We took some piccies and breathed in the old tiles, mosaics, salon doors, and intricate wall/door embellishments.

I’ll be returning this Friday with Connie to sketch/paint some of the houses 🙂

Crazy-packed weekend

March 25, 2007

the cannery, clark quay.
amirah’s grill, arab st.

the hub & bro.

seesha bonding.

dragon boating @ kallang river.

the dragon boaters.

adrian, me, nav & lily.

It’ s been a crazy, crazy weekend.

After a really exhileratingly gd step class @ para, we met up with Lyndsey who is in town for the wkend and took her to Clark Quay. I must say it’s a rather happening night spot – heaps of nice restuarants, cafes, pubs & clubs. As Nav & I were rather hungry we went up to the foodcourt on the top floor of the newly opened Central shopping centre. Aside from really nice views, Central has a good variety of Jap cusine & plethora of clothing boutiques – definitely worth checking out – it’s a tad similar to Vivo City but not so overwhelming.


After dinner we treated ourselves to Hokkaido soft serve ice-cream – combination of green tea & vanilla for a cool $3.50. A generous serving it’s as good as I remember it when I was in Japan!!!

After all the eating we walked around the Cannery section of Clark Quay – an impressive mix of clubs, pubs and eateries. Nav was craving a beer so we popped into the Jump room – the bar area was sleazy & packed, but as we gravitated towards the live band & dance floor – we started bopping to the 80s/90s tracks that were being belted out. Nav & I figured it’s our scene – hehe, the 30’s something crowd, so we’ll probably return and boogey woogey the night away 😛


Before midnight we dropped Lyndsey off then fetched Adrian from his hotel and headed straight to Arab street for some grub and seesha @ Amirah’s Grill. Adrian ordered chicken, whilst I ordred a selection of dips & pita bread and apple flavoured seesha.


As the bro wanted to squeeze in some shopping during his extremely tight schedule, he suggested visiting Mustafars. Suprisingly even at 3am in the wee hours its buzzing with tourists and locals alike. He picked up a camera & shoes!


Saturday morning – showed Adrian around the Chinatown area, then we headout to Kallang for the dragon boat meet. It’s been 10yrs since I did dragon boat & whilst I was expecting aches all over – it wasn’t too bad!!! (the gym and pump classes esp have helped me build some strength obviously!!) Anyways we had fun even though we were defeated by the other boat. I learnt that dragon boat aint just about adopting the proper techniques but it’s about team work n team co-ordination. We all had fun nonetheless.


Well here’s to another crazy week ahead – Jen’s visiting tomorrow for a few days – gonna take her to Beach rd, Arab st & of course the Chinatown area.

Till then!

Duct-tape brooches

March 16, 2007


Some samples of duct-tape brooches I made for a workshop I’ll be conducting next week 🙂

Anyways, just some quick updates.

The past month back in Singapore has breezed by fast – been busy with a few interviews and yup will be starting work at a Polytechnic next month 🙂  Been occupied with some Lit & Drama workshops… Been eating lots of bread and stock-pot meals at home… Been getting more efficient with the house cleaning – I even surprised myself with how fast I was at ‘transforming’ the living room before ST came 😛 In addition, my current washload turnaround is 2-3 days woh! hehe…. Been meeting/hanging out with heaps of people – ex colleagues, church buds, gym buds & been making new friends inc. Connie & Joanna 🙂 Annnnnnd lastly but not leastly.. the gym routine – hehe… been averaging min. of 10 classes a week, and yesterday I survived 4 classes – Angies step & abt, then Mr W’s pump & step.. And today Pfeiffer (my balance instructor) commented that my body’s more toned – Yipppeee – it better be after 3-4wks of stepping, rpming, pumping, balancing and aquaing WOH!!!

Hooray to the tai-tai life 🙂