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bengs, sweat & splurge

April 18, 2007



Started work this Monday and so far so good 🙂 I’m teaching mainly boys or to be more precise ah bengs from the various engineering faculties. I actually really enjoy the new challenge – both in the subjects I’m teaching and the fact that I’m no longer teaching all-girls. Despite the fact some of the boys are rather cheeky, they’re all teachable and co-operative 🙂 Food wise, poly food rawks ok and its pretty cheap too!!! I’m lovin the beehoon & drumlets from the Malay store, the fresh & crunchy donuts for a crazy 80 cents & today I discovered a whole new food court on the side of the campus – I feel like Alice in wonderland haha…


I did my 3rd class of rpm for the week this morning and yayyyyyyyyyyyy – the sweat started dripping like a tap again!!! Yep mr W’s back from his 2.5 wk hiatus 🙂 So it’s time to get serious again – the past fortnight I think I only did a total of 10 classes – a far cry from the min. usual 10/wk. Anyways after doing AF tonight and watching the gals punching away during BC – me thinks it may be time to return to BC classes…. Have stopped doing BC for over half a yr now!!!!!!!


I toyed with the idea of buying a 12″ pc laptop – BECOZ carrying my 15.4″ macpro+books+gym gear around campus is no joke alrite!! So anyways, with a price tag ranging from 2.5-3.5k I settled for a Targus laptop backpack instead for $99. I’m pretty pleased with the backpack – its black, sleek, has heaps of nifty compartments for the macpro+books+gym gear 🙂

I also decided to buy some basic T’s from good ol’ Giordano – good for work – mixing & matching with the pants/skirts. Bought a black bolero from This Fashion – also good for jazzing up existing tops for work. AND I bought some makeup from Skin Food – foundation, eye shadow & eyeliner 😛 AND dear Hellie bought me YSL lipgloss (super early bday pressie) – thanks gal!

So there you have it, I’ve started work – haven’t received my salary yet but already spending like theres no tomorrow – SIGH!

P.S check out Irah’s online boutique 🙂


Mr W’s Birthday

April 8, 2007

Posing in our gym characters 😛

Birthday boy
Birthday Boy

Mr W & Gang
Mr W & gang

We had an early birthday celebration for Mr W Fri nite – potluck cum karaoke affair. Twas suppose to be a surprise but not so. Anyways we had a great laugh preparing & carrying out a medley of Mr W’s classes (step, ba & af). Gary & Glenn did a marvellous job of mimicking Mr W best they could, whilst the rest of us had ‘special’ characters – ie. some of the ‘colourful’ gymmers that attend his class 😛 Was hilarious!!!!!!!!

Girls Nite out

April 1, 2007


A week after checking out the Pump room, Clark Quay with Nav & Lyndsey – I returned with my girlyfrens 🙂 MelP, Dawn & Trina came over about 7ish to my place for some of my cabonara pasta & our dear Char picked us up and we headed over to Clark Quay for some girly fun!!!

With the intention of grooving at the Pump Room – we were told the live band Jive Talkin only start performing at 10.40pm, so we checked out the night bazaar. Held on the last Fri & Sat of every month – it’s not your typical pasar malam of Bangkok products 😛 Instead theres an interesting mix of affordable clothes, bags, accessories and even scrapbook accessories – all of us with the exception of Char picked up something. I bought this bolero for $40 – with the gentle coercion of the gals – its quite Topshoppy.

Anyways we had Haggen Daaz for dessert – we actually wanted the fondue set but it was totally sold out – so we settled for a 3 scoop and an apple pie combo – which was wiped out by us gals within minutes!!!

In any case – we burnt most of it shortly after at the Pump Room. With a cover charge waived we gravitated straight to the live band – Jive Talkin and eventually grooved away. It has been such a looooooong time since I had such girly fun!!! We’re hoping to make it a more frequent affair!

Anyways its time to recuperate a bit 😛 Mr W’s on a 2wk break so, I’ll be cutting down on the gx classes and trying to read more and probably walk more too…

Till then, cheerios