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Waraku thrice & the garage sale

May 27, 2007


dejavu? mils & I at Waraku Pasta this time round 😛

refreshingly good! cold seafood pasta

Azabu sabo goodness!!!


I was feeling so drowsy after church service today, I had packed my shox with the intention of gymming, but upon reaching Paragon – I realised there was no pure step class – so I thought forget it. bleah…. It sux, cos when Mr W is on leave/course – I tend to get lazy and unmotivated – which is bad 😦 Anyways going back to my point of being drowsy, I forget what an eventful week break that’s just passed:

Mon – step. foot soak. rpm. Tue – step. balance. char. massage. vicky. bren. swensens. Wed – rpm. lunch buffet @ royal scotts plaza. siya. AF. balance. Thu – sueann. waraku pasta. dinah. mark. Fri – garagesale. sandra. cyoke. designwk. Sat – tuition. design appt. garagesale. renae. dana. jru. siya & fren. desiree. vanessa. mil. waraka pasta. pumprm. Sun – church. nap. judy. loo. walk…..

So yes I had Waraku thrice within a week, it is good but not fantastic (price wise it’s a little steep). But you gotta give it to them for their attractive plakka dish displays 😉

Waraku drool…


As I mentioned in a previous entry, I had this urge to rid junk for cash. Think I was inspired by S’s friend. S told me that her friend had a garage sale at her place and made a cool $700 from selling her stash of clothes, bags, accessories etc. Whilst I’m not moving, I jus figure I hardly use most of my stuff, at most 10% of my clothes, shoes, bags etc. Ain’t that the truth tho? We tend to wear the same stuff to death – for convenience (cos it’s on top of the pile repeatedly) or cos we’re creatures of habit/familiarity. Heck whatever!

Anyways me being a rash/ad-hoc/inpatient/spontaneous being – decided on Thurs nite to send out an email to my friends & gathered my unwanted clothes/bags/accessories/shoes/homewares ready to go Fri – Sun. Whilst I probably only had 10 visitors at most – it was a refreshing experience. It was a great opportunity to catch up with some good ol’ friends; for them inturn to pick up some of my preloved wares; to observe what my friends are drawn to and obviously to make a bit of quick quid 😉

Anne & Ands said that I should’ve given more notice – which is terribly true, but considering the short notice & few ppl & the fact that I held it @ my place & didn’t have to cart around my things, I’m pretty pleased 🙂 And I didn’t open to the public (ie. advertise in the paper) thought it’d be weird to have kookies kaipoh the house and possibly walkout with goods other than those for sale!

So whilst Aggies pasar malam is still nicely arranged in the lounge room, I’ll have to eventually pack it into the spare room & maybe do a round 2 of the garage sale. We’ll c how, but then how do I compete with the Great Singapore Sale (GSS)!!! hahaha – which I need to abstain from!!!

So tip for the week – before you fall a victim of the GSS, ask yourself do you really, really need it/them? Or will it be a victim at a garage sale someday? haha – it’s true though – we gals are such suckers for sales 😛


Why I heart Chinatown

May 21, 2007

Indulgent Foot therapy (pic taken from their site)

Cross st goodness!


Nat commented that I seem to love my food a lot, cos I blog about it a lot. haha.. it’s true! And yep I’ve simply become very Singaporean 😉

If you know me well, you’ll know that I lurv living in Chinatown – it’s convenient to everything, buzzing with life and character, everything’s at my disposal, plenty of good food and there’s accupressure/spa delights galore! So let’s talk about the latter…

I just tried the dessert/dumpling place @ 46, Upper Cross St. I ordered the pork rice dumpling and almond paste with peanut & sesame dumplings – it was ok 6/10? Whilst this place is a little cooler (temp wise) and has a wider variety of desserts and drinks, I still prefer Mei Heong Yuan Desserts @ 67 Temple St, Chinatown. BUT another dessert place in Chinatown worth mentioning is the one at Pearl centre – look for Giordano & follow the aisle all the way inside. Their almond paste & bai ling is the BEST – creamy & fresh & cheeeap!


The other place I wanted to mention was Bath Culture which happens to be along Temple st besides the Mei Heong Yuan desserts place. I stumbled across this a week ago, when we took my dad for dessert. It’s a classy little place – decked out oriental style and is only 4 months old.

I tried their 30 min peppermint foot soak bath & 20 min neck/shoulder massage – it was reallllllly good, the foot soak is done in a small traditional wood tub, with generous amounts of rose buds, jelly like substance and mint powder. The masseur who did the neck/shoulder massage was very strong & it was certainly effective in removing my back tension.

Verdict – despite the slightly steep prices – it’s worth checking out for its classy ambience and good service. They’re having an offer at the moment $10 for 20 min neck/shoulder massage OR 30 min footsoak.

Go indulge Chinatown style!

Milly & my new Coach

May 20, 2007

Milly & the tempura set @ Waraku

Clam-shelled mochi & matcha ice cream

Milly’s gift to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *scream*


The bro left this afternoon 😦 It’s always sad and empty when our visitors leave………..

On a happier note, met Milly for dinns – we headed to Central for Jap and ate at Waraku. We actually went to the Waraku Pasta first, but cos of the long queue we went up a level to the original Waraku. We ordered spinach & bacon cream udon, sashimi salad, tempura & mochi/matcha ice cream dessert. Great views, reasonably priced food. It’s worth checking out!

Was nice catching up with Milly, having a good bitch about stuff & all things girly. Speaking of which she gave me a Coach wristlet – so sweeeeeeeeeet of her woh! My very first Coach!!! I can’t wait to show Mr W or should I say Mr C (he’s dropped Gucci).

P.s check this out – plenty more delish wristlets!!! AND checkout the newly rennovated uppercrust Bread talk @ Paragon – I tried the bacon & cheese pastry – to DIE FOR!

Bringing back the Bollywood memories…

May 20, 2007



Dear Lily invited me to her D&D themed ‘International Fiesta,’ initially I was gonna just wear my blue cotton spag dress, but I suddenly recalled my purple top from Dehli & decided I’d go for the Indian ethnic look 🙂

I teamed the chiffon top with my cheapo leggins from Shenzhen and accessorised with earrings & bag also from Dehli! After hearing tracks played from Dhoom & donning my Indian garb I’m missing India – I wonder when I’ll end up in Bombay or Kerela?

Anyways, it was a pleasant evening – I loved the spirit of the TTSH staff – real sporting & fun! Many of them dolled up and decked out in fancy cultural outfits – from Pharoah, Victorian era, Moulin Rouge to Kimonos. The emcee stole the show tho – terribly sharp tongued, suggestive & charismatically seasoned – he was realliiii good!!!

One of those long, productive days….

May 19, 2007

Maxwell faves – congee, yew-tiao & Mr Bean!!!

Catching up with Mrs Wok @ the lovely Marche, Vivo City

Delectable salmon & spinach crepes and super fresh salad

Terence & the bro

Terence & muah


Fridays – are the start of my looooooong weekend and whilst there’s not normally a fixed agenda – today was an exceptionally productive catch up day 🙂

  1. Slept in till 845am (my definition of sleep in :P) then had brekkie @ Maxwell Market with the boo
  2. Domestic duties – cleaned house & washed clothes
  3. Caught up with T – went to Vivo City and finally checked out Riverisland and picked up a cute green cherry dress 🙂
  4. Met Mrs Wok & had lu-dinner (late lunch/early dinner) @ the cosy Marche on the 3rd flr of Vivo. The quality of food is really good and fresh, Mrs Wok kept saying it reminded her of Italy!
  5. Skipped gym & tried on the new dress & my other dresses from the wardrobe 😛
  6. Chilled with Adrian @ home, before heading out to the Marakesh @ the Cannery for some drinks & seesha

2007 has actually been a good yr in terms of family time (considering they’re scattered all over Oz & beyond!). I got to see Adrian thrice so far – our visit to Melb, then his 2 business trips here, parents twice – visit to Perth, then their visit last wk end, Nina once in Perth, and of course Uncle Robert & Kaman from NZ who visited a month ago…

Anyways tomorrow – I’ll be taking Adrian to Bugis to do a spot of shopping and then to visit grandma who’s turning 93 this Sunday!!! And I’ll be accompanying Lily for her D&D @ Swissotel 🙂

I wanna……..

May 17, 2007

I’m kinda in holiday mode – maybe coz next week is E-learning week, hence no school and coz ive got another 2 wks hols during June. Yipeeee!! Haha, Cat remarked that I’ve only just started working and I’m already craving holidays – oops! Well it’s been an intense month – adjusting to da working life uLLO!!!! – (snorts the former tai-tai).

So here’s a few exciting things I kind of wanna do to ’embrace’ my coming of 32:

  1. Try the pole dancing class
  2. Do the step course
  3. Dive course in Sipidan with Sheryl (?!)

But like I told Eu – these are just ‘wanna’s whether they transpire is another thing – but fingers crossed at least 2/3?

If I don’t embark on the dive course, I may venture over to Adelaide to visit girly or settle for a short trip somewhere… Where? Hopefully not to Bkk – maybe Hanoi? We’ll see……


I also need to catch up with my PL buds, have neglected poor Tini and havent caught up Milly, Tess & Sheryl, Sharon & Audrey.. I also feel this sudden urge to clear/throw/sell clothes that are suddenly too big (yay), shoes that just aren’t comfy, house ornaments – that I simply don’t use….. Oh ya and I feel like boogying soon – maybe I should start body-jamming again..

Anyways gotta run for Calvin’s pumpey!!!!!


Seperated by birth?!

May 17, 2007


The ‘dj’ from my Tuesday class made the most uncanny comment yesterday…. Agnes – you remind me of Willy Wonka! Aghast, I was offended of course!!!!!

  1. Because I happen to dig my assymetrical fringed-bob
  2. I thought my newly acquired bolero was funky/classy

Sigh, these boys ah…. I told them I was going to go home and cry and sob to Navin. But to give credit – the ‘dj’ did make a pretty good comparison – my bob does kinda resemble depp’s wonka character!!!! SheesH!!!

P.s. On our way home from AF, Fernie and I happened to catch a glimpse of the pole dancing class along Kreta Ayer rd!!! They have free trial classes for Sunday 27 May evening 5.30/6.30…. anyone?!

Mama & Papa in town!

May 12, 2007


The folks are here for a few days, infact they flew in last Sat, then flew off to Phuket and came back again today. Took them for Sushi tei for lunch today. It’s nice having my mum and dad around 🙂 Oh yea, Adrian said he might be flying in next weekend. As for the sis, she’s now residing in Adelaide with Chris. She’s doing her PHD – smarty alec!!!!!


Fernie & Ag

Kris & Ag

Met Kris & Fernie for dinner after Mr W’s pump & step. We indulged in salad, calamari & banana waffles @ the Village. I was asking the BA expert and BA trainee on the insights to a GX course – cos I’m actually contemplating taking up the Step course mid June…… Part of me says I should just do it – for fun/comaradery/since I lurv step and cos the course is during the school hols anyways, but a part of me is scared – sure I have teaching experience, but being assessed on teaching AND carrying out step moves is another matter altogether – not to mention the fact that I’d have to remember the moves from the instructors perspective (i.e opp to the members). Should I or Should I not??? I need to make a decision SOON…


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Girls Nite Out 2

May 1, 2007

Partners in crime – me, char & vicky

an assortment of Jap goodies & vick’s dow miow

the babes chowing down

the 40 degree celcius jacuzzi

posing before poor char is a bruised victim 😛


Last weekends ‘Girls-Nite-Out’ was a small affair what was suppose to be fivesome was instead a threesome – nevertheless it was a cosy Sat night spent with Char & Vicky 🙂 We spent most of the evening hanging out at Vicky’s service apartment @ Clark Quay – pigging out on the Japanese food we bought from Liang Court.
Aside from the fabulous feasting, we went up to the jacuzzi within the apartment. There were 2 tubs – one was 40 degrees the other was pretty chilli, initially it was terribly painful immersing ourselves in the hotter tub, but eventually we were neckdown-in. Despite the gorgeous view of Clark & Robertson Quay, the highlight was actually an uninvited guest who decided to plonk himself in the cold tub with us 3 gals. We were squirmish as you can imagine and before he could continue making conversation with us, we hopped back into the hot tub which by then was really pleasant. Poor Char tho, after coming out she slipped on the wooden planks and received a nasty bump on the back of her head 😛

Later we creamed our faces some masks and continued feasting on mangosteens & rambutans, Baileys & green-tea pumpkin seeds and cosied up for lotsa dmcing.

Twas a real nice girls-nite-out! 🙂