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The magic of friendships

June 27, 2007

Spot the 20 somethings, 30 somethings & the preggers…

Nav & Nick

Pearl & Ag

This week has been a real treat catching up with good ol’ church frens. Mon night dear Bren prepared an Italian spread for Ands, Sue & myself, then last night we had a date with the Pans @ the newly opened Geek Terminal.

Oh ya before I forget…….I’m officially 32!!! Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes via sms, email & phone; the meal treats; the gifts and more importantly your love and friendship!

My 32nd b’day celebrated with the Shenton way kids

P.s Love this quote…

Good times made better and bad times forgotten due to the healing magic of friendship.


The visit to the toof doctor

June 27, 2007

I’m so proud of myself. I made an appointment to the dentist this morning, another spur-of-the-moment decision. I’ve delayed the visit to the dentist for years (I shan’t disclose actual no of yrs… haha simply cos I can’t remember!) I’ve always had a phobia of the drilling; the close proximity of the dentist (bad experience in highschool) and the pain per-se!

Anyways I decided to visit the Toof doctor (7, Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-106) and my fears were totally alleviated πŸ™‚ Firstly the ambience is very clean, friendly, wide variety of recent magazines, the receptionist is neither grumpy/old or ah-lian & ditzy, instead 30 smthg, corporate and very reassuring… So far so good…. So whilst I wait for the dentist who’s fashionably 10-15mins late, I forage through the laminated dental related articles and realise that dental clinics of late are very much becoming spa-like…..

The toof doctor finally arrives, young-well groomed-30smthg, pin-striped shirt – pretty swanky if I might add πŸ˜‰ I enter the dreaded dental chamber, confessing that I’m here cos I fear the decay kickin’ in and that I’ve not visited the dentist in agggggggggges… Dr Choy smiles, and says it’s ok – we’ll take a look. So whilst he looks, I’m calmed by Norah Jones (piped out from the imac screen facing me) swanky-swanky!

After some consultation, X-ray & cleaning, the damage came to $160. Not too bad I thought…

I’m visiting the Toof Doctor next Fri for wisdom tooth extraction. Annnnnnnd I’ll be hop-skipping to the dentist, ironic rite? hahah…

P.s I left the swanky Toof doctor with a swanky gift – a nice blue mesh toiletry bag with the logo/address plaque attached. The inside containing travel sized tooth brush & accessories. SWANKY!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

Pork Flosssssed & Pad Thaieeeeed. Bkk 18-21 .07

June 23, 2007


I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrv Thai food and I luuuuuuuuuuuurv BKK. Yep, I think I have officially just visited Bangkok for the 6th time now within the last decade – and this recent trip with Sheryl was just great.

Objective of Bkk – simple – shop-eat-massage.


1. LOCAL FOOD – Padthai noodles, oyster omelette, grilled squid & mango glutinious rice. We ate mainly at MBK’s foodcourt, the Asia Hotel Breakfast buffet & when we could – street food finds.

My absolute fave Thai dishes pad thai & oyster omelette!!!

ST’s favourite – sotong!

So fresh, so good!

2. CHEAP BARGAINS – We shopped mainly at MBK – I guess since both our hotels were nearby & seriously MBK has pretty much all you need! We also checked out Siam Square (good for T shirts/youthful stuff), the Pratunaum Markets, The Platinum Mall (same management as MBK – but a MUCH BETTER variety of clothes to choose from) and of course the Night Bazaar. I was on a shopping mission for the bro and a few friends – but I managed to pick up a cute Riverislandesque dress, cheeeeap bikinis and some comfy pinstripe shorts. Happy Happy!

3. MASSAGE – Had good foot reflexology @ MBK for about 250B/hr and cheap Thai Massage & Hot pressure @ Siam Square. It was the first time I experience Thai massage – a little disappointed – as I expected it to be more painful πŸ˜› Ah well it was cheap. I realised Siam Sq has many pockets of massage parlors cheap & good spa ambience – worth checking out!!!

4. SIAM@SIAM Design & Spa Hotel – this hotel is LUXE, it’s a visual feast, provides top notch service – 1 of the BEST boutique hotels I’ve EVER stayed at. A MUST if you wanna indulge at least 1 night’s stay in BKK!!! I snapped about 100 shots of this place – capturing the infinity pool, the lift floor, the restaurant chairs, the bathroom, the cushions, the lighting, the views, the concrete/wall treatments, the installations, the flower arrangements – I think you get the idea πŸ˜‰

We actually stayed at Asia Hotel for the first 2 nights, then moved on to Siam for the last evening- a good choice if I don’t say so myself πŸ˜› We fully maxed out the perks of the hotel – the pool, the jacuzzi, the steam room & the gourmet style breakfast buffet. The great thing about this place is that even though we had to check out at midday. They allowed us to continue using the pool & jacuzzi facilities – which most hotels don’t normally encourage.

The place is also VERY near to MBK/Siam square – 7 mins walking distance. I told ST & Navin, I wanna model my next house after this hotel – its so ARTY modern yet tasteful. Me LIKE!!!!!!

the spectacular infinity pool with the gorgeous views of the BKK skyline

Lounge in style

Textures abound in the lobby level

A red-splash backdrop

Candy coloured high chairs

Candy coloured match stick installation

Top notch flower displays

The inviting jacuzzi

Bronzed basins fit for even Cleopatra!

The aftermath of Suan Lum Night Bazaar!

Bootcamp Step Style! 16 & 17 June ’07

June 18, 2007

Pass or not??!!! Argghhhh…

Relieved its OVER!!!!!!!!!

I survived the 2 Step course or should I say Boot camp :PIt was an awesome experience that I shall never forget – the physical endurance, the comaradery & the memorising of choreography as well as cues!

Day 1 – Jac (the Master Step trainer) introduced us to the Les Mills vision and we engaged in some traditional Maori greeting πŸ™‚ This was followed by a master class of Step Release 68. Oh yea, we were told of the tracks we had to prepare for and I was given track 3 – Don’t feel like dancin’ – which is supposively an easier track to master.

After meeting lotsa stepper enthusiasts & instructors; having lots of step drills & tips we were dismissed just before 6pm to prepare for our step presentation the next day. Referring to the somewhat complicated chorey notes & the video – I honestly started getting stressed – cos I’m terrible when it comes to memorising stuff & there’s really no room for forgetting the moves as our peers are suppose to follow our every move.. So after taking MORE than 2.5 hrs I was seriously ready to give up. I felt a fever, sore throat coming, was lamenting to Nav that I regretted taking the stupid course & seriously contemplated giving up ie. no show on Sunday!!!

But then…….. I recalled my climb up Mt Kinabalu a few yrs ago with Tini. I actually climbed half way up to Laban Ratan, which is about a 4.5hr hike and was pleased with that. Then the next morning we were to climb the more treacherous part which was the peak!!! As the altitude is high, the air is thin and I was feeling weak, exhausted and REALLY ready to give up!!! I had already made up my mind to tell Tini to go ahead and that I’d wait for her. Of course Tini & the porter would have nothing of that and instead spurred me on to continue the last leg of the journey. I remember, upon reaching the peak, the gorgeous sunrise and the satisfaction of completing the journey.. It was awesome & undescribeable annnnnd I was glad I completed the journey!

So going back to the step course… I think the compounded fatigue of the class observation-art market-church camp-in addition to preparing for the step course – made me tempted to throw in the towel… However, after recalling the analogy shared by Dr Weslake about the injured runner completing the race, I kinda figured it’d be such a waste of money if I were to not show up and it’d be really pathetic of me to call Ms E to tell her eh – I’m down with a fever/sore throat (which was really e case!) dun think I’ll be coming for the presentation..

So to cut a very lor soh (long) story short! I cleared/passed my presentations – even though I was TERRIBLY nervous especially during the first trial – I was commended for getting 100% spot on for me chorey (shOCK horror) but seriously need help with cueing – (giving instructions!!!)

So in summary, I think we did about 8-9 hrs of exercise within 2 days, had lots of fun interacting with fellow steppers and as I shared with Ange & Faye – I’ve a HIGHER respect for gym instructors – teaching is one thing yea, but to memorise choreography for different classes/tracks – fusing cues, adding funk & spunk – maaaaaaaaaaan I SALUTE Mr W, Faye, Ange, Xavier, Leonard etc etc – you guys are really something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back from Church Camp & now gearing up for Step!!! arggh

June 14, 2007


Got back from our family church camp in M’sia – v v v v tired, but it was good! The preacher/teacher – Dr George Weslake aged 75 was inspiring! He’s a cross between Walt Disney & Ned Flanders (Simpsons) and yet he has the vitatlity of a 20 something!!! Even though he overwhelmed me with his Bible knowledge/theologies on Daniel & Revelation… for me the take home was (1) his illustration about this sprinter…. Basically he was recounting this Olympian participant who was running first, but unfortunately pulled his hamstring and still pressed on towards the finishing line… and had his proud father leap to the tracks to run with his son to complete the finishing line… The preacher basically said that God is right beside us as we press-on to complete this journey…task/s in life – that really spoke to me..

The other take home was (2) that sometimes in life we need to step out of our comfort zone.. Haha, and that speaks to me lots, coz I’ve got the Step course which is in 2 days time. Whilst I thought I’d take it on as a personal challenge/for fun – I’ve been getting rather anxious/stressed about it… the pressure from all my gym peers πŸ˜› hehe, but I take comfort knowing that sometimes God wants us to take on challenges, for character development and for reliance on Him. So dear God… please see me through this!!! Help me correct my moves and help me remember the choreography, cues and help me not be nervous!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGHHHH…

On a happy note! I got plugged on the Clothes Project blog!

Breathing whilst I can afford to!!!

June 10, 2007

B’day gal – Aunty Hyma – the big six-O!!!!

Nav & the cousins yodling for Aunty Hyma

What gymmers do best.. makan!

Me & the coz @ the Art market, Fort Canning


Feel super exhausted, it’s been a crazzzzzzzzzzzy week… It’s like 1 day seems like a week ago, and the last week seems like a month ago – do you identify with me???!

Week in review:

  • Step x 4, pump x 2, rpm x 2, AF x 1
  • Celebrated Cat’s bday at Da Dong
  • Celebrated Aunty Hyma’s 60th & met some of Nav’s long lost paternal rellies
  • Had my lesson ob!!!!!! argggggggh
  • Indulged in Sun & Moon’s delectable Jap, not to mention the gorgeous tofu cheesecake & green-T tiramisu!!!!
  • Participated in the Art Market @ Fortcanning

Has been an eventful week, preparing for my lesson observation, preparing for step – trying to memorise moves…, then of course preparing for the art market. Speaking of which – thanks muchly to all of you who came by – a good mix of ex colleagues, students from SP & PL πŸ™‚ church buds, gym buds & the misc buds πŸ™‚ It was a fantastic opportunity for me to see people actually purchase my tape-measure brooches andΒ  bread-tag earrings, as well as my global finds from India, Bangkok & China. Special thanks to the coz for making day 1 fly and to Judy for accompanying me day 2!

Tomorrow till Thurs is church camp, which I’m now looking forward to – the spiritual enlightenment, as well as the break from the mental & physical fatigue of everything…

Then of course there’s Friday – a breather before the scarrrrrrrrrrry step course – which I’m sure is going to be enlightening too πŸ˜‰

So there you have it a fusion of my 3 passions in life – Art, Christ & Gym, with all my loved ones in between! haha…

Till then…. cheerios!

Art Market this weekend

June 5, 2007

It’s a crazy fortnight ahead.. I’ll be participating int the Art Market @ Fort Canning this weekend – so drop by Gallery 18 and say hullo! I’ll be selling my tape measure/duct tape brooches πŸ™‚

Nav & I are going for a church camp in M’sia….

I’ve signed up for the Step Course!!!

As for the diving I’m skipping that and doing Bkk with ST instead πŸ™‚ And I think I’m going to need LOTSSSSSSS of massaging after the vigorous STEP weekend!!!

Wild Rocket, Singapore

June 5, 2007




Nav treated me to a nice meal @ Wild Rocket last Sunday. We were suppose to have zi char near the house, but after feeling energized from doing step, pump then circuit – I felt like some posh nosh πŸ™‚

Tucked away up the hills of Mount Emily, it’s a tiny yet cosy little restaurant. I ordered chilli-crab linguine & Nav – lamb shank. The pasta was really delish, I guess at $18 it better be – but to be fair they use fresh shreds of crab! We polished off the meal with chocolate lava cake & vanilla ice cream πŸ™‚

After dinner, we walked over to Wild Oats – a nice place for drinks. Very laid back & very UnSingaporean πŸ™‚