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Through the grace of God, I am uplifted.

August 27, 2007



Through the grace of God, I am uplifted.

When I have given my best and seem to be making no progress,
there is no need for me to struggle. I take refuge in the grace of
God. Gently, I pray: “I surrender all concerns to You, God, and I open myself to
Your guidance and provision.”

In a quiet time, I imagine myself in a visible situation that
illustrates the invisible uplifting power of God’s grace. I am in a
kayak that is stuck in the reeds along a shallow bank. Though I push the paddle
with all my might, the boat will not budge. Just as I stop struggling and
rest, a gentle rainfall washes over me and raises the water level just enough to
free my boat. The rain ceases, and I am able to journey forward again.

This simple image helps me to remember the power of God’s
grace and to trust that it will uplift me and carry me on my way.

“But each of us was given grace according to the measure of
Christ’s gift.”–Ephesians 4:7

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I love the Village Kids!!!

August 23, 2007

Dini let me plant ya a kisssssssy!!!

Peace ya’ all!!!

The mission team of 12 lads/lasses

The lads dividing the rice portions

The lasses preparing the art & crafts

Mrs Ong instructing the kiddies

Cutting up the turtle – so diligent!

Us gals with the village kids

The serenity of the keylong spirit….

Ever seen fish so neatly arranged??!

Cat for sale 😛


Dear Janice smsed me 2 months back asking me if I was keen on joining her for a lil’ mission trip to Bintan, Tanjung Pinang (TP) to be exact. She asked me to plan some art/craft sessions for the village women & kids, which I thought would be a great outlet for me, esp since I currently don’t teach art..

So anyways, last weekend 14 of us (mainly Janice’s bible college class mates) took a ferry out to TP in the morning…. The team’s objective was basically to visit a small fishing village an hour way from the city area and interact with the community, distribute rice & condense milk as well as teach some art/craft to the kids/women.

Indeed we achieved all this pretty much in the first day – as you can see above in the pics. One of the churches from Singapore have established a very strong relationship with the headman & woman with this particular village, and without fail each month some representatives will visit and both interact and give whatever necessary resources the people need.

It was really nice to be a part of this ‘community’ project. I fell in love with the village kids, they were really well behaved, diligently colouring away the colour-sheets I designed. Aside from colouring in, we also played around with the chenille wires creating accessories and crazy critters with eyes, whilst Janice and the other gals helped make brooches out of felt for the kids.

The first day, we actually taught in the small little wooden classroom sans lights. The second day, Janice thought it would be nice to teach on the keylong – indeed it was lovely teaching with the backdrop of the water, smell and breeze of the salty air – gives teaching ‘outside of the classroom’ a literal translation 😛

Aside from visiting the kampong, we had a chance to explore the TP city area where we stayed. We ate chicken rice, KFC, Padang dishes (which comprises mainly of fish), prata, mee soto, explored the wet market… I even managed to squeeze in an ultra-cheap Indonesian cum Thai massage for only $10sg!!!! And it was REALLLLLLLY good..


Twas really good having the opportunity to teach Art to the village kids in TP; to smell the sea again; to meet some new friends (not to mention converse in Mandarin with a Chinese National & Taiwanese) as well as hangout & laugh with Janice 🙂

Thanks again dear for the opportunity! And thankyou God, for the timely trip and refreshing 🙂

Happy 42nd B’day Singapore!!!

August 16, 2007

I juz lurrrrrv fireworks!!!!

Dear Hans, getting a bird’s eye view thanks to Jas!


Cat & Eileen cooking up a storm

Our spread of Nat day delights!

Painting the town red & white! Oh & notice we all sport bobs?

Tattoos sponsored by SP, hehe – thanks Cat!

At least I can play Taboo well 😛

Singapore Sling mocktails – ker-chiNK!


Celebrations are always tiring yea? But heaps of fun too 🙂 This Nat day was a rather bz one….

  1. Spent the eve of National Day with Char @ Coffee club talkin’ ’bout frocks, make-up, Bkk among other things. Then Tini calls asking me to meet her @ Esplanade as her hubs was performing for the countdown.
  2. Nat day – Viv, Jas, Joey, Hans & I met @ Lau Pa Sat, then head over to near ORQ to check out the fireworks!!!
  3. Sat nite – gym buds came over for a Nat day party. The dresscode was red & white and the gang were so obliging – Cat looked cute in her cheerleader-like outfit, Ferns wore her pretty r/w skirt and r/w bauble chain & W wore a white T with red trimmings & tartan r/w  shorts. Eil & I decided last minute to cook instead of ordering pizza, ironically, even though we cooked, someone ordered pizza anyways!!! hmphhh.. Eil was incharge of the rojak, onde onde & popiah, whilst I cooked the fried rice & wantons. We had lotsa fun preparing the food/eating, playing taboo/uno & watching the Ring. However, ‘certain’ criticisms about my fried rice, led me to loose my cool during the game of uno – oooPPPPPPS. hehehe..

Oh ya Happy B’day Singapore!!! May you continue to be a prosperous, safe & trail blazer nation!!!


    August 9, 2007

    Dedicated to the upper cut…..

    Funky bar

    Cutlery flown airmail!

    the funky new hangout – House

    Milly & I ventured over to the happening Dempsey Road last Sat nite, with the intention of dining at Margharitas… Well, silly me didn’t book ahead, so we wandered over to the Prime Society for some Prime dining. We weren’t disappointed 🙂 Steaks, pastas, salads & drinks in Prime ambience at a Prime price, well Milly’s going off soon, so we only have less than a month to live it up!

    After a good meal, we went for walkies and checked out House restaurant/bar/spa – nice place to chill, worth checking out!

    Sixties Nite @ ORQ

    August 3, 2007

    The Aquarians aka AF gang

    W & the well-coordinated ah go-go gals

    W getting attended to by the uncle & ah mahs

    ah go-go goes ah pole-pole

    me & the sweet samsui gals

    check out e shoes!!!


    Last Saturday night was a Sixties Nite at ORQ, orgaised by FF. It was a members party cum opportunity to checkout the NDP fireworks. E, Lily & I decided to dress up ah go-go style and had fun searching the net for 60’s fashion & makeup tips as well as dressing up for the actual night. I wore my new dress from Bangkok and E’s long suede boots which I fell in love with – so sassy & comfy!!!

    It was a barrel of laughs getting into the cab, we probably looked like a trio setting out to work 😛

    Gary & his AF gang won best dressed and rightly so. They actually got their ah mah/samsui tops tailored and even got fake plaits, the grandma mary janes & umbrellas. W dressed as a sarong party boy – hehe.

    We had lotsa fun snapping piccys… The fireworks, well we didn’t really get to see it very clearly as the guests kinda crowded the windows ah well… After the event we headed to Asia Bar, boogying the night away 🙂