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Best Friends for a year :)

September 30, 2007

Picture Perfect. Daisy Marc Jacob Poster Girls

Hey peeps! Apologies for the blog hiatus, I’ve been busy facebooking – i’m a self-confessed addict!!! I’ve also been busy chi-chi-ing @ overrated, bloody expensive eateries & hanging out with my fave people. Forgiven???

Anyways, yesterday after W’s RPM @ Paragon, G, Y, E & myself headed towards the carpark and we happened to walk past the Marc Jacob’s Daisy Perfume roadshow. We happened to have a sniff at the scent samples, when the pretty emcee announced on the mike – I think I’ve found my 2 candidates (or something to that effect) the girl in the green Adidas jacket & her friend.. Haha….

So E & I went on the mini stage and she said we looked liked best friends and asked how long we’d known each other for. She then proceeded to the ‘guessing’ game. Basically E had to guess what my favourite colour was and I had to guess what E finds physically attractive in men. Well stupid me wrote down green – hinting to her by pointing to my fringe, so she guessed wrongly cos she missed my cue, but – I guessed correctly ‘eyes’ cos I recall she’s a fetish for small-eyed men, hehe…

Was a fun spontaneous encounter, we got to pose & have our shots taken – as you can see in the pic above 🙂

Love ya E!!! 🙂

Randomly selected for the Marc Jacobs Road Show

My fave colours green – well not really!

Pose 1- hugs

Pose 2- kisses for A


Siem Reap .07 (part 1)

September 12, 2007

Angkor Wat Sunrise

I was suppose to explore Cambodia with the sis Christmas 2002…. It didn’t eventuate, cos fate would have it that my sis was struck with chicken pox on the eve of departure…. So <5yrs later I finally make it there with Joh, my new work bud.. It’s crazy-cool cos we barely know each other for a month and we’re already travelling buds – but I knew I was in good hands – the woman worked in Cambs for a year as a teacher 🙂

A taste of the swanky Siem Reap hotel airport

Only a 2hr Jetstar flight away, we arrived 4th Sept Tues morning in Siem Reap. I was awed by the resort/boutique-like design of the Siem Reap airport.. It’s so tastefully put together – the artisan touches, the use of darkwood, the suspended gold mirror ball – I was so-so-so impressed, trust me I’ve travelelled manyyyyyy airports, but this one takes the cake!!!! But as Joh remarked, all non-Khmers need to pay $25US departure tax and entry to the Angkor Wat is min. $20US, so there’s a big pool of revenue, hulllo!!!!

Happy lassies – our first meal @ the Old Market, Psar Chaa

On my food checklist were specifically 2 things – hairy-fried-spiders & baguettes. Whilst I succeeded only in devouring the latter, I was generally v v pleased with the Khmer cusine and the Western/fusion food…

The yummies…

Baguettes (as is) or with some pork, lettuce etc (so/so – definitely not as good as Vietnam’s savory baguette) @ the Old Market, Psar Chaa

Kuey teoooo – the Khmer version of Vietnamese Pho – difference is the noodle, Khmers use a silky beehoon which kinda melts in the mouth!!!@ the Old Market

An array of warm desserts @ the Old Market

Battered frogs accompanied with salt & pepper @ the Old Market

Sucking the vinegar drenched crab fr. the Old Market

Me & Joh @ Abacus

Seared tuna with potato/pumpkin mash @ Abacus

Creme brulee @ Abacus

Hanging out @ Blue Pumpkin

Nickoluas with his indulgent chocolate mousse @ Blue Pumpkin

My fave meal – Amok ravioli @ Blue Pumpkin


Basically there’s a few places for food I strongly recommend if you’re visiting Siem Reap

  1. Psar Chaa (old market) – the facade may appear touristy with all the baskets, souvenirs etc – but deep inside the wet market area it’s swarming with locals & a few brave tourists.. Aside from fresh produce, in between you’ll find local delights like the baguettes, kuey teoooo, the sweet desserts & of course fried frogs & marinated crabs!!!!
  2. Abacus Cafe – A reasonably priced bar/restaurant (French owned) which serves French/Asian food..
  3. Blue Pumpkin – If only they had an outlet in Singapore!!!!!! Fusion food, fantastic desserts, comfy/zenish (without being OTT) and free wireless access..