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The Christmas Spirit is here!!!

November 18, 2007



Last night we had a quadruple celebration – Gail’s bridal shower & birthday, Tini’s baby shower and Balj’s farewell….

Twas a real special nite, rather emotionally charged… Dear Bal will be heading over to Adelaide end of the yr to start a new chapter of life with Dups and Arleen; Tini’s going to be a mommy anytime soon, and of course Gail’s going to be a Mrs soooooon! Dear Sharon, kept repeating – so sad, so sad throughout the night as we scribbled well wishes and prepared the power point slides..

Za aka the penguin did a great job organising the food and drink and Sharon did a great job putting together Tini’s hamper. We had lotsa laughs posing in our Santa hats, quoting ‘dirties’, asking Gail ‘naughties’ and piggin out on the pizza and snacks..

The finale of the night was the slideshow of pics of past memories – at school, our travels to Chang Mai, India, past wedding, birthdays etc… and the pictures of the night itself as well as witty power pt slides put together by Milly and a heartfelt video message by Eunice…

I love my dear PL frens….. xox


My Primary School Frens!!!

November 2, 2007


Last Saturday, my Primary school friends organised a 20yr reunion, sadly I couldn’t be there… But how nostalgic and priceless is the pic of 2 of my absolute favourite teachers (Mr Gryta &  Mrs Lissiman) and  my dearest  friends from my childhood days….

Although only a third of the class is represented in the pic, there’s been a good flow of emails coming through with pictures, updates of who’s married, got kids, what occupations they are currently holding.

Whilst I could recognise most of my classmates, I did have some difficulty recognising 2 – oops, wellll 20yrs flew past you know!!! But it’s funny and surreal, cos flashback 20yrs or more – I think back of the silly squabbles, the silly pranks, playing hide & seek, the fear of some of my teachers, the classmates I hated, the classmates I had secret crushes on, hehe… and now we’re all grown up – well maybe I haven’t height wise – but I’d hope maturity wise 🙂