The Christmas Spirit is here!!!



Last night we had a quadruple celebration – Gail’s bridal shower & birthday, Tini’s baby shower and Balj’s farewell….

Twas a real special nite, rather emotionally charged… Dear Bal will be heading over to Adelaide end of the yr to start a new chapter of life with Dups and Arleen; Tini’s going to be a mommy anytime soon, and of course Gail’s going to be a Mrs soooooon! Dear Sharon, kept repeating – so sad, so sad throughout the night as we scribbled well wishes and prepared the power point slides..

Za aka the penguin did a great job organising the food and drink and Sharon did a great job putting together Tini’s hamper. We had lotsa laughs posing in our Santa hats, quoting ‘dirties’, asking Gail ‘naughties’ and piggin out on the pizza and snacks..

The finale of the night was the slideshow of pics of past memories – at school, our travels to Chang Mai, India, past wedding, birthdays etc… and the pictures of the night itself as well as witty power pt slides put together by Milly and a heartfelt video message by Eunice…

I love my dear PL frens….. xox


5 Responses to “The Christmas Spirit is here!!!”

  1. Milly Says:

    I miss you all too!!!!! *sob sob*

    Wish I was there…. 😦

  2. me Says:

    we certainly missed u too milly, but the gals were really touched by ur power pt, first slide when i clicked the animation – they guessed it was done by u IMMEDIATELY!!!!! hehe

  3. von Says:

    hey! i’m a PL student graduated 3 yrs ago. was looking thru google n happen to come across ur blog. so shocked. last time i used to take same train as u after sch. dont tink u rmb. i was very surprised tht there’s someone like me who lives so far away from PL in chinatown. where r u teaching nw? u’re such a cool teacher as far as i rmb!

  4. bluecolander Says:

    hey Von,
    did i teach u? im now at Sg Poly. I luv living in Chinatown – wouldn trade it for any other place in sg!

  5. von Says:

    no u didnt. haha. i dint take art. u serious? i’m in singapore poly now too. wht r u teaching? i’m taking biotech. gonna grad alr. yupp chinatown rox! haha..i’m going to try out some places u recommend. anyway i’m interested in flea markets, any good place to recommend? wanna go to ur store too

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