Milly dedicated some youtube songs to me the other day. She’s such a sweety, even tho she’s 7-8 hrs away over in the Northen hemisphere, she’s still one of my dearest friends *hugs.*  Anyways, she gave me the link to the Chris Tomlin song – Indescribeable.

I think this describes 07 for me. A year of God’s Faithfulness – family, friendships, finances, health. God is good!

This Christmas was a good one, plenty of feasting from early Dec infact! Lots of lovely pressies too – me esp. love the Molton Brown, Vic Secrets, Locciatane toiletries 🙂 But it’s interesting that my frens know wat to choose – I also received lotsa nice accessories, homewares, bags & even Vit C. Thanks a bunch peeps!

Sadly tho, I’m currently down with food poisoning – bleah, think its from the black forest slice I bought from Hans Weds nite 😦 So been bed ridden past 2 days. 😦

Ah well, heres to a BIGGER, BETTER new year in 08!!!!


One Response to “Indescribeable”

  1. Ting Says:

    Check out this other video on Indescribeable… i really really really like it!

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