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Ooops, im still actually alive!

January 31, 2008

S msnd and asked what happend to the blog. The blogger just got lazy 😛

It’s the last day of the new month of 08, how freakin’ fast was that? So here’s to some random rants for January 2008…

  1. I chopped the bob – I did love the cheena chic look, but I was seriously getting bored with the same look for almost a yr!!! Oh ya mr.W is officially a blonde now – bleah!
  2. We got a 37″ HD TV and a new sofa set… yup,  Nav & I decided it was time for some refurbishment – so  some new additions including a woodcut feature on the purple wall – finally!
  3. Went bike riding OUTDOORS along the East coast trail with Nav, Derrick & Melf, then went riding in Puala Ubin with E and Claire. I preferred Ubin for cycling – more rural and rough!
  4. I’ve developed a fetish for boots – AND I DUN CARE if you think it’s absurd in this tropical climate! I think they RAWK!
  5. I’ve also developed a fetish for DONUT FACTORY DONUTS – I could never really understand what the big deal was, but after sampling fresh ones with Jen – I SUCCUMBED, OMG!!!!
  6. I’m sooo happy I’m back to my part-time tai-tai status 🙂
  7. I’m trying to cook/eat at home more – made some pasta, sandwiches, french toast – haha all basics, but it’s a start!
  8. Saw 27 Dresses – twas so so, also watched the French flick – Moliere which I thought was more entertaining
  9. Been bz designing postcards for church and wedding invites for the bro and Bel. Am pretty pleased with the designs 🙂
  10. I have just started teaching a Design module, and I’m really enjoying it.