Ooops, im still actually alive!

S msnd and asked what happend to the blog. The blogger just got lazy 😛

It’s the last day of the new month of 08, how freakin’ fast was that? So here’s to some random rants for January 2008…

  1. I chopped the bob – I did love the cheena chic look, but I was seriously getting bored with the same look for almost a yr!!! Oh ya mr.W is officially a blonde now – bleah!
  2. We got a 37″ HD TV and a new sofa set… yup,  Nav & I decided it was time for some refurbishment – so  some new additions including a woodcut feature on the purple wall – finally!
  3. Went bike riding OUTDOORS along the East coast trail with Nav, Derrick & Melf, then went riding in Puala Ubin with E and Claire. I preferred Ubin for cycling – more rural and rough!
  4. I’ve developed a fetish for boots – AND I DUN CARE if you think it’s absurd in this tropical climate! I think they RAWK!
  5. I’ve also developed a fetish for DONUT FACTORY DONUTS – I could never really understand what the big deal was, but after sampling fresh ones with Jen – I SUCCUMBED, OMG!!!!
  6. I’m sooo happy I’m back to my part-time tai-tai status 🙂
  7. I’m trying to cook/eat at home more – made some pasta, sandwiches, french toast – haha all basics, but it’s a start!
  8. Saw 27 Dresses – twas so so, also watched the French flick – Moliere which I thought was more entertaining
  9. Been bz designing postcards for church and wedding invites for the bro and Bel. Am pretty pleased with the designs 🙂
  10. I have just started teaching a Design module, and I’m really enjoying it.

5 Responses to “Ooops, im still actually alive!”

  1. Amit Says:


    I read one of your blog some time back (actually its 2 yrs back) when you were visiting India. And you were mentioning that Jootis (Indian traditional and stylish shoes) were top in your shopping list. Did you actually buy them and if yes than how did you like that ?
    Why I am asking ? I am currently doing an internal research on demand of those traditional shoes in US. Your comments will be really useful.

    Thanks in advance

  2. me Says:

    hi amit,
    i bought 3 pairs! they cost abt 4US each

  3. Bel Says:

    I love love love my wedding invites!! Thanks again Ag :o) xxxxx

  4. me Says:

    awwww thanks sweety 🙂

  5. sharoNG Says:

    great having you back in blogosphere, agnes!

    hey, i have purple wall too! just some pics to share…

    blessed new year!


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