Captured by the Police




Nav & I joined Essue for the Police Concert Mon night, tix went for $150 ea, but being such ardent fans – the steep price was not an issue. We actually saw Sting perform 3-4 yrs ago at the indoor stadium, however we both agreed the reunion concert was definitely wayyyy better!

A 3 piece band, ages ranging from 55-65 this trio are a testimony that age is not barrier. Sting looked damn hot – he’s trim and biceps are well toned and his piercing blue eyes – OMG he’s old enuf to be my dad but I tell u his still got the look!!!!! droool…

Looks aside, he’s equally hot with his vocals – he and the band belted out their classic blends of reggae rock tunes with such sincerity, passion, and charisma…

Drummer Stewart Copeland was impressive with his handling of the drums, gong, cymbals and his intense concentration. Andy Sumners the guitarist, was cool and cocky and I nearly fell of my couch when I googled to discover the dude’s 65!!

Aside from being reminded that age is catching up, as my beloved Sting & co. age, this band absolutely will always remain as one of my all time faves. I’m totally awed and inspired by their passion & talent 20 yrs on…


2 Responses to “Captured by the Police”

  1. Bel Says:

    Sting is HOT HOT HOT!!! :oP Wish I saw them here….I heard they were awesome!

  2. Fellow Hainanese Says:

    join The Hainanese Clan on Facebook.

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