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I’m going home!!!!

April 1, 2008

Yuppers.. 4 more sleeps before Nav & I will be transported to the lovely blue skies of Perth! Yipeeeeeeee….

It will be an ultra short trip home of 9 days – main objective of course is to be present for my dear brother’s wedding to Jo. Yup my lil bro’s finally tying the knot with his teenage sweetheart of 10 years or so.

In addition to the big date, are many little dates! I’m really excited about getting together with my primary school frens, seeing the new bride B, Nat & dear Skye, Jen & our date in Freo, Kees, Bridge & Tren.. Of course theres my girly (sister) – can’t wait to see her, haven’t seen her in a year!!!!!!

Gonna shop, eat, try to jog/gym too!

Perth here we come!!!!!!!