Shape 5km Run

I’m so pleased with myself – I completed the 5km Shape run this morning.. and in 27min. For some 5km isnt a biggie – but being my first ‘marathon’ and a giver upper I’m proud of me self 🙂 heee..

I’ve never been fond of marathons – simply for 2 reasons:

1) I’m not an avid runner

2) I hate crowds


So why did I sign up for the Shape run? An ex-colleague smsed a bunch of us about it and I figured, hmm why not give it a stab?


Training wise – I wasn’t really planning to ‘train’ per se. I figured my weekly gym routine of approx 10 gx classes would help stamina wise, although I did feel pressurized by Ands and Ms Daisy who had been training – so I did start doing sporadic runs around my area for 20mins as well as a few tread mill attempts..


Last night tho, I must admit I was having a lil difficulty sleeping – anxiety crept in…. Ands and Joey were telling me I shouldn have done the 4km Nike practice run on Saturday and RESSSTT for the Shape run… Can you imagine I didn dare mention to them that I also did AF and BS too 😛 But dear boo, said to not worry and take it ez and said my body’s immune to lotsa exercise so I’d be fine 🙂

The Runners

Out of the 8000 gal power runners – I bumped into about 10? Mainly FFers, 2 ex students and other familar faces here and there. I also met the Shape run poster girl – and had a nice chat to her whilst waiting for Cl. Aside from recognising her from all the Shape publicity – she turns out to be And’s friends sis and I use to teach at her other sister’s SS – Tis a Smalllll world!!!!

Run baby Run

As for the ‘event’ itself… I ran solo – cos Cl was doing the 10km which started 5min earlier. Initially there’s a drove of people but like E said – eventually it filter’s out and there’s plenty of space to run. The first 2k was pretty easy – and of course I had my Nike band to help me gauge how much I distance traveled/had remaining. The heat was rather harsh and for some reason I wanted to go to the loo – but I did press on…. The last 1km was tuff – I kept thinking I was approaching the finishing line – fat chance haha. Felt really gd tho clearing the finishing line.

Like I said earlier – 5km maybe no sweat for most – but for me, I finished it despite wanting to give up a few times. I do hope that I use this as a reminder for the next ‘few’ challenges I will be facing in the next few months.

Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”


3 Responses to “Shape 5km Run”

  1. A.S Says:


    I know this is really random but i found this blog while googling info about learning hainanese. I was wondering if you can share more of your hainanse background with me. A part of my family is hainanese but i’ve never learnt the dialect and i’m going to be planning my first trip to hainan island some time in the near future.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

  2. da Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! 5km may not be a lot to some but it’s HUGE to me! i hope to do 5k next time too altho im terribly apprehensive! I am no sportsperson but am trying to keephealthy (which is why u saw me in FF the other day!).
    welldone!!!! you’re an inspiration!!!

  3. vivi Says:

    Hey babe, Well-done~! Wan2 join the Standard chartered Run, 10km~ my click & i’ll going for it!! Jia-you~

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