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The Holidays, the holiday, the stupid queues…

December 16, 2006


Robertson Quay

I finally caught a movie after such a dry spell of non-inspiring flicks. After Di raved about The Holiday I decided to watch it alone after Angie’s step@Cathay yesterday. It was a really good feel-good movie. Jude Law is terribly dashing and Jack Black damn funny and cute – I flattered Nav by telling him – he has the potential to be the Bollywood version of Jude if he shed his paunch, and that he has the humour and flab of Jack 😛 Anyways it was jus nice escaping into the lives of the 2 women who house swapped – the cosy England cottage and the flashy neighbourhood of L.A, the men, Cami’s gorgeous pastel fluffy winter wear and the twists. I totally loved the movie and came out feeling all warm-fuzzy 🙂


So what about my holiday to India – well it seems my Aussie visa takes longer to process so I’ll be joining Sheryl & JJ a few days later – which actually works out fine for me. Bal smsed and said its super cold in New Dehli – which is fine too for me – cos my last real taste of winter was my work stint in Sydney (circa 1997).

On Tuesday, I searched for all my woolies, scarves etc from the containers and put them in the wash with the softener – all ready for my Winter wonderland in the Indian Golden triangle 🙂 I’m rather excited about the trip – whilst Nav & Nelly have warned me that there’s plenty of cows and their dung – I can’t wait to venture this part of Asia.

I’ve been doing some read up in the travel guides. I can’t wait to visit the various bazaars and purchase some bracelets, jootis (traditional flat shoes) and saris. I can’t wait to indulge in all the North Indian cusine – naan, kulfi (traditional ice-cream), tandoori chicken 🙂 🙂 I can’t wait to snap away at all the colourful images. I can’t wait to see the awesome Taj Mahal…. I think this is going to be a trip I’ll never forget!!!!!!!


Lastly, this morning I was all psyched for the Nike Sale at the Expo. I was determined to find a pair of shox. I arrived 11.45am to discover I had to queue to enter (duh,,, hello this is singapore!!) Then when I reached the doors we had to queue again – this time though we were herded by yellow partitions – I felt like some sheep and was asking myself why Agnes??? After much patience, persistance and tonnes of determination I found a pair of Nike shox in my size and picked up a singlet and socks for Nav only to discover I had to queue AGAIN just to pay and then queue again just to reclaim my backpack. ARGGGGGGGH…. total savings $60…. This is the FIRST and LAST time I’ll come to such a sale….. It’s so much easier visiting Queensway…..hmmmph….


Warm Fuzzies

September 1, 2006

Warm fuzzies – basically notes of encouragement and affirmation, aren’t we all open to such forms of edification?

Whilst I’m very thankful for the roses, the baked cookies & cakes & assorted gifts I received today, it’s the stuff the girls wrote on the various teacher award nomination forms which really ‘fuzzed’ me up. So so touching. What moved me even more so, were the kids who bothered to pen their thanks. You see its the kids whom you scold or whom are so quiet and almost unnoticeable that appreciate you the most…

To all my dear colleagues, Happy teachers day!!! For all your hardwork, your dedication to the kids – you guys are amazing!!!

P.S. I watched the Devil Wears Prada with Mily – twas a really good chic flick peppered with lots of quotable quotes (the ugly skirt convention). In addition, it’s a reminder that there is no perfect job out there, each job comes with its pros and cons, but how far are we willing to be driven by our careers? That is the question…


January 24, 2006


My left knee is down-and-out thanks to a bad landing during the jump-kick track in BC last night 😦 It’s tragic….. I sulked this morning knowing that I’d have to abstain from BC, Jam & Pump for a while 😦

Fortunately, I have my trusty accupressure friends to turn to.  Mdm Yeo said it’ll probably take a few days to heal & said it’s not too serious. I do hope to be in action asap!!!!!


Aside from my knee injury, I’ve also been suffering bouts of insomnia – it’s horrid not being able to sleep especially when I’m sooooooooo tired – mentally & physically. Nat suggested drinking tea, whilst Nav suggested hot milk or even some Baileys/Kahlua – I’m going to give warm milk a shot tonight. Wish me luck!


Self pities aside… Watched Memoirs of A Geisha last Saturday night with Nav. Despite being seated on the first row with our necks strained – I actually survived/enjoyed it! I read the book 3 years ago after visiting Japan and found the book a bit of a bore – but the movie is definitely worthwhile watching. The acting and cinemaphotography is pretty top notch. I was allured by the acting talents of the young girl who played Chiyo – she was enchanting and so too were her blue eyes. The Chairman (played by Ken Wantanabe) is so so charismatic & charming!!!