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The Christmas Spirit is here!!!

November 18, 2007



Last night we had a quadruple celebration – Gail’s bridal shower & birthday, Tini’s baby shower and Balj’s farewell….

Twas a real special nite, rather emotionally charged… Dear Bal will be heading over to Adelaide end of the yr to start a new chapter of life with Dups and Arleen; Tini’s going to be a mommy anytime soon, and of course Gail’s going to be a Mrs soooooon! Dear Sharon, kept repeating – so sad, so sad throughout the night as we scribbled well wishes and prepared the power point slides..

Za aka the penguin did a great job organising the food and drink and Sharon did a great job putting together Tini’s hamper. We had lotsa laughs posing in our Santa hats, quoting ‘dirties’, asking Gail ‘naughties’ and piggin out on the pizza and snacks..

The finale of the night was the slideshow of pics of past memories – at school, our travels to Chang Mai, India, past wedding, birthdays etc… and the pictures of the night itself as well as witty power pt slides put together by Milly and a heartfelt video message by Eunice…

I love my dear PL frens….. xox


Siem Reap .07 (part 1)

September 12, 2007

Angkor Wat Sunrise

I was suppose to explore Cambodia with the sis Christmas 2002…. It didn’t eventuate, cos fate would have it that my sis was struck with chicken pox on the eve of departure…. So <5yrs later I finally make it there with Joh, my new work bud.. It’s crazy-cool cos we barely know each other for a month and we’re already travelling buds – but I knew I was in good hands – the woman worked in Cambs for a year as a teacher 🙂

A taste of the swanky Siem Reap hotel airport

Only a 2hr Jetstar flight away, we arrived 4th Sept Tues morning in Siem Reap. I was awed by the resort/boutique-like design of the Siem Reap airport.. It’s so tastefully put together – the artisan touches, the use of darkwood, the suspended gold mirror ball – I was so-so-so impressed, trust me I’ve travelelled manyyyyyy airports, but this one takes the cake!!!! But as Joh remarked, all non-Khmers need to pay $25US departure tax and entry to the Angkor Wat is min. $20US, so there’s a big pool of revenue, hulllo!!!!

Happy lassies – our first meal @ the Old Market, Psar Chaa

On my food checklist were specifically 2 things – hairy-fried-spiders & baguettes. Whilst I succeeded only in devouring the latter, I was generally v v pleased with the Khmer cusine and the Western/fusion food…

The yummies…

Baguettes (as is) or with some pork, lettuce etc (so/so – definitely not as good as Vietnam’s savory baguette) @ the Old Market, Psar Chaa

Kuey teoooo – the Khmer version of Vietnamese Pho – difference is the noodle, Khmers use a silky beehoon which kinda melts in the mouth!!!@ the Old Market

An array of warm desserts @ the Old Market

Battered frogs accompanied with salt & pepper @ the Old Market

Sucking the vinegar drenched crab fr. the Old Market

Me & Joh @ Abacus

Seared tuna with potato/pumpkin mash @ Abacus

Creme brulee @ Abacus

Hanging out @ Blue Pumpkin

Nickoluas with his indulgent chocolate mousse @ Blue Pumpkin

My fave meal – Amok ravioli @ Blue Pumpkin


Basically there’s a few places for food I strongly recommend if you’re visiting Siem Reap

  1. Psar Chaa (old market) – the facade may appear touristy with all the baskets, souvenirs etc – but deep inside the wet market area it’s swarming with locals & a few brave tourists.. Aside from fresh produce, in between you’ll find local delights like the baguettes, kuey teoooo, the sweet desserts & of course fried frogs & marinated crabs!!!!
  2. Abacus Cafe – A reasonably priced bar/restaurant (French owned) which serves French/Asian food..
  3. Blue Pumpkin – If only they had an outlet in Singapore!!!!!! Fusion food, fantastic desserts, comfy/zenish (without being OTT) and free wireless access..

Happy 42nd B’day Singapore!!!

August 16, 2007

I juz lurrrrrv fireworks!!!!

Dear Hans, getting a bird’s eye view thanks to Jas!


Cat & Eileen cooking up a storm

Our spread of Nat day delights!

Painting the town red & white! Oh & notice we all sport bobs?

Tattoos sponsored by SP, hehe – thanks Cat!

At least I can play Taboo well 😛

Singapore Sling mocktails – ker-chiNK!


Celebrations are always tiring yea? But heaps of fun too 🙂 This Nat day was a rather bz one….

  1. Spent the eve of National Day with Char @ Coffee club talkin’ ’bout frocks, make-up, Bkk among other things. Then Tini calls asking me to meet her @ Esplanade as her hubs was performing for the countdown.
  2. Nat day – Viv, Jas, Joey, Hans & I met @ Lau Pa Sat, then head over to near ORQ to check out the fireworks!!!
  3. Sat nite – gym buds came over for a Nat day party. The dresscode was red & white and the gang were so obliging – Cat looked cute in her cheerleader-like outfit, Ferns wore her pretty r/w skirt and r/w bauble chain & W wore a white T with red trimmings & tartan r/w  shorts. Eil & I decided last minute to cook instead of ordering pizza, ironically, even though we cooked, someone ordered pizza anyways!!! hmphhh.. Eil was incharge of the rojak, onde onde & popiah, whilst I cooked the fried rice & wantons. We had lotsa fun preparing the food/eating, playing taboo/uno & watching the Ring. However, ‘certain’ criticisms about my fried rice, led me to loose my cool during the game of uno – oooPPPPPPS. hehehe..

Oh ya Happy B’day Singapore!!! May you continue to be a prosperous, safe & trail blazer nation!!!


    August 9, 2007

    Dedicated to the upper cut…..

    Funky bar

    Cutlery flown airmail!

    the funky new hangout – House

    Milly & I ventured over to the happening Dempsey Road last Sat nite, with the intention of dining at Margharitas… Well, silly me didn’t book ahead, so we wandered over to the Prime Society for some Prime dining. We weren’t disappointed 🙂 Steaks, pastas, salads & drinks in Prime ambience at a Prime price, well Milly’s going off soon, so we only have less than a month to live it up!

    After a good meal, we went for walkies and checked out House restaurant/bar/spa – nice place to chill, worth checking out!

    July 28, 2007



    Jan & I spent an awfully-productive-girly-day yesterday. She joined me for W’s bootcamp and survived it – onya gal! After lunch we headed to Suntec City to claim J’s nano prize only to be distracted by this new kid on the block! Currently there’s only 1 Promod store in Singapore and FYI its French-owned ok! Check out J’s buys and mine and my new bracelet – thanks J!

    Good luck with figuring out your ibook-baby!!! 🙂

    Those darn seats!!!!

    July 28, 2007

    Dezzo and his hands – such intensity as he gripes….

    a barrel of laughs…

    and more!!!!!!!!

    brownie, nutella cup cake & the red velvet cake….mmmm..

    We had our cell outing this week, makaned at First Thai restuarant (Purvis st) and did desserts at Food for Thought this new lil cafe opposite Bras Basah complex.

    Their desserts are really something!!! They actually pride themselves on having different desserts on a weekly basis as they promote the talents of home makers, upcoming bakers etc etc. The brownie was OMG heaps better than NYDC’s!!!!! But the red velvet cake TOOK THE CAKE for me!!!! I believe it’s made of rhubarb, so its kinda carrot cake like with yummy cream cheese frosting… mmmmmmmmmmmm. The place is cosy, prices VERY reasonable. It reminds me of PS cafe, but cheaper version. I’ll definitely be back!

    P.s if you’re wondering what Dezzo has got us laughing about – it’s those darn seats (of which the company i’ll not disclose hahaha) ask him yourself! 😛


    Food For Thought

    420 North Bridge Road

    North Bridge Centre


    Judy Dearie

    July 25, 2007

    Judy & me with our HK spread!

    me and another cute clutch!


    Nav says he doesn’t get it.. My birthday was last month and I’m still receiving gifts and meal treats… hehe, who am I to complain?!!! Thanks Judy for the treat, the cute little clutch and the card. I really felt special tonight 🙂

    Girls Nite Out – Swap.Dinner.Soak

    July 23, 2007

    The cheena gals

    Bingo game…

    Striking a pose Chinese Chic style!

    Feasting on North Chinese AGAIN

    Wrappin’ things up with a soak!

    Last night was the CNL Girls Nite Out (Swap-Dinner-Soak) and it was ‘Chinese’ themed, so everyone had to doll up Chinese style, I provided Chinese snacks, Teresa Teng played in the background, we ate North Chinese food & had a Chinese foot soak.

    Swap. The lovely ladies brought clothes, acccessories, bags, cosmetics, etc to swap. There was plenty of goodies to exchange – with the gals being so funky!!! Pearl was the cutest though, she quickly found some clothes she liked and hung up the dress she wore, replacing it with her new items!

    Games & Photo-taking. The bingo game was very simple – basically the gals had to find 9 different people who could identify with the 9 points.. Some of these included:

    • A person who owns a jade accessory
    • Has travelled to Great wall of China
    • Has relatives still in China
    • Can cook a decent Chinese meal

    For best dressed dear Trina took a clean sweep. She looked gorgeous in her cobalt Chinese top & gold-fan earrings so DOLLY!!!!

    Dinner. We had the North Chinese again, although we tried some new dishes including the red bean dough dessert.

    Soak. Wrapping up the eventful night we headed over to Bath Culture for soak & massage – some of us opted for a shoulder rub, whilst some – foot reflexology.

    Next girls nite out? Was thinking a diva nite – where we dress up like celebrities 🙂 Any other suggestions? Pls share!

    P.s for more pics check out my flickr

    My yaya

    July 21, 2007


    Ain’t it funny how some friendships are? For instance, what are the odds of befriending your student??!!

    Haha, my Yaya & I go back 6yrs now. She was my sec 2 Art student and my first impression of this girl – cute dimples! I remember she drew cats or something.. Anyways what happened was that T and her mum happened to be colleagues and invited them to church, to cut a long story short, she no longer called me Mrs Ong outside of school and we’ve been friends ever since 🙂

    Today, Yaya & I decided to dress up and have a nice meal together (we’re too comfy with each other that she complains we never make the effort to dress & eat well :P). We settled for Spagheddis @ Paragon followed by pump & step haha..

    I guess you could say she’s like a little sister to me & I probably her big sister, but it’s this special bond when you both know you’re going to be friends for life 🙂

    I’m proud of u Yaya, you’ve really come along way since I met you. You’re smart, beautiful, quirky and you constantly spur me on and I love ya heaps…

    Cheng Li Yuan Restaurant

    July 15, 2007


    After the leaders huddle, T, Jas, Mel, Joey, Sam, Anne & myself sampled some authentic North Chinese food along Tanjong Pagar Rd. Cheng Li Yuan Restaurant to be exact. For $15+ pp we ordered xiao long baos, peking duck, fried-salted-egg-pumpkin, black pepper beef, cold century egg tofu, spinach & century egg, sweet sour pork, & this funky glutinous rice balls with a prawn-salted egg surprise.

    It was my 2nd time there and I will return. The ambience is grunge and authentically CHINA-ese – if you’ve travelled to local restaurants in China – it’ll seriously bring back the memories 🙂 More importantly the food IS GOOD, they have a unique and interesting selection of North Chinese dishes at v reasonable prices.

    Cheng Li Yuan

    72, Tanjong Pagar Rd

    T: 6227-2551

    11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm