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Best Friends for a year :)

September 30, 2007

Picture Perfect. Daisy Marc Jacob Poster Girls

Hey peeps! Apologies for the blog hiatus, I’ve been busy facebooking – i’m a self-confessed addict!!! I’ve also been busy chi-chi-ing @ overrated, bloody expensive eateries & hanging out with my fave people. Forgiven???

Anyways, yesterday after W’s RPM @ Paragon, G, Y, E & myself headed towards the carpark and we happened to walk past the Marc Jacob’s Daisy Perfume roadshow. We happened to have a sniff at the scent samples, when the pretty emcee announced on the mike – I think I’ve found my 2 candidates (or something to that effect) the girl in the green Adidas jacket & her friend.. Haha….

So E & I went on the mini stage and she said we looked liked best friends and asked how long we’d known each other for. She then proceeded to the ‘guessing’ game. Basically E had to guess what my favourite colour was and I had to guess what E finds physically attractive in men. Well stupid me wrote down green – hinting to her by pointing to my fringe, so she guessed wrongly cos she missed my cue, but – I guessed correctly ‘eyes’ cos I recall she’s a fetish for small-eyed men, hehe…

Was a fun spontaneous encounter, we got to pose & have our shots taken – as you can see in the pic above 🙂

Love ya E!!! 🙂

Randomly selected for the Marc Jacobs Road Show

My fave colours green – well not really!

Pose 1- hugs

Pose 2- kisses for A


Happy 42nd B’day Singapore!!!

August 16, 2007

I juz lurrrrrv fireworks!!!!

Dear Hans, getting a bird’s eye view thanks to Jas!


Cat & Eileen cooking up a storm

Our spread of Nat day delights!

Painting the town red & white! Oh & notice we all sport bobs?

Tattoos sponsored by SP, hehe – thanks Cat!

At least I can play Taboo well 😛

Singapore Sling mocktails – ker-chiNK!


Celebrations are always tiring yea? But heaps of fun too 🙂 This Nat day was a rather bz one….

  1. Spent the eve of National Day with Char @ Coffee club talkin’ ’bout frocks, make-up, Bkk among other things. Then Tini calls asking me to meet her @ Esplanade as her hubs was performing for the countdown.
  2. Nat day – Viv, Jas, Joey, Hans & I met @ Lau Pa Sat, then head over to near ORQ to check out the fireworks!!!
  3. Sat nite – gym buds came over for a Nat day party. The dresscode was red & white and the gang were so obliging – Cat looked cute in her cheerleader-like outfit, Ferns wore her pretty r/w skirt and r/w bauble chain & W wore a white T with red trimmings & tartan r/w  shorts. Eil & I decided last minute to cook instead of ordering pizza, ironically, even though we cooked, someone ordered pizza anyways!!! hmphhh.. Eil was incharge of the rojak, onde onde & popiah, whilst I cooked the fried rice & wantons. We had lotsa fun preparing the food/eating, playing taboo/uno & watching the Ring. However, ‘certain’ criticisms about my fried rice, led me to loose my cool during the game of uno – oooPPPPPPS. hehehe..

Oh ya Happy B’day Singapore!!! May you continue to be a prosperous, safe & trail blazer nation!!!

    July 28, 2007



    Jan & I spent an awfully-productive-girly-day yesterday. She joined me for W’s bootcamp and survived it – onya gal! After lunch we headed to Suntec City to claim J’s nano prize only to be distracted by this new kid on the block! Currently there’s only 1 Promod store in Singapore and FYI its French-owned ok! Check out J’s buys and mine and my new bracelet – thanks J!

    Good luck with figuring out your ibook-baby!!! 🙂

    Girls Nite Out – Swap.Dinner.Soak

    July 23, 2007

    The cheena gals

    Bingo game…

    Striking a pose Chinese Chic style!

    Feasting on North Chinese AGAIN

    Wrappin’ things up with a soak!

    Last night was the CNL Girls Nite Out (Swap-Dinner-Soak) and it was ‘Chinese’ themed, so everyone had to doll up Chinese style, I provided Chinese snacks, Teresa Teng played in the background, we ate North Chinese food & had a Chinese foot soak.

    Swap. The lovely ladies brought clothes, acccessories, bags, cosmetics, etc to swap. There was plenty of goodies to exchange – with the gals being so funky!!! Pearl was the cutest though, she quickly found some clothes she liked and hung up the dress she wore, replacing it with her new items!

    Games & Photo-taking. The bingo game was very simple – basically the gals had to find 9 different people who could identify with the 9 points.. Some of these included:

    • A person who owns a jade accessory
    • Has travelled to Great wall of China
    • Has relatives still in China
    • Can cook a decent Chinese meal

    For best dressed dear Trina took a clean sweep. She looked gorgeous in her cobalt Chinese top & gold-fan earrings so DOLLY!!!!

    Dinner. We had the North Chinese again, although we tried some new dishes including the red bean dough dessert.

    Soak. Wrapping up the eventful night we headed over to Bath Culture for soak & massage – some of us opted for a shoulder rub, whilst some – foot reflexology.

    Next girls nite out? Was thinking a diva nite – where we dress up like celebrities 🙂 Any other suggestions? Pls share!

    P.s for more pics check out my flickr

    A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

    July 8, 2007

    The Mad Hatters!

    Mummy-to-be & bday gal!

    Mad-hatter posers!

    The menu

    Denise’s mum’s lovely egg & cucumber sandwiches

    Pretty heart cheesecake slices & awfully yum choc cake!

    Sue’s pretty & yummy c cakes!


    Sue & Denise held a lil’ baby shower cum b’day party ala ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party!’ The girlies did a fantastic job with the spread of cakes, teas & little signs, so detailed and so yummmmmmmmmm!!!! The pics pretty much speak for themselves!

    P.s for more piccys of the party go look here and Sue’s fren’s blog

    Canele, Robertson Walk

    July 7, 2007

    Milly & her new wristlet
    Milly & my gift to her!

    Milly & meeeeee…..

    Salmon crepe

    Hmmm.. which dessert will it be??!!!

    What better way to cure a wisdom-less smile??? Answer Canele… Yups, I got my right-upper-wisdom-tooth extracted @ the Toof Doctor yesterday afternoon. Dr Choy said the previous visit, being an upper-wisdom-tooth – I’d only need an LA and that the procedure would take approximately 10min.. Nevertheless it was still a mini-ordeal 😦 The yanking of the tooth was scary!!!! I thought my other teeth were going get to smashed in the process and that my wisdom tooth would be half broken and left behind, thankfully not. After 20min he showed me the tooth and the decay and I was ushered to the receptionist. The ever friendly Wendy just told me to abstain from spicy food & exercise. It was funny cos I wasn’t even dressed in my gym gear. Furthermore, she said I reminded her of her gym teacher in secondary school & asked if I exercised.. Hmmm, think 2 consecutive days of Mr W’s bootcamp really shows! Haha…

    Back to Canele. Eileen & Amber swear by it and I’ve been craving it. So I made a lunch date with Milly this afternoon to indulge in some posh nosh 🙂 Tucked away in the relatively quiet & private Robertson Walk, we ordered mushroom soup, salmon crepe, tomato pasta & of course ordered a Black Forest 2007 & some mango white chocolate slice.

    Price wise it’s affordable, palette wise – yum – although the crepes were so-so.

    My dear Milly is heading over to London in 2months time 😦 Am gonna miss her heaps………

    P.s Check out this local girly-on-line shopping site

    Why I heart Chinatown

    May 21, 2007

    Indulgent Foot therapy (pic taken from their site)

    Cross st goodness!


    Nat commented that I seem to love my food a lot, cos I blog about it a lot. haha.. it’s true! And yep I’ve simply become very Singaporean 😉

    If you know me well, you’ll know that I lurv living in Chinatown – it’s convenient to everything, buzzing with life and character, everything’s at my disposal, plenty of good food and there’s accupressure/spa delights galore! So let’s talk about the latter…

    I just tried the dessert/dumpling place @ 46, Upper Cross St. I ordered the pork rice dumpling and almond paste with peanut & sesame dumplings – it was ok 6/10? Whilst this place is a little cooler (temp wise) and has a wider variety of desserts and drinks, I still prefer Mei Heong Yuan Desserts @ 67 Temple St, Chinatown. BUT another dessert place in Chinatown worth mentioning is the one at Pearl centre – look for Giordano & follow the aisle all the way inside. Their almond paste & bai ling is the BEST – creamy & fresh & cheeeap!


    The other place I wanted to mention was Bath Culture which happens to be along Temple st besides the Mei Heong Yuan desserts place. I stumbled across this a week ago, when we took my dad for dessert. It’s a classy little place – decked out oriental style and is only 4 months old.

    I tried their 30 min peppermint foot soak bath & 20 min neck/shoulder massage – it was reallllllly good, the foot soak is done in a small traditional wood tub, with generous amounts of rose buds, jelly like substance and mint powder. The masseur who did the neck/shoulder massage was very strong & it was certainly effective in removing my back tension.

    Verdict – despite the slightly steep prices – it’s worth checking out for its classy ambience and good service. They’re having an offer at the moment $10 for 20 min neck/shoulder massage OR 30 min footsoak.

    Go indulge Chinatown style!

    Milly & my new Coach

    May 20, 2007

    Milly & the tempura set @ Waraku

    Clam-shelled mochi & matcha ice cream

    Milly’s gift to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *scream*


    The bro left this afternoon 😦 It’s always sad and empty when our visitors leave………..

    On a happier note, met Milly for dinns – we headed to Central for Jap and ate at Waraku. We actually went to the Waraku Pasta first, but cos of the long queue we went up a level to the original Waraku. We ordered spinach & bacon cream udon, sashimi salad, tempura & mochi/matcha ice cream dessert. Great views, reasonably priced food. It’s worth checking out!

    Was nice catching up with Milly, having a good bitch about stuff & all things girly. Speaking of which she gave me a Coach wristlet – so sweeeeeeeeeet of her woh! My very first Coach!!! I can’t wait to show Mr W or should I say Mr C (he’s dropped Gucci).

    P.s check this out – plenty more delish wristlets!!! AND checkout the newly rennovated uppercrust Bread talk @ Paragon – I tried the bacon & cheese pastry – to DIE FOR!

    Girls Nite Out 2

    May 1, 2007

    Partners in crime – me, char & vicky

    an assortment of Jap goodies & vick’s dow miow

    the babes chowing down

    the 40 degree celcius jacuzzi

    posing before poor char is a bruised victim 😛


    Last weekends ‘Girls-Nite-Out’ was a small affair what was suppose to be fivesome was instead a threesome – nevertheless it was a cosy Sat night spent with Char & Vicky 🙂 We spent most of the evening hanging out at Vicky’s service apartment @ Clark Quay – pigging out on the Japanese food we bought from Liang Court.
    Aside from the fabulous feasting, we went up to the jacuzzi within the apartment. There were 2 tubs – one was 40 degrees the other was pretty chilli, initially it was terribly painful immersing ourselves in the hotter tub, but eventually we were neckdown-in. Despite the gorgeous view of Clark & Robertson Quay, the highlight was actually an uninvited guest who decided to plonk himself in the cold tub with us 3 gals. We were squirmish as you can imagine and before he could continue making conversation with us, we hopped back into the hot tub which by then was really pleasant. Poor Char tho, after coming out she slipped on the wooden planks and received a nasty bump on the back of her head 😛

    Later we creamed our faces some masks and continued feasting on mangosteens & rambutans, Baileys & green-tea pumpkin seeds and cosied up for lotsa dmcing.

    Twas a real nice girls-nite-out! 🙂

    bengs, sweat & splurge

    April 18, 2007



    Started work this Monday and so far so good 🙂 I’m teaching mainly boys or to be more precise ah bengs from the various engineering faculties. I actually really enjoy the new challenge – both in the subjects I’m teaching and the fact that I’m no longer teaching all-girls. Despite the fact some of the boys are rather cheeky, they’re all teachable and co-operative 🙂 Food wise, poly food rawks ok and its pretty cheap too!!! I’m lovin the beehoon & drumlets from the Malay store, the fresh & crunchy donuts for a crazy 80 cents & today I discovered a whole new food court on the side of the campus – I feel like Alice in wonderland haha…


    I did my 3rd class of rpm for the week this morning and yayyyyyyyyyyyy – the sweat started dripping like a tap again!!! Yep mr W’s back from his 2.5 wk hiatus 🙂 So it’s time to get serious again – the past fortnight I think I only did a total of 10 classes – a far cry from the min. usual 10/wk. Anyways after doing AF tonight and watching the gals punching away during BC – me thinks it may be time to return to BC classes…. Have stopped doing BC for over half a yr now!!!!!!!


    I toyed with the idea of buying a 12″ pc laptop – BECOZ carrying my 15.4″ macpro+books+gym gear around campus is no joke alrite!! So anyways, with a price tag ranging from 2.5-3.5k I settled for a Targus laptop backpack instead for $99. I’m pretty pleased with the backpack – its black, sleek, has heaps of nifty compartments for the macpro+books+gym gear 🙂

    I also decided to buy some basic T’s from good ol’ Giordano – good for work – mixing & matching with the pants/skirts. Bought a black bolero from This Fashion – also good for jazzing up existing tops for work. AND I bought some makeup from Skin Food – foundation, eye shadow & eyeliner 😛 AND dear Hellie bought me YSL lipgloss (super early bday pressie) – thanks gal!

    So there you have it, I’ve started work – haven’t received my salary yet but already spending like theres no tomorrow – SIGH!

    P.S check out Irah’s online boutique 🙂