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December 28, 2007

Milly dedicated some youtube songs to me the other day. She’s such a sweety, even tho she’s 7-8 hrs away over in the Northen hemisphere, she’s still one of my dearest friends *hugs.*  Anyways, she gave me the link to the Chris Tomlin song – Indescribeable.

I think this describes 07 for me. A year of God’s Faithfulness – family, friendships, finances, health. God is good!

This Christmas was a good one, plenty of feasting from early Dec infact! Lots of lovely pressies too – me esp. love the Molton Brown, Vic Secrets, Locciatane toiletries 🙂 But it’s interesting that my frens know wat to choose – I also received lotsa nice accessories, homewares, bags & even Vit C. Thanks a bunch peeps!

Sadly tho, I’m currently down with food poisoning – bleah, think its from the black forest slice I bought from Hans Weds nite 😦 So been bed ridden past 2 days. 😦

Ah well, heres to a BIGGER, BETTER new year in 08!!!!


Signs of Ageing

July 3, 2007

I created a list for Signs of Ageing on my frenster blog last yr:

  1. When you don’t bother too much about big brands anymore
  2. When you keep experiencing dejavu
  3. When you prefer staying at home as oppose to going out
  4. When they start doing remixes of songs from your teenage era
  5. When your network friends become far and few
  6. When retro is in again and you were around the last time it was in
  7. When you use to be called jie-jie and now get called aunty
  8. When you start resorting to whitening creams to rid the age spots
  9. When you stop wearing perfume opt for Tiger balm & Bengay

New additions:

  1. Your memory seriously becomes that of a goldfish… ie. you ask the same question that you just asked a minute ago :p
  2. Routine’s your best friend 😉 A break/disruption is catastrophic and devastating!!!
  3. You say you want to try somewhere different for dinner/lunch – you end up at the same place you go to everyother time 😛 Sushi Tei/Central hehe…
  4. You’re birthday presents/treats are more refined – hehe, cos with age, comes wisdom in gift selection, among other things 😉
  5. You’re taste buds take a strange turn – e.g you develop a strange liking for gross things like bitter gourd, herbal chicken, you start to crave things like yew char kueh & soyabean 😛
  6. You become more diligent about taking vitamins & GNC becomes your No1 shop-stop 😉
  7. You develop a ‘Less-is-more’ approach in your possessions 😉
  8. You treasure relationships more – family/frens. You try to be more tolerant of people’s quirks/shortcomings
  9. You can listen to the same song OVER and OVER again
  10. You have a tendency to leave the keys in the door
  11. You have sporadic panic attacks as you think you’ve misplaced your handphone/sunglasses etc but the darn thing is hanging off you or in your pocket!!!!

Any more to add?!!!


December 9, 2006

Bukit Basoh Road

Nov/Dec has been crazy-bz-fun… I went to HK, had the leaders retreat in JB, been doin lotsa Step, caught up with friends, been eating heaps and of course clearing work.

Of course in between I’ve had brief moments to just think and be. To think about…… what I want out of life – materially & spiritually; what I may do next year career wise; how I’d like to refurbish my house (on a shoe-string budget); how I want to remove time-wasters and replace it with quiet time and more sleep……..


October 11, 2006


One minute I’m surfing the waves, the next minute I’m jus barely hanging on, choking on the salty water… But I’m still alive and kickin…kinda,

Post tsunami to-do list:

  1. To go for the massage Ols & Dinah gave me
  2. Italian & Karaoke sess w Milly, Tess & Sheryl
  3. Holiday to Perth (Lancelin) & Melb(?) w Nav, US/India/Thailand? w Sheryl
  4. Balance classes and MORE STEP,RPM & BC!!!
  5. MOVIES!!!!!

Girly, 10yrs in Sg and a new chapter awaits…

August 21, 2006

West MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory Australia

My dear sis is back in Perth, after completing her honours at Australian National University in Canberra. Just before her graduation, the adventurous gurl trekked 15 days along West MacDonnell Ranges in NT with some of her pals.


10 yrs in Singas
Yes!! This is my 10th year in Singapore – I can’t believe I’ve survived all these years in the lil red dot!!! But obviously I must like it here to have survived a decade 😛 In brief – the cheap hawker food, late night shopping 24-7, close proximity to BKK, M’sia and other SEA countries etc, and of course Nav & my friends have all contributed to me overstaying in Singas for just over 9 yrs. So when are we heading back to Oz – who knows? But we do love Chinatown and of course the conveniently close proximity to town and OGS FF & CT 🙂


The dawn of a new chapter
So 10 yrs have passed and here’s looking forward to the next 10yrs…. Who know’s what God has in store??? But I just can’t wait till 2007! 🙂

Beyond it all…

July 3, 2006


I absolutely love this scene @ Tioman, it was taken on our last day around 6ish in the afternoon. Looking out at the big wide open sea, perfect horizon line – it’s so east to forget all worries and fears and to dream of new possiblilites and fresh hope.

Doctor’s orders: No karaOKE!

June 3, 2006

Hahaha…. Just came back from the nearby clinic. I figured that I needed some antibiotics to fix the voice loss.

Aside from ‘no karaoke’ the doc advised no fried/spicy foods, no junk food and no nuts – (that irradicates my diet of late :P) instead more water and sleep.

It totally sucks being mute – very frustrating communicating face to face and even worse via the phone. But like I mentioned in the previous entry – Nav loves the peace and quiet – and I think my colleagues were lapping it up too yesterday (right Gail?). hehehee.

So agenda today, rest, rest, rest. So if I don’t pick up the phone or if I seem rather reserved – you’ll know why.

Losing it

May 27, 2006

Yesterday morning had panic attack, jus as I was about to exit the Serangoon MRT control station I couldn’t find my wallet – I emptied the backpack inside out, searched the pockets then approached the staff. Trembling, I gave him the necessary info, only to find the darn wallet in the top pocket of the backpack!

Dunno if it’s age catching up, or disorganisation – I keep losing my keys and have a tendency to leave it in the door overnight, my diary keeps wandering and even my ipod. I think I’m losing it!!!!!!!!! I’m becoming like Nav – arggggggggggghhhhhhh….

For Jen :)

March 12, 2006

[DSB layout – Shabby Mommy]

Jen and I go as far as 1993… I was a uni student, she was a highschool student and we both worked part-time at the same drink stall at Spencer Village, Perth.

We were inseparable – we’d sleep over each other’s on the weekends, swap shoes; clothes; accessories, hangout at Freo – collecting glass pebbles along Bathers Bay .. Weza like 2 peas in a pod!

Today, dear Jen’s a successful web designer in England and though continents apart – we’re still buddies. Thanks too good ol’ msn 😉


P.s Do look out for Hazy’s debut into digi SB (DSB)! She came over this afternoon for some quick tips on Pshop – she’s a fast learner!!

P.p.s If you’re eager to try DSB – when you download the free digi layouts – look out for the ‘piece-of-cake’ layouts – sheesh they’re fantastico – truly great for the DSB novices!!

P.p.p.s Check out Nick & Pearl’s DSB debut!!!

Let the Princess diaries begin…

March 8, 2006


Well it’s almost a week since the op, and I’m recuperating at home and will be till the end of this month…

current state…
I’m still rather sore and rather un-mobile – pottering around from the bedroom – toilet – study room – tv and occasionally the kitchen. Me mind thinks I’m dandy and well, but body screaming for rest. The doc says the pain should go after a week.


Nav & mum have been tending to the princess and they have been really good – I actually feel bad that I can’t help out. Mum’s been preparing healthy dishes like herbal chicken, lots of veges/fruits & giving me my daily dosage of chicken/fish essence/birds nest (have a life-time supply thanks to all of u!!). Nav has been patiently picking up after me and following the direction of wherever thy finger points 😛 Hee hee… Might I add with a slight excruciating pain in his face (Me thinks he may need more prayers than me!)

commence the checklist..
I’ve managed to finish reading Confessions of a Shopaholic, started reading ‘Further Under the Duvet’ and have another 2 Chic Lit books & some other Christian books to go. Haven’t embarked on any dvds yet, been surfing online for art-inspiring sites for self & students, fingered through the Designer’s Eye book – (I think I’m ready to start applying some of these great scrapbooking ideas) and managed to back-up all my photos & files onto CDs & my new HD. Told Nick it’s time for me to unleash the creative juices once again, so look out!!!