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The environmentally concious tai-tai

February 26, 2007

Friends have been curious to know how I keep myself occupied now that I’m officially
a tai-tai. Answer = gym woh, housewife duties (washing clothes, dishes
etc), catchin up with friends and of late "mission impossible".

Yep – since the eve of CNY I’ve been spring cleaning – or rather throwing out the boxes and clutter of accumulated junk from before and since
we’ve shifted to Chinatown 3 yrs ago. It’s pathetic how the husband and
I have hoarded so much crap – e.g. bills, old files & lesson plans,
unwanted gifts, design flyers, stickers etc, books, clothes that are passe, too big or too small, boxes & manuals of ipods & mobiles, usb wires, argghhhhhhh… the list in infinite.

So, over a week I’ve been diligently clearing out the spareroom and have thrown out at least 20 garbage bags – and it still seems cluttered.

So after this laborious awakening and some environ-evangelism
from my friend Sharon recently whilst in Perth I’ve decided it’s time I
try to do my bit to REDUCE the overflowing LANDFILL!!!!!!


  1. Dump your bottles, newspapers etc into the appropriate recycling bin
  2. Reuse envelopes – write to-do lists for the day on the back, dispose things inside them
  3. Use old newspapers to clean mirrors/glass surfaces
  4. Re-feed used A4 paper through printer OR for doodling/writing on
  5. Reuse old socks/t-shirts as rags
  6. Pack a green bag or spare bag or existing plastic bags when grocery shopping
  7. Say NO to plastic bags/paper bags where possible
  8. Gymmers – use a machine washable plastic drawstring bag to stash dirty/clean clothes instead of taking the clear plastic bags
  9. Be innovative with packaging – reuse as gift boxes – e.g use a Darlie toothpaste box to contain a gift or message
  10. Give away unwanted gifts, clothes, electrical goods etc – think
    of friends/family to give to OR leave at the lift landing for someone
    else to appreciate OR get a stall at a flea market
  11. Use depleted tissue boxes to store plastic bags
  12. Gimme your bread tags – Ill transform them to earrings
  13. Reuse old wrapping paper/cards/Zouk Flyers – creatively transform them and make em original & spanking new!
  14. Got old but working-condition handphones, cameras, pdas etc – go to somewhere like Pearl centre and get cash for it!
  15. Reuse CNY containers etc – for storing stationery/foodstuff
  16. Reuse tin boxes – use for storing too or for presenting baked cookies/muffins, use lids as a magnetic board
  17. Don’t buy, borrow! – Share your things with friends/family – be it household stuff, clothes, books. Or go to the library and borrow books/Dvds
  18. Save money – don ‘t buy, yup next time you’re about to purchase
    an indulgent ‘WANT" see if you can wait a week or fortnight, if you
    pass this test, chances are you don’t really need it!

Any more tips??? Pls add 🙂