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Seinfeld in the 21st Century

March 21, 2006

(inspired by auntiep).

Been watching Seinfeld (1990-1998) on DVD, the sitcom about nothing & everyday ordinary-ness.. Kramer is such a crack-up – he’s crazy cool, Elaine is cocky & quirky, George is a loser, paranoid & pathetic & Seinfeld – a pure comedic-genius.

Despite the fact that Seinfeld is now merely a classic, if it were still showing today I think he’d probably tackle how narcissistic today’s society’s become – especially the x + y ers. 

These are some topics he’d probably feature in his episodes:

  1. Friendster – a gauge of how few friends or hundreds we may have…On what basis does one add a ‘friend’? And how do we define a ‘friend’?
  2. Blogs – for instance does anyone really care about what we had for dinner? Aren’t journals suppose to be locked away – kept under the bed not exposed for the whole wide world???
  3. Msn – a better way to communicate… with key features like away, offline, busy, block etc – but when one’s away – are they really??? And block – how many people do we block/unblock??? How is it that we can communicate so fluidly via msn as oppose to face to face???
  4. IRC – overly false identities/monikers – e.g. 20/M/attractive/tall – 45/M/bald & wrinkly/5ft
  5. The overflux of Reality TV programmes – Surivivor, Extreme Make Over, Amazing Race, American Idol. The credibility of the ‘reality,’??
  6. Handphones – do we love it or hate it? We love the convenience of it; it’s a great companion when we’re sometimes bored/lonely (at weddings, family functions). The bane of it when we accidently sms the WRONG person an all ‘important/secretive’ message; when one loses the phone and loses their face!!! Or the fact that we can be so easily contacted/tracked down!!!! 😛