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Recepient of Blessings.

July 29, 2008

J gave me a pair of Nikes this evening.. so sweet of her… She’s always so generous 🙂 🙂

Infact, come to think of it – God has placed me in a circle of blessings – even materially… Ands is always getting me unique accessories fr her travels & lotsa gd magazines!!!; E bakes yummy stuff which we get 2 sample when she’s on her baking frenzy; Cl bakes occasionally & also buys yummies evry now n then; W buys random stuff like this cute rafia bag & Nike bottle; Des recently gave me a stash of reads; Anne gave me some ‘designer’ shoes & tupperware b4 she left for Switzerland; and of cos Ma’s always supplying us with domestic stuff like batteries, plums – bless her! Infact bless all those that bless me 🙂


my grateful list for today

July 13, 2008
  1. a hubby who gives me space and lets me be
  2. a good triple workout ytd @ OGS, I lurved the energising BA and the retro Vive
  3. mildred who’s got me reading A Thousand Splendid Suns – SHOCK HORROR!
  4. frens who put up with me and for their lovely bday messages – which I still read even tho my bday was a mth ago 😛 hehe..
  5. for facebook – to feed my KPOism
  6. for nikes – cos they make me happy 🙂 some ppl love bags – i lurv nikes! bleah!
  7. for my gd ol neighbourhood chinatown – love its rustic charm and the wolfberry teas etc I can buy at my disposal
  8. for 9am church service and Cats awesome rendition of Till i see u…


July 8, 2008

Life presents itself with highs and lows. There’s gd days, better days, melancholic/self-piteous ones too.. Today is the latter – it is suppose to be my off day, but I had to schedule in some make-ups; I’ve got the flu symptoms – itchy throat (I hate it when the immune’s down); the time of the mth has appeared rather early; I’ve got lotsa marking to clear; bleahhhh….

I know I should be grateful, its now 3.10pm – most people only leave work at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm even later…

I know I should be grateful… when I exit the Outram Mrt – I see the same lady probably my age in her wheelchair – selling tissue packets…

I know I should be grateful…. I saw the elephant man again (left side of the face elongated and hung 30cm down)

I know I should be grateful…. Cos I saw grandma and her despatch trolley searching for scraps of tin and paper.

I’m so ungrateful and pathetic. I know

I’m going home!!!!

April 1, 2008

Yuppers.. 4 more sleeps before Nav & I will be transported to the lovely blue skies of Perth! Yipeeeeeeee….

It will be an ultra short trip home of 9 days – main objective of course is to be present for my dear brother’s wedding to Jo. Yup my lil bro’s finally tying the knot with his teenage sweetheart of 10 years or so.

In addition to the big date, are many little dates! I’m really excited about getting together with my primary school frens, seeing the new bride B, Nat & dear Skye, Jen & our date in Freo, Kees, Bridge & Tren.. Of course theres my girly (sister) – can’t wait to see her, haven’t seen her in a year!!!!!!

Gonna shop, eat, try to jog/gym too!

Perth here we come!!!!!!!

Captured by the Police

February 6, 2008




Nav & I joined Essue for the Police Concert Mon night, tix went for $150 ea, but being such ardent fans – the steep price was not an issue. We actually saw Sting perform 3-4 yrs ago at the indoor stadium, however we both agreed the reunion concert was definitely wayyyy better!

A 3 piece band, ages ranging from 55-65 this trio are a testimony that age is not barrier. Sting looked damn hot – he’s trim and biceps are well toned and his piercing blue eyes – OMG he’s old enuf to be my dad but I tell u his still got the look!!!!! droool…

Looks aside, he’s equally hot with his vocals – he and the band belted out their classic blends of reggae rock tunes with such sincerity, passion, and charisma…

Drummer Stewart Copeland was impressive with his handling of the drums, gong, cymbals and his intense concentration. Andy Sumners the guitarist, was cool and cocky and I nearly fell of my couch when I googled to discover the dude’s 65!!

Aside from being reminded that age is catching up, as my beloved Sting & co. age, this band absolutely will always remain as one of my all time faves. I’m totally awed and inspired by their passion & talent 20 yrs on…

Ooops, im still actually alive!

January 31, 2008

S msnd and asked what happend to the blog. The blogger just got lazy 😛

It’s the last day of the new month of 08, how freakin’ fast was that? So here’s to some random rants for January 2008…

  1. I chopped the bob – I did love the cheena chic look, but I was seriously getting bored with the same look for almost a yr!!! Oh ya mr.W is officially a blonde now – bleah!
  2. We got a 37″ HD TV and a new sofa set… yup,  Nav & I decided it was time for some refurbishment – so  some new additions including a woodcut feature on the purple wall – finally!
  3. Went bike riding OUTDOORS along the East coast trail with Nav, Derrick & Melf, then went riding in Puala Ubin with E and Claire. I preferred Ubin for cycling – more rural and rough!
  4. I’ve developed a fetish for boots – AND I DUN CARE if you think it’s absurd in this tropical climate! I think they RAWK!
  5. I’ve also developed a fetish for DONUT FACTORY DONUTS – I could never really understand what the big deal was, but after sampling fresh ones with Jen – I SUCCUMBED, OMG!!!!
  6. I’m sooo happy I’m back to my part-time tai-tai status 🙂
  7. I’m trying to cook/eat at home more – made some pasta, sandwiches, french toast – haha all basics, but it’s a start!
  8. Saw 27 Dresses – twas so so, also watched the French flick – Moliere which I thought was more entertaining
  9. Been bz designing postcards for church and wedding invites for the bro and Bel. Am pretty pleased with the designs 🙂
  10. I have just started teaching a Design module, and I’m really enjoying it.

Switching careers, the risks, the gains….

October 23, 2007

Siya has been bugging me to update, Ands remarked that I dun update no more, hehehe, its facebook I tell ya – I’m almost convinced it will supersede my need to blog… 😛

Today marks about a year since I made a decision that would steer a new chapter of my life 🙂 hee hee… Yup, 2007 has been a really good year…. January/February – I took the opportunity to chill in Sg – gym, meet frens – lead the dream tai-tai life, as well as spend a good month back in Perth/Melbourne. March did a few Lit/Art workshops and in April started part-time lecturing at SP.

So let’s just pause here…. I was asking myself after I quit teaching, shall I try something different? Shall I dabble with marketing/PR do the career switch thingy? The hubs been the gd shrink he is to me, asked me whether I was willing to start ground zero again.. salary wise and competing with all the fresh graduates…. I did ponder actually and as much as I was tempted to try something completely new and challenging – it seemed to make sense to capitalise on my teaching experience and perhaps work part-time and get paid decently 🙂 So yea… it was a good move.. I do enjoy teaching co-ed again, and tertiary level – it’s more relaxed, less marking and I enjoy the maturer students and the great variety of backgrounds, interestingly though – i’ve bumped into several exPLites and even taught one last semester – fancy that yea teaching your student both in Secondary school, then Tertiary!! haha…

May I add, part-time work status allows for more free time! Hee hee, yups plenty of time to step-rpm-pump-af-balance annnd meet with frens, try new eats… and even do some housecleaning…

Whilst it all sounds rosy and ideal… I gotta tell you there were moments where I did feel insecure, especially at the beginning of the year, when the sec school term started, I felt a bit lost… and depressed when my bank funds decreased rapidly instead of increase every 12th of the month… then the harmless yet harmful concerns of friends, relatives – so when do you start work? or what will you do? I tell you the stress imposed!!! Then the actual job hunting… circling your dream jobs in the classifieds, narrowing the options, preparing the resume, gearing yourself for the interview… oh man… then the rejections, then the jubilations when you get an offer! 🙂

So moral of the story… hmmm… I think being 30 something gives one good reason to seriously think about career switching.. I’ve read countless articles in magazines/newspapers with testimonies of happy 30 somethings who went with their gut feeling and took the risk/pay cut and discovered time/life 🙂

Will I go back to fulltime work? At this stage, I reckon this part-time worklife suits me fine – the pay is good, I get to gym, socialise more, smile more, I still get to travel here and there. Yuppers, no looking back!!!!!