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Seinfeld in the 21st Century

March 21, 2006

(inspired by auntiep).

Been watching Seinfeld (1990-1998) on DVD, the sitcom about nothing & everyday ordinary-ness.. Kramer is such a crack-up – he’s crazy cool, Elaine is cocky & quirky, George is a loser, paranoid & pathetic & Seinfeld – a pure comedic-genius.

Despite the fact that Seinfeld is now merely a classic, if it were still showing today I think he’d probably tackle how narcissistic today’s society’s become – especially the x + y ers. 

These are some topics he’d probably feature in his episodes:

  1. Friendster – a gauge of how few friends or hundreds we may have…On what basis does one add a ‘friend’? And how do we define a ‘friend’?
  2. Blogs – for instance does anyone really care about what we had for dinner? Aren’t journals suppose to be locked away – kept under the bed not exposed for the whole wide world???
  3. Msn – a better way to communicate… with key features like away, offline, busy, block etc – but when one’s away – are they really??? And block – how many people do we block/unblock??? How is it that we can communicate so fluidly via msn as oppose to face to face???
  4. IRC – overly false identities/monikers – e.g. 20/M/attractive/tall – 45/M/bald & wrinkly/5ft
  5. The overflux of Reality TV programmes – Surivivor, Extreme Make Over, Amazing Race, American Idol. The credibility of the ‘reality,’??
  6. Handphones – do we love it or hate it? We love the convenience of it; it’s a great companion when we’re sometimes bored/lonely (at weddings, family functions). The bane of it when we accidently sms the WRONG person an all ‘important/secretive’ message; when one loses the phone and loses their face!!! Or the fact that we can be so easily contacted/tracked down!!!! 😛

Random thoughts

January 10, 2006


Attempted ‘Hip-Hop’ class today – twas disastrous!!!!! I was lost from the very first sequence!!! The only workout I got was from ’embarassment’ sweat :p *sigh* After class, I told the instructor it was ‘murder on the dance floor’ to which he replied – hmmmm – I should try using that for one of my classes. Count me out! Me thinks Body Jam will suffice – the class is definitely more novice-friendly.

Anyways I did a little bit of housecleaning today & went through my shoes & bags – trying very hard to cull some stuff. I threw out 3 pairs of shoes including my doc-marten boots & put-aside about 4 bags & 2 skirts which I think I’ll give away to some friends. It can be rather traumatising parting with things which represent a season of time….. But I guess you can’t be hoarding so much crap for the sake of nostalgia.

On the otherhand…

Us females are such greedy-unsatisfied beings – I mean why do we need so many bags, shoes, accessories, make-up, clothes etc etc and why do we face the epidemic that we never have enough?? And why do we continue to buy these items if we already have more than enough? Why oh why? I ask this but am guilty of recently acquiring a pair silver flats on the weekend – I’m hopeless 😛

But… I’m proud of myself for restraining from this beauty. I was very tempted to buy the phone as my mobile was screwed – but somehow $500 plus seems rather costly for a phone – and considering I drop my current phone on a daily basis – it may only last a yr or 2 most. Should I purchase it??? I guess I’ll think about it for now….

Lastly… Chinese New Year fever is so here!!!! Man it’s so crowded in my hood – so difficult to get around.. it’s bumper to bumper especially with all the Pasar malams (bazaars) selling all the snacks & decorations and not forgetting the queues for bah-kwah (sweet-flat sheets of barbequed pork). Only 3 more weeks before another round of Feasting!!!


P.s In line with the ‘healthy/fitness’ campaign in my school, we’ve all been issued pedometers (a dandy gadget – which resembles a pager) to track the number of steps made daily. On average I clock in about 12,000 steps (approximately 9.6km). Now for most of us, we really are clueless as to how far we walk each day – so it’s a rather handy device yea? Costwise it’s a steal – $5.75sg, my school has  extra stock, so if you’d like one – let me know asap!

I Miss you FREO

November 19, 2005


It’s 3 wks before I head back to the land of cheese, hot chips & gravy, lamingtons, creamy cakes, meat pies & lemon lime bitters…..

Whilst I’m salivating at the food I terribly miss, I am terribly weary of the weight I may just put back on!!! Argggh……

With things slowing down at work & with Eunice & Sandra joining FF, I have added some variation to my ex. routine (which was previously just Body Combat)- I now go for Body Pump (weights) once a week (carrying the smallest donuts – ha ha about 2-4kgs in total) and I’m totally loving Body Balance (a mixture of yoga, tai-chi & pilates) which I do about 2-3 times a week. Body Balance is the perfect remedy for ridding tension & fatigue – I swear by it! Also, this week I finally mastered the Body Jam (dance) 34 routine after 5 sessions, it was very gratifying being able to string the steps together.

Anyways when we head to Perth we will visit the FF gym at Cannington AND guess who recently joined?? Ha ha, my mummy. I spoke to her on Monday and it seems she’s a bit of a gym nut too – according to dad she spends most of her non-working days there & gyms for up to 3 hrs a time. Like mother, like daughter eh. Hee… I told her I’d accompany her for Body Combat when I come down.

Do checkout the Puma web. I recently
went on a Puma splurge – their clothes totally rock especially the
Mahanuala range. Pretty affordable and definitely funkier then its

Also… go read Mil’s entry about the different type of gymmers – its soooooo funny and accurate 😛


Back to Perth….. As usual I’m looking forward to catching up with the family & friends and really just unwinding – I still have sooooo much work to clear before I hit the airport! Nav & I are hoping to do a road trip either to Kalbarri or Margaret River or maybe even Ningaloo for some amazing snorkelling.


22 more sleeps
Perth Dates: 12-28 December ’05

Ps. Checkout Google Earth I had fun locating my home in Perth, my school then our crib in Singas.

Mi Casa Esu Casa

July 20, 2005


My cousin Lyndsey (from KL) & uni pal Nelly (from Mauritus) dropped by Singapore recently, both stayed with us in Chinatown. Although they visited seperately, they both had the same mission – SHOPPING 🙂

Lyns successfully scoured the whole of Orchard & beyond (Suntec & Bugis) and bought a whole new work wardrobe – with plenty of skirts, tops & a few dresses. I truly salute her for her great finds!

Nelly visits Singapore every 3 yrs or so for some mega shopping – buying up clothes, Perlini’s Silver to electronic goods. Had a great time with Nelly, browsing Erskine Rd & Club St for designer homewares/gifts & design books and of course pigging out at Sushi Tei. Thanks to Mil’s recommendation, we tried Beef Sushi – divine divine DIVINE!


Nelly being a fellow traveller recommended this cool website – which highlights (in red) the countries you have visited. Apparently I’ve only conquered 5% of the world, only another 95% more to go – sheesh!

create your own visited country map 

Serena also recommended this cool travel blog. She met Trinidad in New York. Man he’s so so so so inspiring, travelling the world twice over! Do check out his awesome slideshows.

Also, do check out virtual tourist – (it has travel checklists & other useful tips) and this book 1000 Places to See Before You Die

P.s counting down to Shanghai in September! Yipeeee!

2004 Rewind

February 13, 2005


Ello!!! Xin Nian Quai Le! I’m back after a 3mth hiatus – been meaning to blog but been busy downloading songs into my ipod and trying to visit the gym during my spare time.

The year 2004…
I was meant to write a reflection entry for last year which never materialised so here’s a recall of the highs….


1) Our shift to Chinatown – which has been absolutely great – we love inner city living – funan/bugis is only 5min from our crib; having a bigger space is a good thing – we’ve had lots of visitors stream our way.

2) The gym membership – though it doesn’t really show (er hem er hem) I really enjoy night swimming in the resort-like ambience of Fitness First@Capitol Tower…. and the steam room!!

3) The 2 apples of my life – my ibook and ipod – I seriously don’t know what I’d do without my faithful companions. Ilife is the best – iphoto is terrific for sorting out all my digipics & for reminiscing via iphoto, and itunes – is equally great for storing/sorting all my fave songs. The ipod is such an amazing gizmo – I mean I’m now listening to tracks I’ve not heard in a decade!

4) Lastly my travels – 2004 was a fruitful year and mainly Asia-based. Changmai, Tioman, Redang, Batam, Ho Chi Minh, Shanghai and Home (Perth).

1. Changmai (Thailand)


Changmai’s shopping was ok – Bangkok is heaps better.. But I enjoyed the cooking session at The Thai Chocolate factory where we cooked around 7 Thai dishes for only S$35 – we made Pad Thai noodles, fish fritters, green curry and mango rice dessert – the ingredients all provided and extremely fresh.


Another highlight was the 2.5hr Spa experience @ Oasis spa @ only S$75 – it was my first experience of Spa indulgence and it was pure decadence! The Thais are so gentle and apply the oils like a form of Art. The ambience was 6 star – teracotta walls, dim lighting, soothing music, fresh towels, comfy beds and fresh petals in terocatta vessels – I’ve yet to experience any Spa as good as the Oasis Spai!!

2. Tioman (Malaysia)


Our annual mecca – never fails. Nav & I thoroughly enjoyed the simple island life at Salang – it’s so quaint, rural and peaceful – it’s so cheap and a stone’s throw away from Singapore. I’m craving it now!!!!!!

3. Redang (Malaysia)


Checked it out with my snorkelling pal Tini during the National Day break. The Lagauna Resort is quite plush and is located on the beach – but somehow both of us preferred Tioman – probably cos the distance is twice as far as Tioman 10hrs in total. Still – it boasts gorgeous irridescent waters and snowy white sands.

4. Batam (Indonesia)

Another crazy ‘spur of the moment’ Tini/Ag act, during the September break. We caught a ferry out (1 hr journey) to Batam via the ferry terminal at Sentosa. We went to visit her relatives at a small island off Batam ‘Puala Belakang’ as well as Batam itself. P. Belakang has such old charm – we were firstly greeted by these rickshaws ‘Beca’ which peddled us along the narrow and rickety jetty and off to the small roads – it reminded me of Puala Ubin (Singapore in the 50’s-60’s). Life seems so slow and backwards there – the houses are varied – some in better nick, others spartan. It’s a real magical place to visit – a hidden treasure unknown to many! Back to Batam (the city) via these rustic wooden boats ‘Pancung’, we visited Tini’s other rellies and went for traditional Indonesian Massage. A steal at S$33+ it was 2 hrs and included massages, steaming, a milk bath etc. but the ambience was bleah – nothing like Changmai. But – the Spa finale was this teracotta thingy that had an incense which was strategically placed between the legs. Now its supposively a Javanese tradition for cleansing you know what – twas an ‘interesting’ experience 😛

5. Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)


Went to HCM for a week in November, with my colleague Carol and stayed at her expat friend’s plush abode. Loved the Vietnamese food – fresh spring rolls, beef noodles, fresh crispy baguettes with cheese & pate and my soda chanh (lemon-soda). Shopping wise Vietnam’s great for brightly coloured laquerware (plates, vases, photo-albums) ethnic bags & shoes and of course reproductions of famous paintings – I bought Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Starry Night’, Edward Munch’s ‘The Scream’, Kustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ and a Salvador Dali Painting – for probably .000000000000001 of the original price 😛 Aside from food & shopping we visited the Chi Chi tunnels and the Mekong River. HCM was ok, but I think I’d like to venture Hanoi & Hue – which I hear is more picturesque and cultural.

6. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing & Suzhou (China)


Our 8 day trip to China in December was undoubtedly our fave destination place of 04. If you’ve not ventured China – you really ought to – it’s so got such Old world charm & with ‘the Panda’ rapidly developing by the blink, you really need to see it before it really transforms from ancient to modern. Hangzhou, Nanjing & Suzhou & are basically smaller cities which are about 4-5 hours away from Shanghai. Each with its own distinct characterstics & attractions. Nav really liked Hangzhou – which I liken to a ‘Chinese’ Melbourne – it’s a little modern city (with trams running through it) yet it has so much culture & old charm – quaint little narrow streets selling Old chinese delacies and large broom like calligraphy brushes, among other interesting things. I like Suzhou – the ‘water county’ with lots of waterways, bridges, narrow & cobbled streets – it reminds me of Yunnan 🙂 It’s a great place to photograph & sketch – I’m sure it provided much inspiration many centuries ago for all the poets, painters etc. etc. Nanjing (one of the previous capitals of China) was a lil haunting as we visited the ‘Rape of Nanking’ memorial where they have exhumed skeletal body remains on display. The last leg of the trip was spent in Shanghai the ‘New York’ of China – it’s so huge, racy, exciting – and along with that comes a lot of fiesty, pushy Shanghainese. Xiang Ying market – a market for fake goods was terribly overwhelming – I didn’t buy a whole heap as I’m not terribly into branded stuff. But we did manage to find some Mao memorobilla – I bought a Mao watch (with him waving) & Navin bought a khaki bag with Mao on it (supposively a compulsory school bag for Aristocrats, Scholars etc during Mao’s reign). We also bought heaps of nice winter wear and dvds/cds from Hangzhou/Suzhou.

7. Perth (Home), Nav & I did the same ol same ol – visit Freo, friends & spent time chilling at home. But we also did catch up with some of his Indian relatives which was a real treat as it was the first time meeting his cousins 🙂



Alrighty – thats was my recap of 2004. I will endeavour to add piccies of Puala belakang which I need to locate & scan.

Tentative Travel Plans for 2005.

March – Hainan Island (visit grandma with Nav & Serena)
June – Detroit & Calgary (to visit relatives with Serena)
September – Shanghai (Art Dept trip)
Dec – Canberra & Melbourne (visit my bro/sis) OR NZ (visit my uncle) & Perth