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The proud ‘cher

July 6, 2007

I’m getting into the swing of things at work, more familiar with venues – don’t need to refer to the maps as much; got travel timing almost down pat; memorised my kids names and I’m real pleased with the rapport I have with my 5 classes 🙂

This week, 3 of my classes had their debates. I was really pleased overall… I could see the effort put into their content, memorising their points and even in their attire – as I had requested for ‘smart’ casual. As I was assessing them, I was just like a proud mama – seeing my bengs, lians etc shine & giving their all…

Was telling Jas & Jan during cell, that once in a while it’s nice to be reminded why your called into this vocation of teaching 🙂

P.s Keith, not sure if you’re reading this – if so, drop me a comment 😛 I was real touched when you mentioned me during the Q&A Agnes the ‘entrepeneur’ hee hee…

P.P.s My ex PL student Sarah was a finalist in the UOB Painting of the year – which is currently being featured at the Jendela, The Esplanade (2-20 July 07). She was so sweet smsing me the good news and thanking me for inspiring her… awwwww… 🙂


My ex colleagues & my subsitute colleagues :)

July 1, 2007


Felt real loved yesterday 🙂 Dearest Sharon organised a get together at Secret Recipe, Siglap. It was a mini-reunion cos Eu’s back for a holiday and they celebrated my birthday – so sweeeeeet.

It was juz like the good ol days – taunting ms Audrey Ferng, gossiping with Sharon, poking Tini’s tummy… sigh, I realised how much I missed my dear pals – whom I worked with for 6.5 years. I feel so blessed that we have this bond that’s kinda inseperable, despite the fact I don’t see them so often I know I can always call upon them in times of good or bad. 😦 Maannnnnn I really miss em. Even in the car ride to the bus stop, the laughs I shared with Sharon & Gail – priceless! 🙂


After a memorable lunch, I diligently went to Paragon FF early to do some marking b4 Mr W’s pump & step. Followed by dinner @ Clark Quay. Which was also a B’day celebration for me & Yola 🙂 So sweet of Kris to organise it 🙂 So as this blog entry title indicates.. My substitute colleagues are my gym buds (Eileen, Rodney, Glenny, Fernie & Yola) I told Sharon that a few weeks ago 😛 Hee, hee – well since I don’t work fulltime anymore – I seriously don’t have a relationship with my current colleagues as I hardly see them. So seeing my gym buds at least 5xs a week, they’ve basically filled this void 🙂 And I am grateful for their listening ears, encouragment & of course their shared enthusiasm for step, rpm, AF etc 🙂

Seperated by birth?!

May 17, 2007


The ‘dj’ from my Tuesday class made the most uncanny comment yesterday…. Agnes – you remind me of Willy Wonka! Aghast, I was offended of course!!!!!

  1. Because I happen to dig my assymetrical fringed-bob
  2. I thought my newly acquired bolero was funky/classy

Sigh, these boys ah…. I told them I was going to go home and cry and sob to Navin. But to give credit – the ‘dj’ did make a pretty good comparison – my bob does kinda resemble depp’s wonka character!!!! SheesH!!!

P.s. On our way home from AF, Fernie and I happened to catch a glimpse of the pole dancing class along Kreta Ayer rd!!! They have free trial classes for Sunday 27 May evening 5.30/6.30…. anyone?!

Duct-tape brooches

March 16, 2007


Some samples of duct-tape brooches I made for a workshop I’ll be conducting next week 🙂

Anyways, just some quick updates.

The past month back in Singapore has breezed by fast – been busy with a few interviews and yup will be starting work at a Polytechnic next month 🙂  Been occupied with some Lit & Drama workshops… Been eating lots of bread and stock-pot meals at home… Been getting more efficient with the house cleaning – I even surprised myself with how fast I was at ‘transforming’ the living room before ST came 😛 In addition, my current washload turnaround is 2-3 days woh! hehe…. Been meeting/hanging out with heaps of people – ex colleagues, church buds, gym buds & been making new friends inc. Connie & Joanna 🙂 Annnnnnd lastly but not leastly.. the gym routine – hehe… been averaging min. of 10 classes a week, and yesterday I survived 4 classes – Angies step & abt, then Mr W’s pump & step.. And today Pfeiffer (my balance instructor) commented that my body’s more toned – Yipppeee – it better be after 3-4wks of stepping, rpming, pumping, balancing and aquaing WOH!!!

Hooray to the tai-tai life 🙂

What’s your dream Job?

November 15, 2006

Came back from the EL Dept farewell dinner for HC, Parames, Eu & myself. One of my colleagues asked me if I’ve figured out what I am going to do career-wise… to which I replied I’ve no idea… (really!). Then she asked, what if you could have any job, what would it be?

My dream job – I answered, "A lonely planet TJ!" I totally envy Ian Wright and Meghan Mc Cormick the lonely planet travel journalists – they get to venture the world, have loads of fun and get paid for it. Yep, Lonely PLanet – are you reading this??!!! 🙂

So seriously, what am I going to do?

Well I’m going to take a few holidays here and there:-

  • HK/Shenzhen 24-19 Nov (gonna crash @ Carol’s & finally visit this shopping/food mecca that so many ppl rave on abt)
  • Church leaders retreat @ JB Hyatt 4-6 Dec
  • North India – New Dehli, Agra & Jaiprul 18-19 Dec with Sheryl
  • Perth/Melb in Jan for a few weeks with Nav

Plenty of time to relax and think about my new chapter!!!


In the meantime here’s a list of dream jobs that have crossed my mind since I was in Primary school… (somewhat in chronological order):

  1. cartoonist
  2. air-stewardess (didn’t meet the height requirement boo-hoo!!!)
  3. business woman
  4. fine artist
  5. curator
  6. customs officer (figured that if I couldn’t fly for a living, stamping others’ passports was the next best thing)
  7. army personnel (after watching the movie Platoon)
  8. interior designer (but terrible at perspective/technical drawings)
  9. magazine editor (the perks of receiving all the freebie cosmetics, accessories)
  10. fashion designer
  11. graphic designer (came to pass – hated it after a year)
  12. marketing executive (was employed as one, but ended up being a graphic designer)
  13. zoo-keeper
  14. cook on an Antartica base camp (inspired by my NZ uncle)
  15. Soap/cheese maker (inspired by my trip to NZ)
  16. public relations executive
  17. librarian (seems like a cruisy job)
  18. art teacher (lured by the ‘supposive’ half-day work load)
  19. forensic scientist (after watchin too much Miami CSI)
  20. Ben n Jerry’s executive
  21. Gym instructor (inspired by Faye’s passion – but neh – too clumsy n unco-ordinated, happy being a member, altho I must thank Rod for making me sit beside him for RPM yest nite (it was FULL house) – haha, despite the stress of facing the class – it was kinda nice having a ‘feel’ from the instructor’s perspective)
  22. Gym tai-tai (figured this more realistic, haha so whilst I’m unemployed this what I shall be – thanks Nav!!!!)
  23. 7 gypsies designer (after being mesmorised by scrapbooking accessories)
  24. Polytechnic tutor (flexible hours)

Wish me luck as I embark on the unknown…..

Its official – bye bye PL

October 26, 2006

Well it’s official folks, my P announced during today’s assembly the departure of myself and another colleague. I didn’t expect it actually, cos I thought she’d tell the girls next year after we leave.

She was very appreciative in her thanks and acknowledged my 6.5yrs in the school and my role as level head and a key personnel in the art dept. Well…. I gotta admit I kinda felt sad to say goodbye to PL, but at the same time like my P said – God will guide HC and I on our new journey ahead 🙂 I certainly see His hand in this new detour of my life and I thank Him for the colleagues and students He has placed along the journey 🙂

Warm Fuzzies

September 1, 2006

Warm fuzzies – basically notes of encouragement and affirmation, aren’t we all open to such forms of edification?

Whilst I’m very thankful for the roses, the baked cookies & cakes & assorted gifts I received today, it’s the stuff the girls wrote on the various teacher award nomination forms which really ‘fuzzed’ me up. So so touching. What moved me even more so, were the kids who bothered to pen their thanks. You see its the kids whom you scold or whom are so quiet and almost unnoticeable that appreciate you the most…

To all my dear colleagues, Happy teachers day!!! For all your hardwork, your dedication to the kids – you guys are amazing!!!

P.S. I watched the Devil Wears Prada with Mily – twas a really good chic flick peppered with lots of quotable quotes (the ugly skirt convention). In addition, it’s a reminder that there is no perfect job out there, each job comes with its pros and cons, but how far are we willing to be driven by our careers? That is the question…

Current state….

May 25, 2006


  1. overwhelmed/numb (at the sight of work desk & state of house, list of things to do – sigh! – still got meetings and extra classes during the first and last wk of the hols)
  2. starry eyed and tired (understatement) its been an EXTREMELY insane fortnight
  3. fickle (not sure if I want to travel to HK anymore! Thinking of Bangkok, Cambodia, any suggestions where to travel to for a short trip 5 days?)
  4. can’t wait to reach the airport to who knows where in 11 days (officially counting now)

Beauty in the cracks

April 28, 2006


Took my art class out of the art room to take pictures of the most neglected, obscure and most ordinary of objects. And they actually found it refreshing!

I shared with them my recent fascination with cement crack-lines and leaves and how beautiful and deeply moving they can be. We strolled past caged staircases, drains, water coolers, the old store rooms and even stumbled upon some abandoned chairs. We took photos, we sympathised with the orphaned/paraplegic chairs, we connected with the cracks.

In a nutshell it was gratifying seeing my girls seeing the world in a different light. I can’t wait to see them translate this new set of lens in their art 🙂

Disco & Derek

October 21, 2005


Today we had a ‘Safari’ day in school, and the kids and teachers were allowed to bring their pets in – ranging from dogs, cats, hamsters, terepins and even a frog!

I immediately connected with these 2 adorable puppies – Disco & Derek. Disco’s a labrador and is almost a clone of my baby Dino back in Perth. He’s 2 yrs old and a bit overweight just like Dino – but he’s incredibly friendly and loveable!! Derek is my pupil’s dalmation puppy – he’s very unique with his blue & brown eyes. He’s such a charming lil puppy!!!

I can’t wait to see baby Dino soon!!